Dalat in gorgeous winter

Dalat is a must-go destination if you are on Vietnam holidays packages. Let’s discover the charming beauty of this land when winter comes.

It is when prolonged rains really stop and winds begin to blow, bringing dry weather that we realise that winter has come to Dalat.

Dalat is considered as one of the most worth visiting cities when winter comes. In winter, the temparature may fall below 20 degree celsius. Especially, it is not too cold so that tourists can go out and play.

Visiting Dalat in winter, tourists can enjoy the romantic beauty of Dalat. Winds, fog and a little bitterly cold weather are said to hold back tourists’ foot.

Dalat is gorgeous with yellow flowers

Sunlights in winter here are not too intense. They shine through wild sunflowers blooming along every road and hill.

You can go slowly in the middle of gorgeous wild sunflowers to enjoy fresh air of highlands. Alternatively, you can go for a walk with your lover in quiet pine forest while hearing pines whispering in winds. Gradually, you will grow to love such magnificent highland.

Dalat this period of time is full of sun flowers.  You can get the view of there flowers from the very beginning when you travel on national route 20. The nearer you travel to Dalat, the more plentiful sun flowers are. Especially, high way Lien Khuong- Duc Trong is regarded as “heaven of sun flowers”. They dye hills in yellow and stretch endless along national route.

You will have interesting feelings and experiences when you reach Phi Nom T-junction which is 20 kilometers far from Dalat. Here, you will be lost in amazament as being in garden full of wild sunflowers, tomato trees and peppers. Wild sunflowers look like yellow streams flowing from top of hills through pine forest, paddy fields and vegetables gardens

Another yellow flower but not as gorgeous as wild sunflower is mimosa flower which makes winter of Dalat more spectacular. Streching along hillside are mimosa flower fully blooming.

Regarded as “city of flowers”, Dalat is beautiful thanks to a wide variety of flowers all year round. And the most special thing in such highland city is that winter is the season that most flowers bloom.

The park of Dalat is the place that most flowers are grown. Located at the end of Xuan Huong lake, the park attracts a great number of tourists come to visit when winter comes.  This is also the place that many couples choose to take wedding photos.

Tourists can take part in Dalat Flower Festival which is held every two years in late December. It is opportunity for the city displays many kinds of flowers and vegetables from Vietnam and other countries. It also helps to introduce the beauty of nature and people of Dalat.

Besides, tourists can have chance to see Mai Anh Dao (Prunuscesacoides) flowers bloom to welcome spring.

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Wandering in winter

Dalat seems to be most beautiful in winter. In the morning, the whole city is covered with fog. In cold weather of early morning, it is great to jog around Xuan Huong lake and enjoy fresh air. Dalat is always an ideal destination in winter

There are many attractive places to explore in Dalat.

You can wander all day in romantic roads of Dalat and visit famous places such as Love valley, Than Tho lake, Mong Mo hill and Prenn waterfall. Another suggestion for you is conquering Langbiang.

At night, Dalat gets more charming. Life is also very crowded and active with many entertaining activities. It is interesting to visit night market.

Intoxicated with highland coffee

Nothing could be more wonderful than sipping a glass of coffee in cold weather in Dalat. Dalat has a diversity of coffee from normal shops to luxurious ones, from crowded shops to quiet ones. You can choose your own place to enjoy your favorite coffee

If you want to have a glass of coffee while getting the view of Xuan Huong lake, Thanh Thuy coffee shop and Thuy Ta coffee shop near Xuan Huong lake are best choices. Both shops are considered to have the most beautiful view.

If you want to have a glass of coffee while listening to some music, Tung coffee shop is best choice. There classical music is played.

Besides, you can try “Cung to chieu” coffee shop. It is open at night only and is likely to satisfy adventurous visitors.

Especialy, Dalat has “cable car coffee” which enables to have coffee while  sitting on cable car .

Crazy about Dalat dishes

In cold weather of winter, hot dishes are likely to be first priority. Dalat offers you dishes from early morning until late night. Soup cake in Xuan An, Quang noodles, beef noodles in Anh Sang are dishes that you must try.

However, night eating is the most interesting. You can wander along street and enjoy specialities of Dalat in street shops.  “Hell” market  is place where grilled corns, boiled snails and many types of noodles are sold.

Dalat has a lot of tasty dishes and the most famous ones are hot soymilk and spicy bread dumplings. Breads are sold in front of coach station and soymilk is available on almost street leading to Dalat market. The best soymilk is said to be sold in Tang Bat Ho street. There you can enjoy the most delicious milk with cakes.

A cup of warm soymik in cold weather will make your winter day in Dalat more unforgettable.

Dalat is beautiful in every season. But it is winter that fills you with memorial feelings. Winter winds make you more emotional. Winter sunlights make you more optimistic. Gorgeous flowers promote your love for life. Winter nights fill your heart with warmth. Dalat winter is so beautiful. Are you ready to explore fields of yellow flowers, conquer Langbiang mount or simply enjoy highland coffee?

You can travel to this gorgeous land by booking Vietnam tour package. If you are on a multi-country tour such as Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour, you also have chance to visit Da Lat. 

See you in this paradise on earth!