Cu Chi Tunnels travel information

Cu Chi tunnels is underground system located in Phu My Hung commune, Cu Chi district, 70 kilometers far from Ho Chi Minh city. Cu Chi tunnels has long been known as a national historical site and a masterpiece of Vietnamese people in time of war.

Being constructed in the struggle against French (1946-1948), Cu Chi tunnel served as a storage place of documents, weapons of Vietnamese army. Especially, it was used by National Liberation Front during Mau Than campaign in 1968.

Cu Chi tunnels are 200 kilometers long with a sophisticated system of tunnels. The tunnel is 3 to 8 meters deep to make the high enough for army soldiers were supposed to crouch when moving in tunnels.

Cu Chi tunnels were built on ground of solid lateritic clay which can resist to landslides. It has 3 layers with the first layer being 3 meters deep from ground, the middle being 6 meters deep and the last layer being 12 meters deep. Each layer was specially designed so that air can go inside. More interestingly, it was a wonderful hiding spot during combat and it could prevent toxic gases of the enemy.

Over course of time, Cu Chi tunnels now remain 120 kilometers long. Many tunnels have been expanded for exploring activities of tourists. Visiting Cu Chi tunnels, you will have chance to experience underground life of soldiers. You will be able to gather around Hoang Cam store, trying grilled cassava or bamboo shoots.

In addition, you can also visit War museum, shooting area and Trung An fruit garden to learn more about our Vietnam glorious history.