Dalat package travel – The foggy highland and Trinh music

Dalat is one of the best destinations in Vietnam tour packages. Dalat is now getting more modern with an increasing number of villas and luxirious hotels. Many old mansions are mended and upgraded and new ones are being built, giving  a brand new image to  the whole city. Dalat people now have to adjust themselves to the hustle and bustle of modern life. However, Dalat city is always the heaven of flowers. It is no exaggeration to say that all kinds of flower gather and bloom in Dalat. “traveling notebook” is going to introduce to you new features of Dalat.

Over the past decade, people no longer catch the sight of girls taking umbrellas and slowly walking in the rain or women dressing K’ho, Lach Ma’s traditional custume and bringing forest specialities to markets.  Besides, people no longer smell the seductive scent of grilled corn and grilled sweet potato by which tourists in Vietnam vacation packages are easily lured

Da Lat - unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

Da Lat – unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

The number of pines is decreasing, leaving empty basalt hills. As far as I am concerned, Da Lat pines are higher and straighter than any other pines. Pines are typical of Dalat. If luxirious hotels are separated from pines forest, they will no longer be attractive. Let’s imagine one day when pines do not grow in Dalat, then Dalat, in my opinion will no longer be Dalat.

Dalat is not as foggy as it used to be. You can only see dew drops on leaves in the early morning.  However, when the sun begins to rise, such dew drops will gradually disappear.  Ngoan Muc Pass and Lang Biang Mount used to be covered with fog ten years ago. Dew formed on the Ho Xuan Huong Lake surface. Dew on the grass. Dew on the flowers. Dew even came into the room whenever we opened the window. People felt as if they were drifted by fog.

Dalat now has more coffee shops. Maybe it is the purpose of local people to make visitors stop and enjoy the beauty of Dalat. “Diem Xua” is a coffee shop at the end of Khe Sanh street. It is near a hillside and is far from city center. In this coffee shop, you will be lost in a romantic atmosphere with sparkling candles and have opportunity to enjoy music performances.

Songs written by Trinh Cong Son are not performed by professional music skills. Instead, they convey the feelings and emotions of singers. Therefore, Trinh music becomes more special and unique. Someone has said that Trinh music is similar to bible and one song is a piece of bible. Listen and think about every single word and music note. Trinh music is truly bible in real life.

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