Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese cuisine is so attractive due to its special flavor and special names such as “inescapable chicken” or “beauty hug noodle”

Dishes are carefully cooked with a combination of ingridients making a traditionally attractive flavor. Besides, eaters are curious of their special names.

Drunk shrimps

This dish is made from fresh shrimps after eliminating legs and antennaes. Then shrimps will be put into a bowl of alcohol in about 15 minutes. Then they will be cooked by two ways. For the first way, remove the shrimps out of alcohol and fry them in 30 seconds until their carapace turns pink. Alternatively, add fire into the bowl to cook shrimps. Drunk shrimps have flavor of alcohol and fresh ginger. They are soft and sweet.

Beauty hug noodle

It is so famous that every tourist coming to Hai An wants to try it. It is partly made from noodle, beef, herbs and peanuts. Its name originates from the first feelings that tourists have when seeing it.

Long and white noodles are beautiful like beautiful girls. Herbs around make tourists feel as if they are hugging girls.

Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese dishes that have special names

Doggy no care dumplings

It has Chinese name “Cau Bat Ly” which is a speciality of Thien Tan city. Queen Tu Hy used to regard it as “life expectancy lengthening drug”. Legend has it that there was a man called Cao Quy Huu. He was often called “Doggy” by his mother. He could make delicious flower-shaped dumplings. When eaten, dumplings taste sweet and soft.

Therefore, his cakes were prefered by many people. When selling cakes, he was so busy that he had no time to answer customers’ questions. Consequently, it was said that “ Doggy is concentrated on selling and pay no attention to customers”

Crossing bridge noodle

It bears cultural identities of Van Nam. It is said that during Thanh dynasty, the landscape outside Mong Tu wall was beautyful and there was a peaceful lake. There was a bright man who usually came to the lake to read books and his wife would make noodle for him. The wife had to cross a bridge to bring noodle for him there for it had name “crossing bridge noodle”

When enjoying this dish, tourists will put ingridients themselves. Noodle gives out an attractive flavor that makes anyone want to try it immediately

Eggs boiled with urine

It has been used by Chinese people for many years and is believed to be medically useful. Its recipe is very special. Eggs are boiled with urine of boys under the age of 10 in many hours. Despite hygienic problems, such dish is a cultural identity of Chiet Giang people

Dregs hot spot

It is a speciality of Dai Chau. It is made from non-digested foods in stomach of cows. Before being killed, cows will be fed with grass and herbs. It is listed in menu of famous Chinese restaurants.

Inescapable chicken

It is named after its ways of cooking. Chiken is carefully washed then wrapped with steamed sticky rice. After that they will be fried or grilled. It is best served when it is hot. Fried sticky rice and chicken give out irresistible flavor.

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