Accommodation in Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s most famous destination, attracting many local and foreign tourists. Accommodation here can meet all requirements.

If you are preparing for a trip to Hoi An, booking a room in advance is neccessary. The hotels are often fully booked because Hoi An is the favourite destination of many travellers.

Luxurious resorts such as Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort, Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa, Golden Sand Resort & Spa, Victoria Spa,… costs 2.500.000 – 7.000.000 VND for a room.

Others have room rate from 1.000.000 to 2.000.000 VND/room/night, like: Little Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa, Hoi An Hotel, Hoi An Glory Hotel & Spa, River Beach Resort,…

To save accommodation expenditure, travellers can choose cheap hotels whose price is from 300.000 to 600.000 VND/room/night such as: Sam Sam hotel ( Ba Trieu street), Tan Phuong hotel (Ly Thuong Kiet street), Phuong Dong hotel (42 Ba Trieu), 2-star Hoi An hotel ( 69 Nguyen Phuc Chu), Green field (423 Cua Dai),…

Besides, travellers can rent homestay whose price is from 250.000 to 350.000 VND/room/night. It is specially suitable for backpackers or those who want to stay in Hoi An for a long time.

Accommodation in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a famous coastal tourist attraction in Phan Thiet. It results in a developed system of accommodation.

Travellers can visit prestigious website like:, to book a room in advance. Some hotels at cheap price for your reference as follow:

Resorts: If travellers don’t mind expenditure, they can choose luxurious resorts which are conveniently located, like: Hawaii Beach Resort Mui Ne ( 40 Nguyen Dinh Chieu), Malibu resort, Nathalie’s Villa, resort Coco Beach,… whose price is about 2.000.000 – 5.000.000vnd/room/ night.

Hotels: Sanddune Hotel, Mango’ Garden motel, Minh Hung hotel,… whose price is 200.000 – 500.000 VND/room/night.

Cheap hotels, motels: Minh Khoi motel, Anh Hien motel, Sai Gon – Phan Thiet hotel, Truong Thinh hotel, whose price is about 170.000 – 250.000 VND/room/night.

Please note that room rate can be higher at holidays.

My Lai village

My Lai village is located in Tinh Khe town, Quang Ngai province. It is the place where the massacre took place. On June 13th 1968, US soldiers massacred 502 villagers, most of whom were women and children. Under the request of US army, the soldiers madly shot 500 villagers who had no weapons. More seriously, before being killed, many victims were raped, tortured and beaten. The soldiers also burned houses, killed the animals and poison the local water.

US army failed to conceal their crime. The truth had come to light and the US army had to come in for international condemnation. In late 1969, only a soldier was convicted. This event was the reason that decreased the reputation of US army and brought its degradation in 1972

Nowadays, tourists visiting My Lai village can see the pictures taken during the time of the massacre. They are displayed at My Son historic house. The house was built in 1978 and was recognized as a specially important national historical site in 2002. It shows important proof about the crime of the US army and the sufferings of Vietnamese people.

My Son historic house has total area of 2,4 hectares. It received a sponsor of 11,7 billions Vietnam dong from The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism for conservation and upgrading. It is comprised of dining room, living room and room for documentary showing.


Tips for Quy Nhon travelling

Quy Nhon is a city of Binh Dinh province whose coastline is long, and beautiful. It also has many famous hictorical relics.

Means of transport: From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, travellers can choose local airlines to get to Phu Cat international airport which is about 20 km from Quy Nhon city. After that, they can catch a taxi to get to the centre of the city and visit tourist attractions. Besides, to save money, it is a proper choice to catch a coach from any station to get to Quy Nhon. However, it will take more time.

Accommodation: The price for renting a room in Quy Nhon is quite proper, only from 150.000 to 500.000 VND/room/night. Hotels, and resorts at the end of Nguyen Hue street are good choices for people who want to get a poetic background and go swimming at the price from 800.000 to 1.000.000 VND/room/night.

Food, drink & shopping: Quy Nhon is a coastal city where many seafood dishes are available. One of them is Huynh’s crabs. Big restaurants supply delicious dishes. Meanwhile, street food stalls on Xuan Dieu street offer dishes with cheaper price.

Places to visit: You should not miss these historical relics such as Cham Banh It tower of Champa people which is about one thousand years old, Twin tower built in the 11 century with many reliefs carved Gods , birds, animals. Moreover, travelers can visit Quy Nhon museum, Thi Nai bridge, Long Khanh pagoda, Son Long pagoda, Chinh Toa Quy Nhon church, the old lighthouse Cu Lao Xanh, Quy Hoa beach,… which are all ideal to go sightseeing.

Soc Trang travel guide

Soc Trang is a coastal province located in Mekong Delta. It is 231 kilometers far from Ho Chi Minh city and 62 kilometers far from Can Tho city. With giant paddy fields and fruit gardens, Soc Trang is considered as heaven of tourism.

Best time to visit Soc Trang : Soc Trang enjoys subtropical climate zone with 2 separate seasons in a year namely rainy season lasting from May to October and dry season lasting from November to April. You can travel to Soc Trang at any time during the year. However, the best time for travelling is November when you will have chance to participate in famous traditional festivals.

Means of transportation: Departing from Ho Chi Minh city, you should catch a coach at Western bus station. The price for a ticket varies between 160.000 and 200.000 dong. If you travel by your own vehicle, you should drive to Can Tho then keep on driving about 70 kilometers before reaching Soc Trang.

Accommodations: The number of hotels and hostels in Soc Trang is quite limited. Therefore, it is suggested that you should visit some websites such as, for more information on booking. The room rate ranges from 290.000 dong to 1.200.000 dong per room per night.

Local specialties: Soc Trang is famous for a diversified cuisine composed of local specialties and other regions’ specialties. Some suggestions for you are noodles, snakehead fish porridge, seaweed soup, Pia cake and so on

Places of interest: there are many historical sites in Soc Trang such as Tam Vu pagoda, Doi pagoda, Dat Set pagoda and Sa Lon pagoda. Besides, if you are interested in ecotourism, you should go to Co Tan garden, Binh An resort and Noi market. Especially, in Lunar September, you will have opportunity to join Ooc Om Bok festival and boating festival.

Cu Lao Cham travel guide

Located in Tan Hiep town- Hoi An city- Quang Nam province, Cu Lao Cham is recognized by UNESCO as World Biosphere Reserve. Besides, it is a famous tourist attraction in central coast region of Vietnam.

Cu Lao Cham used to be associated with the development of Hoi An port where Western and Eastern businessmen carried out trading transactions. Cu Lao Cham also has white sandy beaches and a diversified ecosystem with many rare marine species especially colorful coral reefs.

It is advised that you spend about 1 day exploring the beauty of the island. The best time for travelling is from March to August as during this period, calm sea along with sunny weather is favorable for sightseeing and swimming. In addition, visiting Cu Lao Cham at this time, you will have chance to participate in traditional festivals such as Cau Ngu festival.

You can hire a canoe or wooden boat to explore famous islands such as Ba islet and Yen island. Especially, you should try coral diving, which is favored by many tourists.

It is a regret if you travel to Cu Lao Cham without going to some well-known historical sites such as Hai Tang pagoda, Cham ancient wall, Cu Lao Cham marine museum. Additionally, if you want to buy souvenirs or local specialties for your friends and relatives, you should go to Tan Hiep market.

Visiting Cu Lao Cham, you will also have opportunity to enjoy local foods such as abalone, squid, shrimp and so on. Most of seafood dishes are from 50.000 to 80.000 Vietnam dong per serving.


Pleiku travel guide

Pleiku is the centre of Gia Lai province, which is famous for coffee fields, and unique architecture. It is an interesting destination for many travellers.
Travellers can visit Pleiku all around the year. However, ideal time is dry season (November, & December). This is the time fields turn yellow, Mexican sunflowers bloom, and many thanksgiving festivals to Rice God, Agriculture God happen.
Travellers can choose Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Air Mekong to get to Pleiku. They offer flights from Hanoi, Danang, or Ho Chi Minh city to Pleiku. Another choice is to catch a coach from big station in provinces of Vietnam to Pleiku.
When arriving in Pleiku, you can stay at hotels, motels which are near the centre. Most of them are located on Hung Vuong, Tran Hung Dao, Le Loi, Pham Van Dong street. The price is from 250.000 to 500.000 VND per room per night.
There are some famous tourist attractions that you can not neglect when you arrive in Pleiku, like: T’Nưng lake which is the mouth of an inactive volcano, and called as “the blue eye of the mountain”, 6km to the North from Pleiku city; Ham Rong mountain which is at the height of 1,000 metres compared with the sea level, with farms of coffee, pepper, and rubber; nine-stairs fall in La Sao, Lagrai. Besides, travellers can visit historical relics, like: Minh Thanh pagoda, Duc An church, Pleiku prison, Ialy hydropower reservoir,…
Visiting Pleiku, you should not miss to try its specialities, like: Gia Lai dry noodle, beef grilled in tubes, … and buy some traditional clothes whose patterns are very special, and especially buy some packs of coffee as gifts for friends.

Con Dao islands travel guide

Con Dao is a famous tourist attraction of Ba Ria – Vung Tau. It is an island with a lot of pristine beautiful beaches and historical relics attracting many travellers.

  1. How to get to Con Dao?

The best way to get to Con Dao is by air. There are 2 local airlines in Vietnam which have flights from Hanoi, or Ho Chi Minh to Con Dao: Vietnam Airline and Air Mekong. On arrival at Co Ong airport, you can catch a taxi to get to the center of Con Dao town.

To save money, you can choose ships to go to Con Dao. You can buy ticket at Cat Lo harbor in Vung Tau then take a ship to Dam port in Con Dao. From there, get taxi or motorbike taxi to place you wish.

  1. Accommodation

There are many luxurious resorts in Con Dao. Some have beautiful views, such as: Con Son resort, Sai Gon Con Dao resort, ATC resort,… whose price is from 1.000.000 – 1.200.000 VND/ room.

Besides, you can choose cheaper hotels or motels, like: Phi Yen hotel, Thanh Ngoc motel, Thien Tan hotel, Tan An hotel,… whose price is from 250.000 – 500.000 VND/room.

  1. Food and drink

In Con Dao, you can have chance to taste many seafood dishes which are made from shrimps, cuttlefish, fish,… Tri Ky restaurant, or Phuong Hanh restaurant are good choices.

  1. Tourist attraction

You can visit some historical relics on Con Dao, like: Vo Thi Sau’s grave in Hang Duong  cemetary, Phi Yen pagoda (King Nguyen Anh’s wife), Con Dao prison,… Some others are: Dam Trau, Bay Canh island, …


Weather in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh city has favorable social and natural conditions for economic development in general and tourism development in particular. Especially, the climate of Ho Chi Minh City is good for visiting at any time of the year.

Ho Chi Minh city is located in the tropical equatorial monsoon with 2 separate seasons namely dry season and rainy season. Rainy season usually lasts from early May to late November and dry season usually lasts from December to April of the following year.

The annually average temperature is about 27 degree Celsius with the highest and lowest temperature being 40 degree Celsius and 13,8 degree Celsius. During a year, the city witnesses about 330 days with the temperature varying between 25 and 28 degree Celsius. Besides, nearly 160-270 sunny hours is recorded each month.

The average rainfall is 1.949 millimeters per year. There are about 159 rainy days in a year, falling from May to November. The rainfall of June and September accounts for approximately 90% of the year.

Ho Chi Minh city is subject to Southwest monsoon blowing from Indian Ocean from June to October with the wind speed of 3,6 meters per second. In addition, the city is also under the impact of Northeast monsoon blowing from East Sea from November to February with the wind speed of 2,4 meters per second. And Southeast monsoon blows during the period from March to May.

It is lucky for Ho Chi Minh city to enjoy favorable climatic conditions. In fact, there is hardly any storm or extreme weather during a year. Therefore, tourists can travel to this dynamic and beautiful city at any time of the year without worrying about the weather.

Dalat weather

Dalat is considered as a “relaxation paradise” of Vietnam with the cool climate all year round. There are 4 seasons in a day, which is suitable for travelling and sightseeing.

Dalat is at the height of 1.475 m compared with sea level. Its climate is typical of  tropical monsoon and highland climate. The annual average temperature is 17,8oC, the highest is in April (19,1oC), the lowest is in December (15,7oC).

The weather in Dalat is divided into 2 obvious seasons: rainy season and dry season. As usual, rainy season starts from May to November. At the end of April and May, there are many showers at noon and in the afternoon. Rainfall is higher in July, September, and October. There are about 161 days of rain in a year in this city with average rainfall is 1.739 mm.

Dry season starts from December to April with the average temperature of above 14oC. It is warm all day, but cold at night and no rain.

There’s no difference in the length of daytime in seasons in Dalat. In dry season, daytime length is about 11-12 hours, and in raining season, it is more than 12 hours. The sum of sunshine hours in a year is 2.258 hours. The annual income of radiation is estimated at 140 kCalo/cm2/year.

Besides, in Dalat, there are fog, hails, and rimes. There are about 80 days of fog which often appears from February to May in a year. Many travellers are overwhelmed by Dalat’s beauty in fog.

Travellers can come and stay in Dalat at any time in a year. However, according to some people, travellers should arrive in Dalat in spring to enjoy the picturesque beauty of this city in fog, with many kinds of flowers.