Ha Long Bay – a World Heritage Site

Being recognized as the world heritage site for many times, Ha Long Bay has thousands of small and big islands as well as beauty spots, attracting millions of tourists each day.

Legendary has it that Ha Long Bay location is the place that dragon descends. Lying on the west of the Gulf of Tonkin, belonging to Northeast area, Vietnam, it stores many traces of forming and development of the earth, as well as be the very first home to ancient Vietnamese.

Visiting Ha Long Bay, tourists will have chance to admire nature’s masterpiece with 1969 islands in different shapes and discover many special caves. Below is a list of popular attractions for you to choose:

  1. Visiting famous caves

Hang Hanh Cave: This is the most beautiful and longest grotto in Ha Long bay with the length of 1,300 metres. You can travel to the cave by canoes or by cars but you have to wait for the time the tide falls. Hang Hanh Cave with lissome quartz emulsion will interest everybody.

Thien Cung Cave: When the boat lands on Cau Go wharf, tourists will go through a high and dangerous cliff with a grandiose wilderness. Inside the grotto, you will see a stunning picture with characters of tales on the east and many blocks that are complicatedly carved.

Virgin Cave: Located on the island range of Bo Hon, it represents the endless love. This is also the landed location for fishermen after offshore fishing trips.

Sung Sot Cave: It is the beautiful and largest cave in Ha Long Bay. It is situated on Bo Hon island, covered by “velvet” and natural light by brilliant stalagmite inside.

  1. Famous islands in Ha Long Bay

Trong Mai Islet: Being tourism symbol of Ha Long Bay, Trong Mai islet is carved as the shape of 2 cocks by the nature. This also represents for faithfulness of love.

Ti Top Island: It displays a beach shaped like a crescent moon and sand that has been washed to a snowy white by the tide.

Ba Hon Island: This is the only island that has primitive forest in Ha Long Bay. On the island, there are many rare animal species such as chamois, stag, monkey,…

Quan Lan Island: Stretching on a total area of 11 square kilometers, Quan Lan is unlimited resource for glass making which serves people. On Quan Lan Island, there is an temple which was built in 18th century and nearly remains unspoiled with ancient architecture and sophisticated carved patterns.