Travelling in Tay Ninh: the land of Caodaism

Tay Ninh is located in the South East of Vietnam, connecting Ho Chi Minh city and Phnom Penh – the capital of Campuchia. It is also known as the land of Cao Dai religion with a magnificent and splendid church.

Before being formed, Tay Ninh was called Rondum Ray (elephant’s cage), belonged to Thuy Chan Lap. After Vietnamese exploring this area, Tay Ninh changed and developed.

Travellers can catch a coach to get to Tay Ninh at the weekend because it is only 100km from Ho Chi Minh city. Trans-Asia route also runs through this province with the length of 28 km connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Cambodia by Moc Bai border. So from here,  travellers can get to Campuchia easily.

When arriving in Tay Ninh, you can visit Tay Ninh church which is 5 km from the city, in the South East. It is considered as the land of Cao Dai religion with unique architecture. Like other churches, its front heads to the West, bell’s building stands in the left, drum’s building stands in the right. This church is large, surrounded by many big rubber trees. What makes it special is that it was built by bamboo-reinforced concrete.

Tay Ninh is also famous for Ba Den (The Black Virgin) mountain which is the highest mountain in the South East of Vietnam (980 meters). Travellers can choose cables or walk to get to the peak.

There are many other attractions travellers can visit such as: Dau Tieng lake, Chang Riec forest, Moc Bai free-tax supermarket, Ma Thien Lanh tourist resort, Lo Go – Xa Mat national park, Binh Thanh old tower,…

In Tay Ninh, travellers can specially try unique specialities such as: pork noodles, mountain snail, mountain lizard, ricepaper under dew,…

How to choose a partner to avoid annoyance

After a lot of tours such as Myanmar vacation packagetours to Cambodia and Vietnam and tours to Vietnam Cambodia Laos Myanmar, I realize the importance of choosing a travelling parter. A great partner can bring you unforgettable experience. However, a bad one can make your trip become a nightmare.

How to choose a partner to avoid annoyance

How to choose a partner to avoid annoyance

  1. Choose a person who is ready for pointing out your mistake: however, don’t choose the one whose criticism doesn’t not annoy you.
  2. Make sure that that person can be with you all day, not leave you and back home immediately when he or she wants. He (or she) can have same hobbies with you. If not, you will have to bear boring time. However, remember to spend time for yourself. Both of you need some hours to be alone.
  3. Don’t choose the person who nod everything: No one wants to make a quarrel, but a person who sometimes counter your idea can make the trip more interesting. Travelling means broadening your knowleadge and learning how to think in new ways. Therefore, someone who can break your “safe zone” is a better choice.
  4. Choose the one who is not afraid of being lost: sometimes, wandering in a city can bring surprise. It is so annoyed if someone keep complaining about getting lost.
  5. Avoid the ones who love taking selfie: Smart phone is an effective tool. However, you need to use it in right way. You can buy a map, or ask the locals for ways instead of searching on your phone. Besides, nothing is worse than that you go with a person who always takes selfie, and doesn’t pay attention to what is happening with the trip.
  6. Look for a person who is not afraid of trying a new dish: Cuisine is an important part of local culture. It is very boring if you only get bread, canned food, or fastfood. A too demanding person in food can make you annoyed and hungry.
  7. Choose a humorous person: Many accidents can occur during your trip. You will have to sleep at airport in Prague, try a portion of smelly tofu in Taiwan. A humourous person can make your trip less annoyed.

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Dalat is a must-go destination if you are on Vietnam holidays packages. Let’s discover the charming beauty of this land when winter comes.

It is when prolonged rains really stop and winds begin to blow, bringing dry weather that we realise that winter has come to Dalat.

Dalat is considered as one of the most worth visiting cities when winter comes. In winter, the temparature may fall below 20 degree celsius. Especially, it is not too cold so that tourists can go out and play.

Visiting Dalat in winter, tourists can enjoy the romantic beauty of Dalat. Winds, fog and a little bitterly cold weather are said to hold back tourists’ foot.

Dalat is gorgeous with yellow flowers

Sunlights in winter here are not too intense. They shine through wild sunflowers blooming along every road and hill.

You can go slowly in the middle of gorgeous wild sunflowers to enjoy fresh air of highlands. Alternatively, you can go for a walk with your lover in quiet pine forest while hearing pines whispering in winds. Gradually, you will grow to love such magnificent highland.

Dalat this period of time is full of sun flowers.  You can get the view of there flowers from the very beginning when you travel on national route 20. The nearer you travel to Dalat, the more plentiful sun flowers are. Especially, high way Lien Khuong- Duc Trong is regarded as “heaven of sun flowers”. They dye hills in yellow and stretch endless along national route.

You will have interesting feelings and experiences when you reach Phi Nom T-junction which is 20 kilometers far from Dalat. Here, you will be lost in amazament as being in garden full of wild sunflowers, tomato trees and peppers. Wild sunflowers look like yellow streams flowing from top of hills through pine forest, paddy fields and vegetables gardens

Another yellow flower but not as gorgeous as wild sunflower is mimosa flower which makes winter of Dalat more spectacular. Streching along hillside are mimosa flower fully blooming.

Regarded as “city of flowers”, Dalat is beautiful thanks to a wide variety of flowers all year round. And the most special thing in such highland city is that winter is the season that most flowers bloom.

The park of Dalat is the place that most flowers are grown. Located at the end of Xuan Huong lake, the park attracts a great number of tourists come to visit when winter comes.  This is also the place that many couples choose to take wedding photos.

Tourists can take part in Dalat Flower Festival which is held every two years in late December. It is opportunity for the city displays many kinds of flowers and vegetables from Vietnam and other countries. It also helps to introduce the beauty of nature and people of Dalat.

Besides, tourists can have chance to see Mai Anh Dao (Prunuscesacoides) flowers bloom to welcome spring.

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Wandering in winter

Dalat seems to be most beautiful in winter. In the morning, the whole city is covered with fog. In cold weather of early morning, it is great to jog around Xuan Huong lake and enjoy fresh air. Dalat is always an ideal destination in winter

There are many attractive places to explore in Dalat.

You can wander all day in romantic roads of Dalat and visit famous places such as Love valley, Than Tho lake, Mong Mo hill and Prenn waterfall. Another suggestion for you is conquering Langbiang.

At night, Dalat gets more charming. Life is also very crowded and active with many entertaining activities. It is interesting to visit night market.

Intoxicated with highland coffee

Nothing could be more wonderful than sipping a glass of coffee in cold weather in Dalat. Dalat has a diversity of coffee from normal shops to luxurious ones, from crowded shops to quiet ones. You can choose your own place to enjoy your favorite coffee

If you want to have a glass of coffee while getting the view of Xuan Huong lake, Thanh Thuy coffee shop and Thuy Ta coffee shop near Xuan Huong lake are best choices. Both shops are considered to have the most beautiful view.

If you want to have a glass of coffee while listening to some music, Tung coffee shop is best choice. There classical music is played.

Besides, you can try “Cung to chieu” coffee shop. It is open at night only and is likely to satisfy adventurous visitors.

Especialy, Dalat has “cable car coffee” which enables to have coffee while  sitting on cable car .

Crazy about Dalat dishes

In cold weather of winter, hot dishes are likely to be first priority. Dalat offers you dishes from early morning until late night. Soup cake in Xuan An, Quang noodles, beef noodles in Anh Sang are dishes that you must try.

However, night eating is the most interesting. You can wander along street and enjoy specialities of Dalat in street shops.  “Hell” market  is place where grilled corns, boiled snails and many types of noodles are sold.

Dalat has a lot of tasty dishes and the most famous ones are hot soymilk and spicy bread dumplings. Breads are sold in front of coach station and soymilk is available on almost street leading to Dalat market. The best soymilk is said to be sold in Tang Bat Ho street. There you can enjoy the most delicious milk with cakes.

A cup of warm soymik in cold weather will make your winter day in Dalat more unforgettable.

Dalat is beautiful in every season. But it is winter that fills you with memorial feelings. Winter winds make you more emotional. Winter sunlights make you more optimistic. Gorgeous flowers promote your love for life. Winter nights fill your heart with warmth. Dalat winter is so beautiful. Are you ready to explore fields of yellow flowers, conquer Langbiang mount or simply enjoy highland coffee?

You can travel to this gorgeous land by booking Vietnam tour package. If you are on a multi-country tour such as Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour, you also have chance to visit Da Lat. 

See you in this paradise on earth!

Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese cuisine is so attractive due to its special flavor and special names such as “inescapable chicken” or “beauty hug noodle”

Dishes are carefully cooked with a combination of ingridients making a traditionally attractive flavor. Besides, eaters are curious of their special names.

Drunk shrimps

This dish is made from fresh shrimps after eliminating legs and antennaes. Then shrimps will be put into a bowl of alcohol in about 15 minutes. Then they will be cooked by two ways. For the first way, remove the shrimps out of alcohol and fry them in 30 seconds until their carapace turns pink. Alternatively, add fire into the bowl to cook shrimps. Drunk shrimps have flavor of alcohol and fresh ginger. They are soft and sweet.

Beauty hug noodle

It is so famous that every tourist coming to Hai An wants to try it. It is partly made from noodle, beef, herbs and peanuts. Its name originates from the first feelings that tourists have when seeing it.

Long and white noodles are beautiful like beautiful girls. Herbs around make tourists feel as if they are hugging girls.

Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese dishes that have special names

Doggy no care dumplings

It has Chinese name “Cau Bat Ly” which is a speciality of Thien Tan city. Queen Tu Hy used to regard it as “life expectancy lengthening drug”. Legend has it that there was a man called Cao Quy Huu. He was often called “Doggy” by his mother. He could make delicious flower-shaped dumplings. When eaten, dumplings taste sweet and soft.

Therefore, his cakes were prefered by many people. When selling cakes, he was so busy that he had no time to answer customers’ questions. Consequently, it was said that “ Doggy is concentrated on selling and pay no attention to customers”

Crossing bridge noodle

It bears cultural identities of Van Nam. It is said that during Thanh dynasty, the landscape outside Mong Tu wall was beautyful and there was a peaceful lake. There was a bright man who usually came to the lake to read books and his wife would make noodle for him. The wife had to cross a bridge to bring noodle for him there for it had name “crossing bridge noodle”

When enjoying this dish, tourists will put ingridients themselves. Noodle gives out an attractive flavor that makes anyone want to try it immediately

Eggs boiled with urine

It has been used by Chinese people for many years and is believed to be medically useful. Its recipe is very special. Eggs are boiled with urine of boys under the age of 10 in many hours. Despite hygienic problems, such dish is a cultural identity of Chiet Giang people

Dregs hot spot

It is a speciality of Dai Chau. It is made from non-digested foods in stomach of cows. Before being killed, cows will be fed with grass and herbs. It is listed in menu of famous Chinese restaurants.

Inescapable chicken

It is named after its ways of cooking. Chiken is carefully washed then wrapped with steamed sticky rice. After that they will be fried or grilled. It is best served when it is hot. Fried sticky rice and chicken give out irresistible flavor.

For information about the tour to Asia countries such as Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia and Thailand, check the link below:


“Waiting for winter” flowers on Ba Vi mountain

When it comes to the topic holiday packages to Vietnam, it is not just all about Hoi An vacation packages or Hanoi vacation packages. Vietnam has so many other interesting things for tourists to discover, and seeing Mexican sunflowers in Ba Vi is one of them.

Ba Vi is famous for Mexican sunflowers. In the end of Autumn, and in the early of winter, they bloom.

November is called as a month of flowers. When the season of buckwheat in Ha Giang ends, the people who love travelling head to Ba Vi to welcome the season of Mexican sunflowers.

From the moment the first Mexican sunflower bloom, there will be many backpackers as well as travelers visit Ba Vi.

In the cold weather full of fog, the wild beauty of Mexican sunflowers make everything more brilliant.

In the cold weather full of fog, the wild beauty of Mexican sunflowers make everything more brilliant.

In the cold weather full of fog, the wild beauty of Mexican sunflowers make everything more brilliant.

Mexican sunflowers grow into groups. They can build a yellow wall if they grow side by side. The most beautiful Mexican sunflowers are located at “Mexican sunflowers’ hill” No. 700.

Travelers love them because of its wild beauty, and its vitality. However, after its beauty, there is a story about them not many people know. Mexican sunflowers are stick to the love story of H’limh – the most beautiful girl in the area and K’lang – a strong man of mountains.

However, they died painfully because of  the jealousy of the patriarch’s son. At the place where they were buried, a kind of flower, which only bloom in Autumn – the season of their death, appeared. It is called Mexican sunflower. It is considered as a symbol of passionate, and intense love between H’limh and K’lang.

In fact, Mexican sunflowers were planted by French. With its vitality, Mexican sunflower became the local flower of Ba Vi. Nowadays, people can see it everywhere in Ba Vi.

Coming Ba Vi to see “flames”  is a good idea for young people.


Binh Ba travel guide in details

Plan for a holiday package to Vietnam? Then you should consider a tour to Binh Ba. Binh Ba is just a small island, but it is potential to become a hotspot in Vietnam vacation packages.

Introduction of Binh Ba

Binh Ba is a small island on the area of 3 km2, in Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, Viet Nam. It is located in Cam Ranh Bay, 60 km from Nha Trang city to the West, 15 km from Ba Ngoi Port to the North.
Its population is about 3500 people. Because it is a military island, there are only Vietnamese tourists, not foreigners. There are many services such as electric bicycles, motorbike hiring, feed fish.

How to get to Binh Ba

To get to Binh Ba, you can go by air to Cam Ranh airport, and back to Ba Ngoi Port, or go to Nha Trang by train. You can browse on website to find the schedule and price of each kind of train. From Nha Trang, you can hire motorbike to head to Ba Ngoi Port, about 60km along Bai Dai coast, Cam Ranh airport.
From Ba Ngoi Port to Binh Ba, there are 2 ways: go by cano 100.000d per ticket for about 20 minutes, go by ship 35.000 per ticket for nearly 1 hour. Cano is available whenever you want, but ship is as follow:
– Ba Ngoi – Binh Ba: 7:00 a.m, 10:00 a.m, 1:30 p.m, 4:00 p.m
– Binh Ba – Ba Ngoi: 5:00 a.m, 9:00 a.m, 12:30 p.m, 4:30 p.m
Note: Ba Ngoi Port has 2 ports. You should ask the locals which the port to Binh Ba is, they will show you very enthusiastically.

Entertainment in Binh Ba:

In Binh Ba, there are many beautiful beaches. Although they are not mostly primitive, the water is so clear and pure that you can watch corals.

Binh Ba travel guide in details

Binh Ba travel guide in details

Old House grounds: It is forbidden to enter for it is military area. However, it is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Binh Ba. There is a way to detour, but if you hire a ship or use tour service on the island, they can publicly lead you into. You can watch corals, and swim in the sea, but not camp overnight.
Nom grounds: It has great wave and pure water, which is suitable for sea bathing. It allows to camp overnight, but not to watch sunrise.
Chuong grounds: The people are quite, the water is not clear, gabbage is much, but some beaches are in beautiful area. For its desertation, tents are able to put up. You can watch sunrise from here. Anyone who doesn’t stay on this grounds can come here to watch sunrise.
Me grounds and turtle island: In my opinion, it is the most quiet. However, it is very difficult to down to this island. If I re-arrive, I will choose this to camp BBQ. Watching from the top down to the water’s colour is so stimulating.
You should hire a motorbike to drive around Binh Ba. The road in Binh Ba is so beautiful. Some slopes are so stiff to drive interestingly. You can head to historical site such as blockhouse, gun base, tunnel along the mountain to watch the panorama of the island.

Meal and rest on Binh Ba

Binh Ba has many hotels, many homestays are spaciously built, the cost is 200.000 to 300.000 per night.
If you arrive in Binh Ba, you should try lobster, because Binh Ba is called The island of lobster. The price of lobster caught at the site is about 1800.000 per kg. In addition, there are many restaurants serving soft noodles, banh can, banh canh, the price fluctuates from 20.000 to 30.000 per portion
Reference price is that: sepioteuthis : 250.000d-350.000/kg, ground cuttle 180.000- 250.000/kg, conidae: 80.000d/kg, lambis chiragra: 100.000d/ kg, ta pi lu fish: 80.000-100.000/ portion/ each, a meal with 4 dishes is 100.000 per each.


Train ticket from Saigon to Nhatrang: 400.000 ( return ticket for one person)
– Motorbike hiring: 300.000 – 400.000 for a motorbike in 2 days
– Ticket to the island 100.000 for cano, 35.000 for boat
– Motel on the island: 300.000 per night
– Motorbike hiring on the island: 260.000 fof 3 days
– Food and drink on the island: 80.000 – 100.000 for a main meal, and 30.000 for am additional meal
If you have time, you can yourself go to explore the island and enjoy freely. If not, you can hire a tour of the locals: 1200.000 per each for food and drink, sleeping. If you do so, I ensure that you will comfortably eat and drink . If you don’t want to stay at hotel, you can tell the tour guide to discount the expense of hotel.
You should choose a good motorbike. If it is an old one, you will have difficulties climbing slopes.

All inclusive Vietnam vacation packages is truly wonderful!

Experiences for crossing cars when backpacking

Backpacking by motorbikes is backpackers’ hobby. However, it is very difficult if you cross cars in the wrong way. Today, we will share some tips of crossing cars and trucks to keep you safe in all trips.

Experiences for crossing cars when backpacking

Experiences for crossing cars when backpacking

  • Only cross when there are not to many cars, and you consider the situation safe
  • Keep a safe distance of about 10 km from cars, or trucks
  • Only cross on the left side (except when the way is devided into 2 different lanes for motorbikes and cars)
  • Turn on left indicators, and press hooter continuously
  • Move into the area of rear light of cars
  • Keep patient, and wait until cars show the signal that they let you cross
  • Try to accelerate to cross as quick as possible
  • 2 motorbikes can not simultaneously cross cars
  • Remember to watch out for opposite vehicles

Something you should avoid when crossing a car, or a truck:

  • Don’t cross when you are driving on a bridge, or under a tunnel without specific lane
  • Don’t cross when you are going uphill, or downhill ( there is a traffic sign of over -10o slope)
  • Don’t cross at a turning point, regardless of seamless line or not
  • Don’t cross when a car is driving opposite you
  • Don’t cross at 3-way crossroad, or 4-way crossroad
  • Don’t cross when the front vehicle is crossing

Besides, we consume that when you cross another, the speed and distance between 2 vehicles need to be identified clearly. When you want to cross, you have to turn on indicators for the front let you cross. When you cross successfully, remember to back to the lane. The ideal distance is the distance that let you see the behind ones through rear mirror.

What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia

Shopaholics like Vietnam Laos and Cambodia tourstour Thailand Cambodia Vietnam and Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour because everything here is really cheap. Malaysia is also a shopping heaven with a lot of discounts and sales campaign sometimes up to 70% at the end of the year or on bank holidays.

Goods are abundant with some unique items which are available in Singapore only. Belows are must-buy items that are recommended by shopaholics

Electronic items

You may be lucky enough to buy electronic items such as camera, mobilephone or laptop which are half as cheap as in Vietnam or in Singapore. It is advised that you go to shops that offer international guarantee.

Children’s clothes

Clothes for kids in Malaysia are quite cheap and of good quality. Besides, they are diversified in designs especially those of Disney brand. You can find them easily in shopping malls or in the market. Most of the sellers are friendly and do not charge too much so you can freely choose what you like.

Leather wallets

It is a good idea to buy leather wallets as souvenirs for friends and relatives. In sales season such as New Year months which fall from November 15th to January 16th this year, you can buy wallets of famous brands such as Marc or Prada at low cost.

Dairy for kids

Milk powder is cheap. You can buy milk products of famous manufacturers from German, France or USA at cheaper price than in Vietnam.

What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia

What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia


Souvenirs are plentiful.  You can buy small items such as model of twin tower, key chain, necklace, bracelet at the cost of $2-5. Kompleks Kraf in Jalan Conlay is a good store.


Ties are easily found in Malaysia from famous brand such as Robert Tabott or Thomass Pink to affordable ones.


Batik silk is one of the most famous brodace products. Price varies between $20 and 40.


Most people in Malaysia are Chinsese so it is easy to come across with streets where Chinese people sell herbals. You can find herbals to treat simple disease such as aching bones.

Teh Tarik tea

It is a reputed speciality of Malaysia which is sold in almost every street at the price of 300 thousand dong.

Tin items

Items made from tin are perfect souvenirs which can be bought anywhere such as shopping mall, souvenir shop or local market.

Royal Selangor is the biggest tin manufacturer in Kuala Lumpur. Tin items are sold at higher price than usual but you can be sure about their quality.

Develop homestay and lesson learned from Lao Cai

Homestay for tourist on tours to Vietnam, such as tour Thailand Cambodia Vietnam and tour Vietnam Cambodia Laosbrings a lot of advantages to increase living standards of poor families especially ethnic minorites. However, there are some weaknesses which call for solutions.

Lack of suitable strategies

As regards homestay potentials, Mrs. Mc Keon, head of Consulting Group of EU project said “Vietnam has a diversified culture which formed from 54 ethnic groups. With such strength, Vietnam stands a good chance of becoming a country of homestay If it comes up with good management and sustainable strategies”

Developed 10 years ago, homestay is existing in almost every province in the North , central area and highlands of Vietnam. However, according to Mr. Duong Minh Binh, director of CBT company which deals with homestay tourism, homestay in Vietnam shows certain improvements but there are some limitations. It is spontaneous and does not have specific management plans. Most of homestay services are supplied by local people. Therefore, they are not efficient and lack support from enterprises. Besides, their awareness of preserving environment is poor.

Mrs. Pham Thanh Tam, head of Domestic Travelling Office said “The main purpose of this type of tourism is sightseeing. Exploring local people’s lifestyle and learning about cultural traditions and customs are limited”. There is a lack of administrative plans. Local people do not know how to make homestay effectively. Besides, homestay advertising is poor and depends heavily on unspecialized organizations.  

Sapa - Lao Cai

Sapa – Lao Cai

Lao Cai homestay, a striking model.

According to Mr Tran Huu Son, head of culture sports and tourism department, homestay appeared in Lao Cai a long time ago. However, as there was not supporting plans to help local people borrow money, it was not efficient. In 2010, local authority cooperated with some universities and colleges of tourism to study and compile a textbook of homestay tourism. This textbook was integrated in curriculum in 2013.

Mr. Ngo Trung Ha, lecturer of Hanoi tourism college said that the course aims at people from ethnic minorities. The course lasts 12 days and teachers will teach students about home decoration, communication skills and cooking skill. Besides, the course shows local people about money management skills. People used to spend money inappropriately and they did not know whether they had made profit or not. This course will train them how to make money sustainably.

At present, there are 300 people participating in the course. So far, Lao Cai has 12 homestay spots and living standards are being raised. Some families have income of 40-50 million per year. Mr. Tran Huu Son said, from the successful model, Lao Cai has shared the textbook to surrounding provinces such as Bac Kan and Ha Giang. In the future, it will be integrated in 8 provinces in Northwest. He also said that in 2013, the number of homestay tourists was 145752, giving a total revenue of 29 billion dong. This indicates the success of homestay tourism in Lao Cai.

We hope that homestay in Vietnam as long as Vietnam travel packages will reach greater development in the future. 

Beach vacation packing list for girls

Are you planning to head for the seashore? Use our Vietnam beach holiday packages list to help you pack everything you need for a relaxed beach getaway.

Nha Trang - the wonderful beach in Vietnam

Nha Trang – the wonderful beach in Vietnam

  • Sunscreen

The most important thing when going swimming is to protect your skin from the sunlight.  Sun cream which has SPF 50 PA+++ is gentle and effective sun care. You should apply 2 separate types of creams for facial sun protection and body sun protection. Futhermore, the long lasting water resistant suncreen is recommended for you.

When you apply sunscreen, foundations with high SPF such as BB Cushion SPF 50 of Laneige will be the best suitable.

More importantly, remember to reapply suncreen every 2-3 hours to make sure your skin is constantly protected from UVR

  • Waterproof comestics

Sea winds carrying water vapor accompanied with high humidity are likely to damage your eyelashes. Therefore, do not forget to pack waterproof mascara and eyeliner. One tip is that never apply mascara for your lower lashes even though it is waterproof to avoid smudging.

  • Thermal spring water

Tropical climate will speed up process of evaporation, causing moisture shortage for your skin. That explains why many people get skin sloughing after swimming holiday. Thermal spring water is a must-have item for girls on vacation.  It is extremely rich in rare minerals and also it has a lot of antiseptic, antioxidant and healing properties.

  • Hair conditioner

Your hair will get dry and damaged after swimming. Therefore, remember to bring hair conditioner to protect your hair

There are many kinds of hair conditioners such as: coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil…. The most suitable for summer days is argan oil hair conditioner. It helps protect your hair from sunlight and provide enough moisture for it. You can apply it before going out or bring it with you for use whenever your hair gets dry or porous. Use a large amount for hair tail.

  • Swim suit

      It is advised that you prepare two sets of swimsuits. A set of casual clothes may be necessary if you travel far away.

  • Footwear

Rubber sandals or fashionable shoes are not recommended.  Sandals or flip flops are great for summer sporty look.

  • Hijab

  Every girl should have a hijab so that your hair will not get dry. Besides, it is helpful in protecting you from sunlight.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses will provide perfect protection for your eyes against wind and sunlight.

  • Sun hat

A sun hat is among sun protection items, of course.

In addition, you should pack a travel hammock, a folding chair, a baby pool floaty and a tent so that your family can go camping.

If you plan to put up a tent on the beach items such as tourist gas stove, grilling stove might be necessary. Besides, you should bring swimming glasses, eye drops, a coat, etc…

Wish you a wonderful Vietnam vacation packages.

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