Endless love stories on trekking roads

Thanks to Vietnam holiday packages, their love story has started and lasted for 5 years without any love confession

Both Phan Thanh Huong born in 1990 and Vo Thanh Toan born in 1987 are graphic designers in Danang. It is their shared hobby and the same job that connect them together.

Huong said that in 2009, they happened to meet each other in Danang Architecture University. At the very beginning, they did not take to each other. Huong seemed to be a kinky and arrogant girl to Toan. On the other hand, Toan looked unfriendly to Huong.

Huong used to be late for class and had to place to draw. Not knowing what to do, she was helped by Toan.

Endless love stories on trekking roads

Endless love stories on trekking roads

“He offered me his seat and drawing frame. From that very moment, I started to pay attention to him more” said Huong

From then on, they got closer. Everyday, they went to class together and shared learning tips. Eventually, they fell in love with each other.

At first, they usually went with a group of friends. Then, private dates were more often. Sudden hand-in-hands made them realize their real feelings after 2 years

Love without confessions

Having been in a relationship for 5 years, the couple has never saying love to each other. Huong said that it was of no importance to her. What she was concerned is that their true emotions and feelings.

Huong is an exalted lover while Toan is quite. He hardly shows his girlfriend sweet gestures, which sometimes makes Huong unhappy.

“At first, I was unhappy and spent a lot of time thinking about our love. I used to want to break up with him, however, he told me our imperfections. He even cried because of my childish decision”

Not showing sweet gestures, Toan loves Huong in his own way. Everyday, he sends her “good night” messages with his care.

Huong said that she had to go to hospital every year due to stomach. Toan is the man who cares for her. “ I used to be in hospital for treatment in one week. Toan took after me and he lost 2 kilograms. Nevertheless, he always tried to smile in front of me” Huong said.

She also said that “ I used to love being presented with roses or stuffed bears. But I later on realized that such presents could not bring happiness. What I need is his love”

Being closer thanks to trekking roads

One of the factors that make their love more long lasting is trekking roads. So far, they have made 10 Vietnam vacation packages together in almost every province such as Danang, Highlands and some provinces in the North. They said that each place gives them different experience. And they also face up to many problems while backpacking.

One unforgettable experience is when they went backpacking from Danang to Vinh. Their motorbike’ tire got punctured and they did not find any place to repair. They ended up pushing the motorbike.

Since that incident, they have become closer. Whenever they fall out with each other, they look back on the time they have been through together.

As regards cost of trips, they usually go backpacking in groups to save money and members of group can support one another.

In celebration of 5 year love affair, the couple decided to make an album in the clothes of professional backpackers. In the future, they hope to have more Vietnam beach holiday packages together.