Food and drink in Vietnam


Vietnam has the variety and diversity of cuisine. Dishes have their own original tastes and the intriguing mixture among different ingredients. Vietnam foods are cooked with many spices such as onions, garlic, pepper, lemonade, ginger, sesames…

These are some typical dishes that you should try when visiting Vietnam:

  1. Noodle (Phở)

Being considered the national dish, noodle refers to a variety of soups with noodles, beef or chicken and a little tasty onion. Vietnam noodle is simple but attractive because of its delicious taste and original harmony. According to CNN, Vietnam noodle ranks the 28th in 50 most delicious dishes in the world.

  1. Vermicelli (Bún)

In Vietnam, vermicelli is turned into different dishes, each of them has its own original flavor. “Bun bo Hue” is spicy and a bit sour, “Bun cua” is greasy but also cool, “Bun cha” with spicy salty and sweet sauce, and “Bun dau mam tom” makes you addicted after one time.

  1. Bread (Bánh mỳ)

Bread is not only familiar in Vietnamese morning meals but also attracts a lot of foreign visitors by excellent combination between ingredients and spices in small breads. With a bread, they put into it with cucumbers, meat, eggs, fresh vegetables and a little sauce or chilly sauces. This simple combination makes bread a delicious dish.


Even to satisfy temporary thirst or to understand Vietnam food culture, there are some typical drinks for you to choose:

  1. Iced tea (Trà đá)

Being the most popular drink in Vietnam, iced tea is not only cheap but also good for your health. Street vendor iced tea drinks are also the place where people chat and relax. It has become a culture of of Vietnamese for several recent decades.

If you come to Vietnam without enjoying street vendor iced tea drinks and peanut candy, you still do not understand the common Vietnamese culture.

  1. Sugarcane juice (Nước mía)

This is one of popular refreshing juices in Vietnam. Vietnamese people choose old sugarcane trees and press them by a machine with a kumquat. Fresh sugarcane juice is sweet and fresh, satisfies your thirst immediately as well as provides your body energy. Sugarcane juice vendors can be found anywhere in streets because this is a favorite drink of Vietnamese people.

  1. Coffee (Cà phê)

Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of Robusta beans. Vietnamese coffee is made differently to make it a fabulous drink. Coffee beans are roasted and made with a small metal drip filter. In Vietnam, you can find people usually enjoy coffee in two ways “cà phê sữa đá” (iced coffee with condensed milk) and “cà phê đen đá không đường” (iced black coffee with no sugar). You can easily catch your eyes on someone reading newspapers or chatting with a cup of coffee on many streets.

  1. Beer (Bia)

Vietnam beer is very cheap and popular beverage. Beer is served anywhere, from luxurious restaurants to street vendors. Vietnamese drink beer with tapas-style dishes such as prawns barbecued with chili and salt, clams steamed with lemongrass, green mangos, coconut snails sautéed with butter.

  1. Sticky rice wine (Rượu nếp cẩm)

Although this is not popular drink, it has original taste. It is a little bit sweeter than normal wine so even women can enjoy it. Sticky rice wine is used in most of parties, becomes a cultural characteristic of Vietnam, especially the north mountainous areas.