Dalat Travel information

Dalat is called as a “mini Paris” – a gorgeous city for the people who love travelling and relaxing. It is an ideal choice for honeymoon of many young couples.

Located on Lam Vien plateau, Lam Dong province, Dalat was discovered by a French man named Alexandre Yersin (1863 – 1943) in 1897. Realizing the beauty of Dalat, French started building resorts here. The city was officially founded in 1912, and chosen to live and work by many Western people.

After 2 wars, Dalat was badly affected. Until Vietnam was totally independent, the government invested to develop Dalat in many aspects, including tourism.

Dalat is known as “the city on plateau”, “the city of pines”, “the city of eternal spring”, “the city of fog”, “the city of love”,… All names express the unique, and attractive beauty of Dalat.

This city is famous for picturesque landscape, cool weather all around the year. There are parks, and lakes in the center of the city. Many villas have been built along pine’s hills. However, what make people most interested in Dalat is the appearance of various kinds of flowers everywhere. It is also the reason why people call Dalat as “the city of flowers”.

Beside a gorgeous beauty, Dalat is also typical for Tay Nguyen’s culture. In festivals’ seasons, travellers can watch the locals dance, sing, play unique instruments which can make special sounds such as  the sound of wind, the sound of water flowing,…