Experience for the first trip to Sapa

Sapa is one of the most popular destination in all inclusive Vietnam vacation packages.

With cool weather all year around, Sapa is an attractive destination for the ones who love nature and hope to discover the wild and majesty of the North West.

If you are a travel-lover, you shouldn’t ignore this place.

  • Luggage

Clothes: The weather in Sapa changes every day, every season, so you don’t need to bring clothes suitable for the climate. The clothes don’t need to be much, but warm.

It is cool in the summer. You can wear casual clothes, but you still need a coat. However, it is very cold in the winter. You will need warm clothes, gloves, beanies to counteract the coldness. Don’t bring too much. If you stay Sapa for many days, bring washing powder to wash clothes (normally, 2-3 days are enough to discover all about Sapa).

Because of its specific terrain and its feature which is to walk to explore the beauty, travelers have to walk very much. Therefore, to protect your feet, you should prepare a pair of sneakers, or sport shoes. You shouldn’t wear high heels ( you can wear them only when going arount night in the centre).

Personal identification: Most of the hotels in Sapa require their customers to show identity card to do temporary residence registration procedure ( you can show your passport, or license in case your identity card is lost). Besides, many travelers want to hire motorbikes to drive around. Remember to bring your license for a funny trip.

Personal instruments: you should prepare some personal instruments for the trip such as glasses, gauze mask, scarf, and gloves,… They will protect your eyes and your health when driving motorbike for a long way with dust.

Moreover, you have to bring toothbrush, towel, toothpaste, which are available in the hotel but not good in quality. Take note to bring camera and video camera if you’d love to keep wonderful moments.

Snack: Because you will mainly walk, which takes very much enery, you should prepare some milk, chocolate, candies,… They will be very helpful for you. Especially, candies can become gifts for ethnic children.



  • When to come Sapa?

Spring: In Sapa, it is full of peach, plum flowers. If you want to watch peach blossom, remember to carefully look for information. Because the climate is different among years, which make the flowers not bloom in a fixed period of time, you can miss the chance to admire the beauty of flowers. It is best to visit Sapa from February to the early of May.

Rice season: In Sapa, rice season is 6 months long, starting about in the early of May. From July to September, the rice is green and high. From October to December, the rice is ripen and yellow. If you want to watch rice field on holiday, it is a good idea to visit Sapa from July to September. It may be cold, and foggy from October to December. It is also the time that falls drop down very strongly.

Winter: It is very cold in the winter. It is very cold, and snows recently. All creatures, and houses are covered by the white of snow, which can be a half meter thick. It is unable to predict the day of snow, so you have to always follow radios, and TVs, or keep in touch with the locals ( or the hotel you stay at).

  • Means of transportation

Backpack: Your vehicle is certainly motorbike. Drive along the route: Ha Noi – Yen Bai – Lao Cai – Sa Pa. It is a highway of 390 km, very easy to drive.

Backpack a half: You can get to Lao Cai by train, then hire motorbike to get to Sa Pa. The route from Lao Cai station to Sapa is about 40 km. It is a winding road with flowing stream below, mountains and terraces nearby.

The cost of hiring motorbike is about 100.000-200.000d per day. You should choose motorbike because it is fuel-saving and strong enough to uphill slopes. In addition, you can book a berth ticket from Ha Noi to Sa Pa. In fact, it will stop at Lao Cai station for about 30 minutes to pay Ha Noi – Lao Cai passengers, and get Lao Cai – Sa Pa ones.

By train: Most of the passengers choose train to get to Sa Pa because it is safe, cheap, convenient, and time-saving. However, train only can take you to Lao Cai station, then you have to catch a car to get to Sa Pa.

The ticket price: from 130.000d-160.000d for medium train, anf 650.000d-750.000 for travel train for one way.

  • Accomodation

Sapa is one of the most famous tourist attractions of our country which thousands of travelers visit every year to experience and discover the its featured cultural background of ethnic minority here. Therefore, accomodation service is developed very much.

The price is not expensive: the cheapest is motels near the lake, only from 200.000d-300.000d.If you like a more convenient room, you can book rooms in 3-star hotels in Cau May – Muong Hoa at the price of 500.000d-700.000d. Besides, there are some luxurious hotels such as Victoria, Topas Ecolodge, Chau Long at over 1 million dong. However, the room price depends on the time you come. If you choose holidays, it will be higher.

If you love 100% backpack, you should choose homestay to discover all the feature of Sapa’s special cultural background. It is not only unforgettable memory but also a way to save money for you.

The price of food is not expensive, but you should ask for price before trying. At night, you can go out and try “San Lung” wine, eat the barbecue. There are many strange dishes: grilled eggs, grilled belly, grilled chicken, bamboo-tube rice.

  • Food and drink

Sapa’s specialities are temperate vegetables such as: white cauliflower, red beet, chayote. The most special one is “ngong”, the body part on which the flowers are in full bloom. There are many kinds of “ngong”: “ngong” with garlic, “ngong” with beet, “ngong” with chayote. Besides, it is also said that: its is more delious to have boiled “ngong”.

Sapa is famous for “lon cap nach”. Eating “lon cap nach”, and drink cider is a good choice to talk all night.

  • Tourist landmarks:

Ham Rong (In the centre of the town)

Bac Fall ( about 12 km from the town)

May Bridge (about 17 km from the town)

Cat Cat ( 2 km from the town)

Ta Van ( 8 km from the town)

Ta Phin ( 12 km…)

Ancient rock ground ( 10 km from  the centre of the town)

Fan Si Pan – “the roof of Indochina”, about 9 km from the tour.

Bac Ha ( about 70 km from Lao Cai)

You can visit China through Ha Khau Gate ( In the centre of Lao Cai city)

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