Fascinating destinations for food and drinks in Hanoi

Coming to Hanoi, visitors would have chance to enjoy traditional food and drinks along with culinary quintessence from across the country as well as all over the world.

Hanoi cuisine is not only famous for delicious dishes but also various restaurants which can satisfy visitors. If you have chance to go to Hanoi, you should not miss these following attractive locations:

Famous restaurants in Hanoi

Traditional – styled restaurants: if you want to enjoy stunning dishes in traditional style towards to the space of  North Vietnam, please go to “Quán Ngon” at 18 Phan Boi Chau street, Hoan Kiem District to try 3-regional cuisine at the middle of Hanoi.

Coming to Tay Ho area, travelers can visit Lotus Restaurant at 614 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi to experience 200 Vietnamese traditional dishes. These are a chain of restaurants located on the bank of West Lake.

Additionally, visitors can also go to Trong Dong Dong Son Restaurant at 1 Tran Dang Ninh street, Cau Giay District with the aim at enjoy Vietnamese special dishes. Here, visitors also see 12 famous drums of Dong Son Culture and stone reliefs of Vietnamese ancestors.

International-styled restaurants: If you love the modern and luxurious restaurants towards European style, you can go to La Vong Seafood and Buffet restaurant at 2 Nguyen Thi Thap street-Cau Giay to enjoy dishes from USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czech,….

You can go to other places such as Sochu restaurant at 123 Mai Hac De – Hai Ba Trung with numerous Korean dishes, or Red Lantern restaurant at 19 Nguyen Cong Hoan – Ba Dinh to enjoy delicious dishes cooked by Chinese chefs.

Street food: Hanoi is known as the “heaven of snack”. If you arrive in Hanoi, but not enjoy these food, it seems you haven’t been aware of the elite cuisine here.

It is very easy to find delicious and cheap restaurants because they scatter everywhere in Hanoi. Visitors have to chances to taste grilled Vietnamese fermented pork wrapped in leaf at 10 Au Trieu at only 4.500 VND/stick, Fried crispy noodle at 206 Kham Thien. Or delicious and very flavored pancake at 135 Phuong Mai wih the price only 3000 VND for one, or steamed rice cake on Le Ngoc Han Street with 13000 VND/meal…

Additionally, if you want to enjoy specialties in Hanoi, you should go to Hang Ga-Hoan Kiem to find rolled cake made by Thanh Van restaurant-one of the most famous restaurant in Hanoi with the price only 30.000 VND/meal. Thin Noodle restaurant with more than 30-year experience surely leave impressive footprint in visitors’ hearts. There are some dishes like Binh Tay van than noodle on Hang Chieu Street or steamed sticky rice with fish at lane 107 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street with the price 25.000vnd/meal.

Tasty coffee shops in Hanoi

Visitors probably go to some famous coffee shops in Hanoi with stunning view and modern decoration like Avolon coffee Lounge (73 Cau Go), The Rooftop coffee (83B Ly Thuong Kiet), Summit lounge coffee (Thanh nien-Ba Dinh), Ciao coffee (Hang Bai – Hoan Kiem), Serenade Coffee (18 Ngo Quyen – Hoan Kiem)… to enjoy delicious drink and relax in romantic atmosphere here.

There are a lot of traditional coffee shop in Hanoi such as Café Mai at 96 Le Van Huu. You can go there to taste coffee flavor in Hanoian’ traditional way. Café Mai is produced traditionally and the brand is famous both in outdoor and indoor market.

Besides, you can go to Moc Quan at 215 To Hieu to drink Trung Nguyen Coffee designed naturally featuring Vietnamese traditional style.