Ho Chi Minh City one day tour

Today, you will be suggested with a Vietnam travel deal – Ho Chi Minh City, one of the biggest economic, and cultural centre in Vietnam. It is not only famous for modern high buildings, but also ancient architectures.

You will visit Giac Lam pagoda which is the oldest pagoda of the city, located on Lac Long Quan street, Dist. 11. Then, you’ll continue to Cho Lon – Binh Tay market where many Vietnamese, and Chinese get together to exchange goods. In the morning, you’ll also call to Thien Hau temple, have sightseeing along Saigon river bank, and Nha Rong Harbour.

After lunch, you will visit Independence Palace which was once the America supreme office in the South of Vietnam. You’ll also drive to see the Church of Cathedral and Central Post Office – the unique architectures which were built according Old Gothic.

War Museum will be the last destination of this Ho Chi Minh City tour – Vietnam travel deal. Many pictures, and documents of wars in Vietnam are kept here.

In the late afternoon, you’ll have about 1-2 hours to visit Ben Thanh market which is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam travel deal. There are more than 3.000 stalls of all kinds of goods such as food, furniture and household items and even luxury products.

After all, you will transfer back to your hotel. End of services.

Discover Dalat’s culture one day

After breakfast, you will start your Dalat’s culture tour.

You will be taken to Golden valley, one of the most famous spots in Dalat. You will have chance to walk along roads full of flowers, wander around Golden lake and see a fossil plant of 300 million years old as well as a variety of bonsai trees.

The next destination in your trip is Lang Biang mount with the height of 2,169 meters. Standing on the peak of the mount, you will have chance to enjoy fresh air and get the whole view of Dalat city.

You will continue to go to Lat village where K’ho people live. Here you will get to know about traditions and customs of local people. Moreover, you will get around brocade village and hear elders tell stories about the village.

Then, you will go to Linh Quang pagoda, the first pagoda built in Dalat with a dragon statue of 99 meters long.

In the afternoon, you will visit the old French Quater with many old buildings constructed in 1930s. You are allowed to enter each building to understand more about its architecture. These buildings used to be home of French colonial officials.

The unique turning table and ancient train station are final destinations in your tour.

In the evening, you will come back to the hotel and tour ends.

Visiting Dalat’s garden houses

Dalat is not only famous for beautiful landscape, mild weather but also considered as one of the largest source of vegetables for the whole country. This tour will help you to see in person strawberries, and vegetables’ fileds which are planted in a different way in Dalat.

You will visit Hiep Luc strawberry garden belonging to Hiep Luc eco area. Here, strawberry is planted on a scaffold which is 1m from the ground without pesticides. You can pick strawberries right here, and buy home-made products .

Oganik fresh vegetables’ garden is 16km from Dalat city. Vegetables are planted according to a closed organic process without chemical fertilizer, or pesticides.

Then, you will visit Cau Dat hill of tea, Cau Dat tea factory (the oldest tea factory in Vietnam), Dalat Milk dairy cows’ farm to explore the process to produce milk here, mushroom garden and Thuong’s garden where there are many precious, and rare trees that treat some diseases.

The final destination is Dalat sculpture tunnel. It is an unique masterpiece which totally illustrate how Dalat was founded and has developed for years.

Visiting Dalat’s suburbs in one day

This trip is bound to give you bundle of joys and excitements.

You will be taken to Dalat flower village where you can enjoy the specular beauty of a variety of flowers such as gerberas, lilies, carnations and roses…

You will continue to visit coffee plant garden where you will be introduced about the origin of the coffee plants as well as how to cultivate and take care of them.

In addition, you will have chance to drop by wine-producing area where the guide will tell you about the process of making wine. Especially, you can try rice and wine for free.

Cricket farm will be the next destination that gives you an opportunity to see boxes for raising crickets and learn about the way to feed them. Interestingly, you can hear crickets singing.

After cricket farm, you will visit silk weaving workshop and learn about the process of making silk.

Elephant waterfall, considered as national scenic site is also included in your trip. Located near the waterfall is Linh An temple, a famous attraction for tourist with the total area of 3,5 hectares.

The final destination is Chinese pagoda (also known as Thien Vuong Co Sat temple) which is famous for its turning table.

In the evening, you will come back the hotel and trip ends


Dalat city tour and elephant riding

This trip is an ideal suggestion for those who want to visit famous travelling spots in Dalat in limited time.

You will be picked up at your hotel and depart to Xuan Huong lake which is considered as “green lung of Dalat”. On the way there, you will stop by City Flower Garden to enjoy the spectacular beauty of different flowers.

Then, you will continue to visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery, one of the greatest temples of Vietnam, located on Phung Hoang mountain.

After that, you will go to Da Tien tourism site where you can try elephant riding and explore the landscape of the forest. Moreover, you will have chance to go fishing in a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.

After lunch, you will continue to visit Datanla Waterfall. It is believed to be the most wonderful waterfalls in Lam Dong. Especially, it is thrilling to slide down on troughs.

Saying goodbye to Datanla, you will visit Chinese pagoda and Dalat train station- one of the oldest stations in Southeast Asia with the height of more than 1500 meters above sea level.

In the afternoon, you will return the hotel. End of services!

Dalat city tour one day

Dalat is famous as the city of flowers, which is also the most romantic city of Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes, and historical relics.

You will start your trip with Bao Dai palace which was built from 1933 to 1938. It is the place where King Bao Dai and his family lived, and worked when they were in Dalat.

You’ll then visit Tuyen Lam lake – the largest fresh lake in Dalat, about 7 km from the city centre. There are variety of landscapes as well as services here. Datanla Waterfall will be the next destination – a wildly beautiful fall where you will have a chance to slide down on troughs, enjoying the extremely powerful and excited feeling.

Prenn is another fall which is located at the bottom of Prenn pass. It seems to be vey graceful.

After lunch, you will come to Chinese pagoda which has  three awe-inspiring sandalwood Buddhist statues. Each statue is 4 meters high, and 1.5 tons weigh. They were brought from Hong Kong to Vietnam in 1958 by the Monk Tho Da. The last destinations of the trip will be ancient French palaces’ village and Magical turning table.

Tour ends.

Nha Trang city tour 1 day

After breakfast, you will have Nha Trang full day city tour.

The first destination is Nha Trang Aquarium Institute where about 20.000 samples of more than 4.000 water species are kept.

You’ll then come to visit the Cathedral in Nha Trang (a stone church – built by the French under Western style), Ponaga Tower which was built from the end of VII century to the XII century, a symbol and a pride of Cham people. It has been a tourist attraction that you can not miss when visiting Nha Trang.

After lunch, you’ll visit Long Son pagoda., a historical relic where there is a white statue of the Buddha on the peak of the mountain. It was built in the end of the IXX century, and renovated in 1940, one of the ancient pagodas in Nha Trang.

You will go on to visit hot mineral stream Thap Ba. It is very good for skin diseases, rheumatism,… (your own expense).

In the afternoon, you’ll drive back to hotel. Tour ends.

One-day trip : Nha Trang- Da Bac Port ( Silver Rock Port)- Binh Ba Island

You will be picked up and depart to Da Bac port where you take a boat to Binh Ba island. You’ll then have chance to enjoy the view of magnificent rocks in the gulf and enjoy a lot of fresh air and relaxing atmosphere while sitting on the boat.

You will be taken to see the following sites:

  • Chuong beach, a bunker under French colonial period
  • Dia Tang or Quan Am Temple
  • Rua islet, Co islet

After lunch, you will continue to visit Nom beach, a wild beach with spectacular coral reefs. You are free to get around the beach and take part in entertaining activities such as taking photos, swimming, scuba diving. It is a good idea to try local fresh seafood. Besides, you can go to Binh Ba market to learn more about lifestyle of local freshmen.

In the afternoon, you will come back to Da Bac port and return hotel. Tour ends.

Nha Trang – Nha Phu Bay – Orchid stream

Nha Phu is 15 km from Nha Trang city to the North, which connects Nha Trang to Van Phong Bay. It is about 1500 ha wide and one of 2 biggest bays in Khanh Hoa. It is an unique combination of forests, mountains, streams, sea, and islands. It is so famous for the wealth of seafood  that it becomes the resource of seafood for neighboring lands. When coming to Nha Phu, you can enjoy the natural beauty of 2 islands which are Orchid island and Monkey island.

You will transfer from Nha Trang centre to Da Chong bridge where you get on a ship to get to Hon Thi to visit Nha Phu. You will be impressed by ostriches, deers, ….

Visiting Orchid stream, Orchid cave is  an unforgettable experience.

Then, go to the beach, enjoy fruits, or some wine while watching elephants in a circus.

You can go sightseeing around Nghinh Xuan – Thuy Tien lake, ride an ostrich,  join some sport activities. (your own expense)

After lunch, you will be taken back to Lao island (Monkey island) to enjoy a circus, and play with some monkeys. Especially, you can ride mini car under F1 formula (your own expense).

In the afternoon, you’ll return the hotel. Tour ends.

Nha Trang boat trip 1 day

In the morning, you will transfer to Cau Da port and start your Nha Trang boat trip to visit 4 islands.

The first destination of your trip is Mun island, one of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang with long-stretching sandy beaches. Here you are free to enjoy swimming and scuba diving to see coral reefs. Besides, you can get engaged in activities such as kayak sailing and windsurfing. If you want to find peace and privacy, you can leisurely walk on sandy beaches.

Then, the boat will take you to Mot island. Lunch will be served on boat with local seafood such as steamed prawn, fried fish, grilled squid and so on.

After that, you will visit Tranh beach where you have chance to taste fresh fruits of Nha Trang.

Finally, you will go to Tri Nguyen aquarium, the biggest aquarium in Vietnam with a diversity of marine creatures. Moreover, you can visit shrimp ponds and try  sailing in a basket boat.

In the late afternoon, you will return the hotel. Trip ends.