Dalat weather

Dalat is considered as a “relaxation paradise” of Vietnam with the cool climate all year round. There are 4 seasons in a day, which is suitable for travelling and sightseeing.

Dalat is at the height of 1.475 m compared with sea level. Its climate is typical of  tropical monsoon and highland climate. The annual average temperature is 17,8oC, the highest is in April (19,1oC), the lowest is in December (15,7oC).

The weather in Dalat is divided into 2 obvious seasons: rainy season and dry season. As usual, rainy season starts from May to November. At the end of April and May, there are many showers at noon and in the afternoon. Rainfall is higher in July, September, and October. There are about 161 days of rain in a year in this city with average rainfall is 1.739 mm.

Dry season starts from December to April with the average temperature of above 14oC. It is warm all day, but cold at night and no rain.

There’s no difference in the length of daytime in seasons in Dalat. In dry season, daytime length is about 11-12 hours, and in raining season, it is more than 12 hours. The sum of sunshine hours in a year is 2.258 hours. The annual income of radiation is estimated at 140 kCalo/cm2/year.

Besides, in Dalat, there are fog, hails, and rimes. There are about 80 days of fog which often appears from February to May in a year. Many travellers are overwhelmed by Dalat’s beauty in fog.

Travellers can come and stay in Dalat at any time in a year. However, according to some people, travellers should arrive in Dalat in spring to enjoy the picturesque beauty of this city in fog, with many kinds of flowers.