Famous attractions in Sapa

Sapa is famous not only in Vietnam but also on many prestigious newspapers about traveling worldwide. When come to Sapa, tourists have the opportunity to explore the colorful picturesque landscape and beautiful lifestyle in this mountain town.

Like a fanciful fog city, Sapa’s weather is always cool, fresh and ideal for visiting throughout the year. Below are some top Sapa attractions and historical sites:

  1. Lao Chai – Ta Van

For the tourists who love peaceful, quite life and want to stay close to the nature, Lao Chai – Ta Van is a perfect place to get rid of noisy and hustling lifestyle in the urban area. It is located 7km away from the center town of Sapa and is the residence of the Mong, Dao, Giay, Tay…where there is a lot of spiritual values and cultural traditions preserved until now.

Lao Chai – Ta Van is the valley situated between the Hoang Lien Son range and Ham Rong Mountain. The village is surrounded by terraced fields which were manually created by the indigenous people for hundreds of years ago. If visiting Lao Chai – Ta Van in April or September of the year, tourists will have chance to admire the impressive, unforgettable picture of landscape in the journey exploring Sapa.

  1. Roof of Indochina – Fansipan

If you are enthusiastic about conquering and adventurous tours, Fansipan mountain is just a not-to-missed destination among the top Sapa attractions. Nowadays, it is not too difficult for tourists to conquer Fansipan, even though it is regarded as the roof of Indochina with altitude of 3143 meters above the sea level.

Currently, the road leading to the top of Fansipan has added many shorter paths. With two days one night tour, tourist can fully conquer the roof of Indochina to experience the fresh air and the joy of victory with the price ranging from 1.5 to 3 million VND.

  1. Ham Rong mountain

Located right near the center town of Sapa, Ham Rong mountain is also a famous and attractive destination with the visit ticket of 70,000 VND. On the way up, visitors can admire a variety of flowers with different colors. Especially, on the top of Ham Rong mountain, tourists can have a panoramic view of Sapa including Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin and even the towering Fansipan.

  1. Silver waterfall

Silver waterfall, 12km from the center town, is formed by water falls down from the 200-meter ravine above. The ways up and down are separately from each other; on the both roads, you can hear the sound of the waterfall. It is the most beautiful when looking down from the top of the Silver waterfall. Moreover, at the foot of the waterfall, tourists can visit a lot of ponds where people raise salmon.

  1. Love waterfall

Considered as one of the most romantic destination in Sapa, Love waterfall attracts a lot of couple to visit. Tourists can have an interesting short visit to Love waterfall with the entrance ticket of 30,000 VND while climbing up Fansipan.

  1. Sapa stone church

Built in 1985, Sapa stone church is the most complete architect by the French remained until now. Furthermore, it is voted as a top famous historical site in Sapa. Recently, it is well preserved and reconstructed and becomes an outstanding tourist icon for all tourists coming to Sapa.

  1. The ancient rock field

Sapa ancient rock field, located in Muong Hoa valley, is assumed as traces of the aliens. This is an exciting destination to many tourists with more than 150 large rocks sculpted many strange flower patterns and special shapes from thousand years ago which have yet to be answered.