Explore Ghenh Ban, a wild beach in Danang

Ghenh Ban is located in Son Tra peninsula, Danang city. It is not widely known by many people, however it worth visiting in any all inclusive Vietnam vacation packages. There are natural coral reefs and the water is green jade color under the reflection of sunlight.

To reach the beach, you have to walk a mountain road of 100 meters. Unfortunately, the road is full of trash especially plastic bags.

Do not forget to bring drinks as the roads are rugged and your body will require a constant supply of water. Ghenh Ban beach is also ideal for camping. There are many sand bar where you can put up your tent. Especially, there is a sand bar which is 100 meters long.

Explore Ghenh Ban, a wild beach in Danang

Explore Ghenh Ban, a wild beach in Danang

If you want to go camping or snorkeling, you can hire camping gears and diving gears at website “Tent, gopro, motorbike and trekking gears for rent in Danang”

There is a family near the sand bar which offers parking space at the price of 10 thousand dong per day. The family has about 200 chickens. Besides, they also provide drinking water and spring water for bathing at reasonable price.  More importantly, they are very friendly and the kids are lovely, too.

Lastly, before saying goodbye to Ghenh Ban beach, do what you can to protect and preserve the beauty of nature.

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