Famous temples and pagodas in Hanoi

As the top of cultural and political center in Vietnam, Hanoi attracts visitors by not only the ancient beauty but also spiritual historical monuments such as temples, pagodas,… Hereafter is some of famous temples and pagodas in Hanoi.

Thang Long Tu tran – Four saints temple protect Hanoi

Temple is built to commemorate a God or a late celebrity. Normally, many temples in Hanoi worship national or historical legend heroes. According to the Oriental Architectural conception, Thang Long citadel is guarded four Gods from four main directions: East, West, South, North. Travelers can visit four sacred temples which are called “Thăng Long Tu Tran”. These are benchmarks representing vestiges of the imperial city existed in Thang Long – Hanoi, land of thousand-year civilization.

Quan Thanh temple was established when King Ly Thai To shift the capital to Thang Long citadel in 1010. The King brought along God’s Ancestral tablet to worship in: “Huyen Thien Tran Vu Great Emperor Quan”. Legend tells that: Huyen Thien Tran Vu is the god taking care for the Northen citadel to help residents eliminate ghosts, devils interfere the peaceful life around Thang Long citadel. Huyen Tran Thien Tran Vu statue about 4 meter high was recast in black copper.

Bach Ma Temple was built in 866 and finished in 1010 under King Ly Thai To. Bach Ma Temple is the oldest of the four sacred sites, located at 76 Hang Buom Street, Hanoi. Bach Ma Temple still contains many important relics, such as stone steles recording the temple origins and the resident deity, and royal ordinances on deification rites and the process of restoration dating from the Le to the Nguyen Dynasties

Located in Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh Distric, Voi Phuc temple was built) to whorship Saint Ling Lang (Son of King Ly Thai Tong) who helped the King to defend the country against enemies. In front of the temple, there are two elephants kneeling down, therefore, the temple is known as Voi Phuc

Located in the South of Hanoi, Kim Lien Temple was built as an altar to saint Cao Son, who, as legend has it, was one of the son of Lac Long Quan and Au Co – the first Vietnamese couple. People said that Cao Son had helped Son Tinh (Mountain Genie) to defeat Thuy Tinh (Water Genie) and bring peace to the people

Famous pagodas in Hanoi

Pagoda is not only an architecture serving Buddhist belief but also a place for monks and nuns to exercise religious life and give talks about Buddha. Coming to Hanoi, there are some destinations you should not miss as followings:

Quan Su Pagoda is Hanoi’s largest and most popular pagoda. It was first erected on land in An Tap village close to the southern gate of Thang Long (the old name for Hanoi).

Originally a small Buddhist pagoda located near the 15th century Quan Su house used to receive foreign envoys and ambassadors, the pagoda eventually became the headquarters of the Tonkin Buddhist Association. Over the years, the pagoda has been restored and expanded many times.

Lang Pagoda (also called Chieu Thien Pagoda) is located in Lang Thuong, Dong Da District where people worship the Buddhist Monk Tu Dao Hanh. The pagoda is a large harmonious symmetrical architectural complex with an ancient concrete and wooden gateway flanked by stone elephants.

Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of Vietnam’s oldest ones, located on an islet in the East of West Lake. The pagoda was built in Ly Nam De Dynasty and being the Buddhist centre of citadel during the Ly and Tran Dynasty. With the ancient architecture, Tran Quoc Pagoda is one of the must-see destinations in Hanoi which attracts a lot of local and foreign visitors visiting everyday

Ha Pagoda was built under King Le Thanh Tong with the purpose of expressing gratitude to the people who had great merits and contribution to country. The temple is the place for people to pray for love and it is known as the most spiritual temple in Hanoi.