Danang travel information

Located in the central area of Vietnam, Danang is between 2 famous travelling spots – Hue and Hoi An. With a lot of remarkable landscapes, Danang has been voted as “the most ideal city to live” in Vietnam.

At present, Danang is one of 5 centrally-controlled municipalities in Vietnam. Besides, it is also the trading, cultural and educational center of the Central and Highlands region.

When French colonials began to attack Danang, the city was separated from Quang Nam province and was then called Tourane. In 1950, Danang was given back to its homeland. Nowadays, its official territory comprises of land and Hoang Sa island.

Danang plays an important role in the development of Vietnam, especially for economy and tourism.

The North of Danang city is surrounded by high mountains and Hai Van hill which is considered as one of the most scenic sites in Vietnam. Located in the West is Ba Na hill tourism area at 1,000 meters high. It has a system of cable car which gets 4 world records and the biggest entertainment center in Southeast Asia namely Fantasy Park. In the East, that is Son Tra peninsula with 400 hectares of primitive forest and a diversified flora and fauna system.

Moreover, Danang city usually holds tourism events. The most prominent events are International Firework Competition, International Parachute Competition and Summer Destination catching the attention of foreign and domestic tourists.

With the above-mentioned advantages, Danang is an attractive and ideal travelling spot for foreigners coming to Vietnam.