Essentials for Fansipan Climbing

Below is a suggested list of essentials for your climbing package holidays to Vietnam

If this is the first time that you have ever decided to go backpacking and open up yourself to experiences, you should spend some minutes on this writing.

What to bring with you depends on the length of your journey, the number of participants and the organization of the journey. If you book with a local travel agent, they are supposed to prepare everything for you and they will assign a porter to carry the luggage for you

If you hire a tour guide, you will have to prepare more. In case you decide to handle everything yourself, you should make choice between bringing as many as possible and bringing just important items for your convenience.

Essentials for Fansipan Climbing

Essentials for Fansipan Climbing


  • Essential items


  • Climbing shoes: waterproof, rubber sole shoes with high friction is recommended
  • Raincoat: you should buy waterproof raincoat. Brands such as Northface, Eastpak,Columbia are worth your consideration. You should bring waterproof rain pants as well.
  • Backpack: waterproof backpack is ideal for your journey. The size of it depends on the number of items that you intend to put into it.
  • First aid kit: you should buy one of small size. First aid items include:
  • Fever medicines
  • Diarrhea medicines
  • Insect repellents
  • Urgoes
  • Bandages
  • Medical scissors
  • Medical scotch tape
  • Sterile gauzes
  • Elastic bands

Remember to put all these items in a plastic bag and keep them off water

  • A torch: waterproof and small one is recommended. A bigger one will make your backpack bulkier. Backup batteries are also necessary
  • Multifunction knife: a penkinfe or  a set of multifuntion tools are important for climbing and camping at night
  • Clothes: it is cold in Fansipan so you should bring a coat, especially a waterproof and breathable one. Below are some suggestions based on the number of days you plan to spend in climbing
  • 2 days: a jacket, a turtlenect sweater, 2 trousers, 2 bras and 2 underwears
  • 3-4 days: a jacket, a turtlenect sweaters, 3 trousers, 3 bras and 3 underwears

Girls can decide to bring more bras and underwears.

Besides, a beanie and a pair of gloves are needed if you travel in coldest months.

If you plan to conquer Fansipan moutain by yourself, you are advised to use GPS and a map.

  1. 2. Camping gears:

You don’t have to prepare camping gears if you book with a local travel agent. Otherwise, you are supposed to prepare or hire the followings

  • a tent: there are many tents of different sizes. When buying, you take these things into account:
  • It should be a waterproof tent
  • It should have vents so that fresh air can flow through your tent
  • Easy to assemble
  • The floor of it should be waterproof too
  • An air mattress: it is an indispensable part of a journey.  You should choose an insulated, waterproof one. It will enable to have a good sleep and prevent you from backache. A perfect air mattress should be a light, thin and well-insulated one.
  • A sleeping bag: sleeping bags are diverse and specially designed for different weather conditions with temperature ranging from 20 degree celcius to minus 20 degree celcius. You should make sure about the kind of sleeping bag that you want to buy. For Fansipan climbing, a sleeping bag from 10 degree celcius to minus 5 degree celcius would be great.
  • Cooking tools: Local people will show you the way and they also show you how to cook their. If you want to try new experiences, you may cook yourself. Then you have to prepare pots, frying pans, bowls, plates, chopsticks…..
  • Then you can get 3 rocks to make a cooking stove and pick some woods then burn them to get fire. You should prepare some fuel and gasoline as well. Alternatively, you can buy a gas camping cooker.
  • Foods: foods and drinks will be provided by travel agent. They usually offer noodles with eggs for breakfast and roasted pork, fried spring roll, fried chips

If you don’t like, you can bring foods with you or prepare them yourself. It is wiser to bring canned food products. Fresh foods should be cooked the first day otherwise they will go off


  • Other necessary items


  • Hiking sticks: they will allow you to move faster
  • Gaiters: they will prevent raindrops and dewdrops from getting in your shoes.  They also keep you from being bitten by snakes
  • Gloves: apart from keeping your hand warm, some types of gloves help you to cling to tree branches more easily
  • Dry bags: they can be used to store your camera, mobile phone or personal documents.
  • Cameras: you should put your camera together with a moisute proof bag
  • Mobile phones: it is very important in the event of emergency.

Besides the above mentioned items, you may need a binocular, functional foods, a radio, a water purifier, a shovel, sun cream…

One thing that I should note here is that when you conquer Fansipan moutain, you are bound to come across with terrestrial leeches.

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