Tourist attractions in Dalat

Dalat has become one of must-see destinations for those who have a visit to Vietnam. Beside many luxurious resorts, Dalat is famous for many scenically attractive areas and historical relics.

  1. Relics:

Truc Lam monastery: It is the biggest monastery in Vietnam, located beside Tuyen Lam lake which is 5 km from the city. Its architecture is the combination of Western and Eastern architecture.

Phuoc Linh pagoda: It is 8km from the center of the city. It is also called as Ve Chai pagoda because there is a dragon made of 12.000 beer bottles in the pagoda’s yard. It attracts many travellers because of its unique architecture.

Domaine De Marie church: It is also called as Vinh Son church, or Mai Anh church, located on Ngo Quyen street. It is 1km from the city to the South West. It was built from 1930 in new style. It has been included in the tour program of many travel companies.

Dalat market: Built in 1929 and renovated in 1993, Dalat market is the first many-floor market in Vietnam with 3 floors. There are many things sold here and it attracts many travellers to visit and shop every day.

  1. Scenically attractive areas:

Langbiang mountain: It includes 2 big mountains called Male and Female mountain. The mountain is 2.167 high compared with sea level, and considered as the “rooftop” of Dalat.

Xuan Huong lake: Travellers shall not ignore Xuan Huong lake when coming to Dalat. It is located in the city center, surrounded by a pine forest, and flowers. It is 7km long, 25 ha wide, very suitbale for strolling, or riding bicycle around.

Love valley: It is 5km from the city to the North, considered as the most romantic and poetic place in Dalat. It is also the place where many couples choose for dates. This is also the place where Da Thien lake is located. The lake is made of many flows from the top, and surrounded by a pine forest.

Dream hill: Dream hill can be considered  as a “small Dalat”. It includes villas, lakes, restaurants, entertainment areas, shopping mall. This is also a favourable place in Dalat.

There are many other famous tourist attractions in Dalat, such as: Van fall, Cam Ly fall, Prenn fall, Datanla fall, Pongour fall, Hang Cop fall, Grumpling lake, Yellow valley,…

Accommodation in Da Lat

With cool weather all year round and spectacular landscape, Da Lat attracts many tourists visiting every day. The city also offers tourists with a large number of hotels and hostels ranging from the most luxurious to affordable ones.

If you travel in peak season, you should search information about accommodation on If you find a good and suitable hotels, you should make reservation in advance at least one or two month before departure to ensure that rooms will be available on arrival.

If you want to save money, you should stay at hotels located in the outskirts of the city. However, you are supposed to walk quite a distance or catch a taxi to go to travelling spot. Another wise choice is not travelling during holiday season. If you travel in low season, you are more likely to enjoy special discounts as well as get higher quality service.

Hotels in the city centers are best choices for those who prefer luxurious accommodation and convenient transportation.

Some hotels with reasonable price for your reference include: Hai Uyen hotel at 67 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, Nhu Anh hotel at 33 Vo Truong Toan street, Thanh Dat hotel at 6C Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, Ladophar hotel at 34 Hoa Binh block, Ward No1…

In addition, if you travel in groups of 20-30 members, it is more convenient for you to hire a palace. You will have to pay about 600.000-1.000.000 vietnam dong per room per day. Rose Palace at 35 Tran Binh Trong street and Palace No14 at 1 Quang Trung street are the most favored ones.


Dalat weather

Dalat is considered as a “relaxation paradise” of Vietnam with the cool climate all year round. There are 4 seasons in a day, which is suitable for travelling and sightseeing.

Dalat is at the height of 1.475 m compared with sea level. Its climate is typical of  tropical monsoon and highland climate. The annual average temperature is 17,8oC, the highest is in April (19,1oC), the lowest is in December (15,7oC).

The weather in Dalat is divided into 2 obvious seasons: rainy season and dry season. As usual, rainy season starts from May to November. At the end of April and May, there are many showers at noon and in the afternoon. Rainfall is higher in July, September, and October. There are about 161 days of rain in a year in this city with average rainfall is 1.739 mm.

Dry season starts from December to April with the average temperature of above 14oC. It is warm all day, but cold at night and no rain.

There’s no difference in the length of daytime in seasons in Dalat. In dry season, daytime length is about 11-12 hours, and in raining season, it is more than 12 hours. The sum of sunshine hours in a year is 2.258 hours. The annual income of radiation is estimated at 140 kCalo/cm2/year.

Besides, in Dalat, there are fog, hails, and rimes. There are about 80 days of fog which often appears from February to May in a year. Many travellers are overwhelmed by Dalat’s beauty in fog.

Travellers can come and stay in Dalat at any time in a year. However, according to some people, travellers should arrive in Dalat in spring to enjoy the picturesque beauty of this city in fog, with many kinds of flowers.

Dalat Travel information

Dalat is called as a “mini Paris” – a gorgeous city for the people who love travelling and relaxing. It is an ideal choice for honeymoon of many young couples.

Located on Lam Vien plateau, Lam Dong province, Dalat was discovered by a French man named Alexandre Yersin (1863 – 1943) in 1897. Realizing the beauty of Dalat, French started building resorts here. The city was officially founded in 1912, and chosen to live and work by many Western people.

After 2 wars, Dalat was badly affected. Until Vietnam was totally independent, the government invested to develop Dalat in many aspects, including tourism.

Dalat is known as “the city on plateau”, “the city of pines”, “the city of eternal spring”, “the city of fog”, “the city of love”,… All names express the unique, and attractive beauty of Dalat.

This city is famous for picturesque landscape, cool weather all around the year. There are parks, and lakes in the center of the city. Many villas have been built along pine’s hills. However, what make people most interested in Dalat is the appearance of various kinds of flowers everywhere. It is also the reason why people call Dalat as “the city of flowers”.

Beside a gorgeous beauty, Dalat is also typical for Tay Nguyen’s culture. In festivals’ seasons, travellers can watch the locals dance, sing, play unique instruments which can make special sounds such as  the sound of wind, the sound of water flowing,…

Where to eat in Dalat

It will be regretful if you travel to Dalat without trying local specialties of this romantic city.

Dalat has a system of restaurants and food stores ranging from luxurious restaurants to street vendors with affordable price. Bellows are some suggestions for you

  1. Luxurious restaurants

Hoang Thu restaurant at No. 9 Huynh Thuc Khang street is lavishly decorated and spacious with the capacity of 300 people. The restaurant is famous with “chicken hill”, hotspot and other specialties in Vietnam.

The second option for you is Com Nieu restaurant located near Ho Xuan Huong street. Unlike Hoang Thu restaurant, it has simple design. It serves traditional foods and modern foods such as “com nieu” ( sticky rice in pot),  “ca kho to” ( braised fish in clay pot), fried rice and mixed hotspot.

Kinh Bac restaurant on Phan Chu Trinh street offers Northern style foods such as duck civet, snakehead fish braised with cucumber especially fresh vegetables of Dalat.

Anh Dao food store is 200 meters far from Dalat market is well-known with Com Tho being cooked by skillful chief of the store. With lovely and airy space, the store is an ideal place for family get-together and intimate party.

In additions to the above restaurants, you can also go to other restaurants such as Ocean Palace at 28 3/4 street, Sunrise restaurant at 1 Ha Huy Tap street, Paloma restaurant at 7B Bac Son street and so on

  1. Street vendors with affordable price

With many snacks and dishes from different region in Vietnam, street vendors always attract tourists. If you have chance to visit Dalat, do not miss the following dishes:

  • Deep-fried pork roll at 245 Phan Dinh Phung street and 4 Bui Thi Xuan street
  • Baked rolls in Dalat market, and at 61,112 Nguyen Van Troi
  • Chicken wet cake near Dalat market and intersection of Thong Thien Hoc and Bui Thi Xuan street
  • Broken rice, sticky rice in pot at 15 Tran Nhat Duat street, 6 Nguyen Thi Minh street, 1B Bui Thi Xuan steet


How to get to Dalat

Dalat is a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. In order to get to Dalat, you can choose some means of transport as below.

  1. By air:

International travellers can choose airway to get to Lien Khuong airport – Dalat. However, there are only some flights from Bangkok (Skyview Airways) or from Tokyo (Japan Airlines) operated.

If you can not get direct flights of Skyview Airways or Japan Airlines to go to Dalat, you should transit in one of Vietnam internal airport such as  Danang airport, Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City or Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi then connect to your flight to Dalat.

From Noi Bai airport (in Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat airport (in Ho Chi Minh City), you can get flight tickets of Vietnam airlines or Vietjet Air to get to Dalat. The airfare ranges from 1.330.000 VND to 1.840.000 VND/ticket Hanoi-Dalat, or from 720.000 VND to 870.000 VND/ticket Saigon – Dalat.  On arrival at Lien Khuong airport in Dalat, you can get a taxi or a bus to the place you want.

  1. By road:

When choosing to travel to Dalat by road, you can buy coach ticket or hire a private car. (But if you start from Hanoi, you’d better go by airplane because of long distance – 1,481 km).

Travellers from Ho Chi Minh city often choose coaches which takes about 8 hours to get to Dalat. The price for coaches is cheaper, only from 180.000 VND to 210.000 per ticket per way.

Besides, if you love back-packing, you can go by motorbike from any provinces, or cities in Vietnam to get to Dalat to experience the beautiful scenes on both sides before getting to “The city of flowers”.