Destinations in Asia that Vietnamese travelers prefer for the autumn

Nami island (Korea), Cuu Trai Cau (China) and Kyoto (Japan) are the most attractive destinations among Vietnamese travellers.

Autumn is the best time for travel in many Asian countries. With less expense than before, Vietnamese travellers now often visit Korea, Japan, and China in autumn.

Nami island, Korea

Nami island is not far from the capital of Korea, Seoul. Traffic is convenient. Especially, in autumn, the island welcome a large number of travellers visiting ways full of yellow leaves. It is also the place where the film “Winter Sonata” was carried out. The way 2 main actors rode is the place many people choose to take a picture.

Destination that Vietnameses love when autumn comes

Destination that Vietnameses love when autumn comes

The fastest way to get to Nami is to go by underground to Gapyeong station, and go by ship to the island (under 10 minutes). The entry ticket is over 150.000d. The airline ticket from Vietnam to Seoul is becoming cheaper and cheaper now, making more and more people choose Korea.

Cuu Trai Trau, China

Most of the travel agencies recently have carried out tours of Cuu Trai Trau in autumn because more and more people have demand of visiting there. Because it is not easy to get to Cuu Trai Trau, many people use this service.

Cuu Trai Trau is located in Tu Xuyen province (China), is known as a fairyland.

Especially in autumn, leaves turning yellow, with clear water of streams, make it become a beautiful picture. Therefore, many travellers visit Cuu Trai Trau every year although it is very far.

You have to go by air to Thanh Do, then go by air or car.

Kyoto, Japan

Red leaves in autumn of Japan is listed as one of the things to see by many people. Japan is full of red leaves. However, the best place to watch the beauty of them is Kyoto.

In autumn, maple trees’ leaves will turn from green to red, surrounding ancient temples, bridges. Autumn in Kyoto has become the symbol of autumn in Japan.

Airline ticket from Vietnam to Japan is high, but has decreased recently. If you can find out cheap tickets, it is about 8-9 billion dong for a return ticket to Japan. As usual, people buy train ticket to get to Shinkansen, then get to Kyoyo. The ticket to Shinkansen is not cheap, but very convenient, and help you save your time thanks to its speed.  

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