Places for food and drink in Nha Trang

For many first-time travelers to Nha Trang, where to eat and drink may be the top concern. Here will be some dishes you should try when you come to Nha Trang.

Located along the coast, Nha Trang is famous for many delicious dishes of seafood.

Jellyfish noodle, grilled chopped fish noodle (bun sua, bun cha ca): according many people, these two kinds of noodle will be best enjoyed at B2 restaurant at Phan Boi Chau apartment.

Ninh Hoa fermented pork roll: Made mainly from pork, and pig skin marinated spices, Ninh Hoa fermented pork roll has become famous in Nha Trang, and as a result chosen by many travellers as a gift from Nha Trang. You can come  to No. 15 Le Loi street to try this dish.

Grilled beef (bo nuong lui): beef is cut in squares, marinated honey and 10 other kinds of spices to produce the most delicious dish. You can come to No. 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem street to try this dish.

“căn” cake: It is a speciality you can not miss when visiting  Nha Trang. There are 2 types of “can” cake here: hot – crispy cake and soft – cool cake. It is also made with many different flavours such as: shrimps, cuttlefish, eggs. You can come enjoy this dish at some food stalls on Ly Thanh Ton street.

Besides, you can try other dishes in Nha Trang such as: Banh canh (a kind of noodle), banh dap, banh beo, banh uot, kinds of Pho, noodles, or mussel rice…

At night, you can walking around streets and have some coffee at: Book Café at Hon Chong, Paramount at 58 Tran pHu, Mc Me Trang at 44 Tran Phu, or bar Yasaka at 008, Lodge on Tran Phu street, Night Club at 01 Hung Vuong, Rocky Bar on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street…

Where to eat in Hue

If you have chance to visit Hue, you should not miss the local cuisine with a variety of dishes. Especially, they are very cheap.

Bellows are some suggestions for you about where to eat and what to eat when visiting Hue

  1. Mussel rice: Mussel rice is a typical dish of Hue with the main ingredients of rice and marinated mussel. It is enjoyed with shrimp sauce, cabbage, baked rolled and roasted peas, all making an irresistible flavor. The best mussel rice can be found on Han Mac Tu, Truong Dinh, Cung An Dinh, Vi Da treet at the price of 2.000 vnd for a plate.
  2. Grilled pork and rice noodle: the greasy taste of grilled pork and the flavor of sesame, especially the sauce with papaya and carrot always attract tourists. Restaurants serving grilled pork noodle are located along Huong river. Besides, you can enjoy this wonderful dish in food stores on Ba Trieu, Nhat Le street or in Dong Ba market.
  3. Hue noodle: Hue noodle can be found in any region in Vietnam. Nevertheless, only in Hue can tourists enjoy the best noodle with its traditional flavor. According to many people, the best Hue noodle is sold at 17 and 19 Ly Thuong Kiet street.
  4. Pancake, sweet potato cakes (banh khoai), clear flour cake with leaf (banh bot loc): these cakes are favored by many tourists especially youngsters. You can go to Ngu Binh or Nguyen Binh Khiem street to try pancake, Thuong Tu sweet potato cakes in the afternoon from 15.00 pm to 17.00 pm to enjoy the best but cheapest street food in Hue.


Moreover, if you prefer restaurants with luxurious design and airy space, you can go to some famous restaurants in Hue such as Tinh Gia Vien ( 7K/28 Le Thanh Tong street), Ngu Uyen ( 6 Nguyen Hue street), Quynh Huong (133 Nguyen Sinh Cung), Khai Hoan (90-94 Le Loi street) to try traditional royal foods of Hue

Places for food and drink in Hoi An

Hoi An is not only famous for being a world heritage recognized by UNESCO, but also for its unique specialities.

You can try many attractive dishes in Hoi An:

Cao Lau (A kind of noodles): It is sold in many places in Vietnam. However, only in Hoi An, you can try all its special and delicious taste. It is orginated from 17 century. It is made with some pork, and a spicy, sweet, and sour sauce. You can come Mrs. Be restaurant on Tran Phu street, or Trung Bac restaurant at 87 Tran Phu, Thanh restaurant at 26 Thai Phien to try this dish.

Chicken rice: It is quite popular with many travellers. It is sold at the price of 15.000d – 20.000 per portion. Famous restaurants are Mrs. Buoi restaurant (26 Phan Chau Trinh), Mrs. Minh restaurant (Ly Thuong Kiet), Mr. Xi restaurant (Kiet Ba Le)….

Bread: Phuong bread on Hoang Dieu street was rated as the restaurant of most delicious bread in Vietnam by an international travell magazine. Don’t forget to try this bread.

Hoanh thanh (a kind of noodles): The main ingredients include flour, eggs, and shrimps. It is made quite carefully and meticulously to make even prissy clients satisfactory. You can choose Anh Dung restaurant (14 Ba Trieu), Van Loc restaurant (27 Tran Phu) to try this dish.

Quang noodle: not only sold in Hue and Danang, Quang noodle is also sold in Hoi An. It is seen as a traditional dish of Hoi An. Travellers can come Mrs. Minh restaurant in Cam Ha area – Hoi An city to try this dish.

Dumplings & cauldron cake: It may be the kind of cake which is sold only in Hoi An. Its shape is similar to another kind of cake in Hue – banh bot loc. However, they are different in flavour, and ingredients. You can come White Rose restaurant (535 Hai Ba Trung) to try this dish.

Where to eat in Dalat

It will be regretful if you travel to Dalat without trying local specialties of this romantic city.

Dalat has a system of restaurants and food stores ranging from luxurious restaurants to street vendors with affordable price. Bellows are some suggestions for you

  1. Luxurious restaurants

Hoang Thu restaurant at No. 9 Huynh Thuc Khang street is lavishly decorated and spacious with the capacity of 300 people. The restaurant is famous with “chicken hill”, hotspot and other specialties in Vietnam.

The second option for you is Com Nieu restaurant located near Ho Xuan Huong street. Unlike Hoang Thu restaurant, it has simple design. It serves traditional foods and modern foods such as “com nieu” ( sticky rice in pot),  “ca kho to” ( braised fish in clay pot), fried rice and mixed hotspot.

Kinh Bac restaurant on Phan Chu Trinh street offers Northern style foods such as duck civet, snakehead fish braised with cucumber especially fresh vegetables of Dalat.

Anh Dao food store is 200 meters far from Dalat market is well-known with Com Tho being cooked by skillful chief of the store. With lovely and airy space, the store is an ideal place for family get-together and intimate party.

In additions to the above restaurants, you can also go to other restaurants such as Ocean Palace at 28 3/4 street, Sunrise restaurant at 1 Ha Huy Tap street, Paloma restaurant at 7B Bac Son street and so on

  1. Street vendors with affordable price

With many snacks and dishes from different region in Vietnam, street vendors always attract tourists. If you have chance to visit Dalat, do not miss the following dishes:

  • Deep-fried pork roll at 245 Phan Dinh Phung street and 4 Bui Thi Xuan street
  • Baked rolls in Dalat market, and at 61,112 Nguyen Van Troi
  • Chicken wet cake near Dalat market and intersection of Thong Thien Hoc and Bui Thi Xuan street
  • Broken rice, sticky rice in pot at 15 Tran Nhat Duat street, 6 Nguyen Thi Minh street, 1B Bui Thi Xuan steet


How to get to Ho Chi Minh city?

Ho Chi Minh city is considered as an important traffic turnpoint of Vietnam in particular and in South East Asia in general. Therefore, if you choose Ho Chi Minh city as a destination for travelling, there are many choices of means of transport for you.

For international travellers, they can buy a ticket from their departure to Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh city. From here, they can catch a taxi to get to wanted places.

For those who are in Vietnam already, you can get internal flight ticket to get to Ho Chi Minh city.

Besides, travellers can choose other means of transport, such as:

– By train: if you depart from Hanoi, you can choose Thong Nhat train (the fastest train). It takes only 30 hours to get to Ho Chi Minh city. The price depends on the kind of seat you choose.

– By coach: It is a flexible and popular mode of transport to get to Ho Chi Minh city. You can catch Hoang Long, or Mai Linh coach at the price of 500.000 VND per one. It helps you save money, but take much more time.

– By private car: if you have your own car, you can drive to Ho Chi Minh city. However, remember to bring all documents, driving licenses, and comply with traffic law.

On arrival at Ho Chi Minh City, you can hire a motorbike, a taxi, a car, or a cyclo to explore all the mystery of this dynamic city.

How to get to Phu Quoc island

Considered as a“Pearl Island” of Vietnam, Phu Quoc island has always been a famous tourist attraction to foreign and domestic tourists. It is easy to get to this island thanks to the developed and modern infrastructure and transportation system. There are many ways and means of transport to get to Phu Quoc depending on individuals’ conditions. Bellows are some suggestions for you

By air

For those who are in good economic condition, travelling by air is the quickest and most simple and convenient way.

If you depart from Hanoi, you can buy tickets of Vietnam airlines at Noi Bai international airport on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when they have direct flights. If you plan to visit Phu Quoc at the weekend, you will have to pay 2.997.000 dong for a ticket.

From Ho Chi Minh city, you can also get ticket of Vietnam airlines at the price of 1.050.000 dong. The ticket price of Vietjet air is cheaper which is about 731.000 dong.

If you depart from Rach Gia, Kien Giang, the ticket price is 1.606.000 dong.

By coach

If you want to save expense and start from Hanoi, you can get a coach Western coach station at 395 Kim Duong Vuong, An Lac, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city. Then, you’ll continue to go by coach to Rach Gia where you will get on a high-speed boat in order to get to Phu Quoc

The most favored coach brands of many tourists are Phuong Mai, Kumbo and Mai Linh

By high-speed boat

On arrival at Rach Gia, you can buy high-speed boat ticket of Superdong boat to get to Phu Quoc. The boat departs at 8am and 1pm every day  and it will take you about 2,5 hours to get to the island.

If you are in Ha Tien, you can also get ticket of Superdong I and II boat. There are also 2 departures at the same time as in Rach Gia, however, you will reach Phu Quoc Island earlier because of  short distance.


How to get to Nha Trang?

Nha Trang has many advantages in geography, nature and traffic system which meets all the transfer demand of locals and tourists.

Depending on your financial ability and starting point, you can choose to get to Nha Trang by air, by train, or by sea. Hereafter is 3 most popular means of transport to get to Nha Trang:

  1. By air

Nha Trang has Cam Ranh international airport, which is 35 km from the city centre. aAt the moment, there are some local airlines having flights to Cam Ranh airport, such as: Jetstar Pacific Airlines (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city), Vietnam Airlines (Danang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Moskva, Incheon), VietjetAir (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city).

Besides, some international airlines also have flights to Cam Ranh airport, such as: S7 Airlines (Novosibirsk – seasonal), Vladivostok Air (Khabarovsk, Vladivostok), Asiana Airlines (Incheon), Nordwind Airlines (Ulan-Ude).

  1. By road

You can choose to get to Nha Trang by coach to save money. However, it may take much more time.

1A national way runs through Nha Trang, which is very convenient for you if you choose going by road. There are also 2 coach stations in the North, and in the South of this city. It is very easy to catch a coach to get to Nha Trang.

  1. By train

Nha Trang train station is one of the largest train stations in our country with the length of 25km.  If you choose to get to Nha Trang by train, you can catch Thong Nhat train number SNT1-2, SNT3-4, SQN1-2, or the first 5-star train which runs from Saigon to Nha Trang.

Besides, you also can get to Nha Trang by sea if possible. Sea’s depth in front of the dock in Nha Trang is -11,8m. Therefore, many big cruise ships can stop here at the same time without any problems.

How to travel to Mui Ne

Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. It will surely give you special and unforgettable experiences

If you plan to visit Mui Ne, consider the following information on how to get to Mui Ne.

In order to get to Mui Ne, foreign tourists have to take a flight to one of international airports in Vietnam such as Noi Bai airport, Cam Ranh airport, Tan Son Nhat airport… On arrival, you will continue to Mui Ne by one of following means of transport:

By air: If you start from Hanoi, you’d better take a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, then, catch a coach or a car to Mui Ne. Alternatively, you can fly from Hanoi to Nha Trang (Cam Ranh airport), then, transfer to Mui Ne.

By train: If you want to save money, a train journey from Hanoi or Saigon to Phan Thiet will be a great suggestion. When you reach Phan Thiet station, you could take a taxi or motorbike taxi to get to Mui Ne (about 30-40 minutes driving).

By coach: Travelling by coach is frequently used by tourists, especially those who depart from Ho Chi Minh city. There are a lot of coaches for you to choose with the cost between 90.000 and 130.000 vnd for a ticket.

Some coach brands recommended for you are Phuong Trang, Tam Hanh, Mai Linh

If you depart from Hanoi, you should go to Nuoc Ngam coach station and buy the ticket to go to Mui Ne with the price between 700.000 and 800.000 vnd per way.

How to get to Hue

Hue ancient capital has attracted a lot of tourists because of its lovely beauty, rich culture and a variety of scenic and historical sites. There are many ways to get to Hue.

You can choose to travel to Hue by air. At present, there are 3 airlines in Vietnam which offer flights to Hue from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city namely Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific and Vietjet Air. The airfare is about 800.000 vnd/one way ticket. If you plan to visit Hue during holiday seasons, you had better book your ticket in advance to avoid tickets being sold out.

Alternatively, you can get to Hue by train from big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Trains suggested for you are SH train and Thong Nhat train. Although it will take you more time to travel by train than by air, you will have chance to get the view along the way.

Another way to get to Hue is by coach. From Hanoi, you can get on coaches such as Hoang Long, Phuong Trang, Hung Thanh. You are supposed to pay 350.000 vnd/ticket. If you are on your holiday in Ho Chi Minh city, you can buy coach ticket of Phuong Trang or Song Ty at the price between 400.000 and 700.000 vnd.

Upon arrival at Hue, you should hire a motorbike or a bike to get around the city and visit famous destinations. Cyclo is the most favored means of transport to many tourists. You are able to enjoy the beautiful landscape while having a cyclo tour.

How to get to Hoi An?

Hoi An is a famous tourist city of Quang Nam province. It is an ideal destination for international as well as local travellers.

There is no international airport and train station in Hoi An. However, it is only 30 km from a governmental city – Danang. Therefore, travellers can get to Danang by air or by train.

If you attend a tour from a travel agent, everything will be in order as schedule. You will be sure to visit all attractions in Hoi An.

If you go to Hoi An by yourself, you can take a flight or train from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Danang. From Danang, you can catch a bus, a taxi, or hire a motorbike to get to Hoi An.

As usual, there is a bus from Danang to Hoi An every 20 minutes. From Hoi An bus station, you can catch a motorbike to visit the ancient town at from 15.000 VND to 20.000 VND.

You can also catch a taxi to get to Hoi An ancient town from Danang. Some reliable taxi companies such as Song Han Taxi, Huong Lua Taxi, Mai Linh Taxi, Airport Taxi

Hoi An is a big tourist city that you can get many kinds of transportation vehicles to. Based on your demand, you can choose the most suitable one to make your trip safe and interesting.