Travelling in Tay Ninh: the land of Caodaism

Tay Ninh is located in the South East of Vietnam, connecting Ho Chi Minh city and Phnom Penh – the capital of Campuchia. It is also known as the land of Cao Dai religion with a magnificent and splendid church.

Before being formed, Tay Ninh was called Rondum Ray (elephant’s cage), belonged to Thuy Chan Lap. After Vietnamese exploring this area, Tay Ninh changed and developed.

Travellers can catch a coach to get to Tay Ninh at the weekend because it is only 100km from Ho Chi Minh city. Trans-Asia route also runs through this province with the length of 28 km connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Cambodia by Moc Bai border. So from here,  travellers can get to Campuchia easily.

When arriving in Tay Ninh, you can visit Tay Ninh church which is 5 km from the city, in the South East. It is considered as the land of Cao Dai religion with unique architecture. Like other churches, its front heads to the West, bell’s building stands in the left, drum’s building stands in the right. This church is large, surrounded by many big rubber trees. What makes it special is that it was built by bamboo-reinforced concrete.

Tay Ninh is also famous for Ba Den (The Black Virgin) mountain which is the highest mountain in the South East of Vietnam (980 meters). Travellers can choose cables or walk to get to the peak.

There are many other attractions travellers can visit such as: Dau Tieng lake, Chang Riec forest, Moc Bai free-tax supermarket, Ma Thien Lanh tourist resort, Lo Go – Xa Mat national park, Binh Thanh old tower,…

In Tay Ninh, travellers can specially try unique specialities such as: pork noodles, mountain snail, mountain lizard, ricepaper under dew,…