Mai Chau attractions

Mai Chau is a mountainous district of  Hoa Binh province, which is 140 km from Hanoi to the North. It is an ideal place for the people who want to get away from the difficult life in cities.

Travellers totally can choose motorbike or car as a means of transport in Mai Chau. If travelling car, it only takes you about 3 hours to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi. Hereafter is some tourist attractions in Mai Chau:

Lac village: It is a 700 year old village where Thai people have lived from generation to generation by growing rice and weaving. Houses are built without space, facing to the main street. Visiting this village, you will have opportunity to learn about Thai people’s culture by joining their campfire, and dancing with them.

Thung Khe pass: Travellers absolutely can see the whole Mai Chau from Thung Khe pass which is on 6th national route. Driving on this pass will let you see many different but beautiful scenes. You can also stop here for a while to try famous grilled porks which is one of specialities of mountainous areas.

Poom Coong village: This is the place where over 300 people live. It attracts travellers because of unique houses on stilt and special life routines of people here. Travellers can buy some brocades from Thai girls here.

Mo Luong cave: In Thai’s language, Mo Luong means a great circuit which flows from Pu Kha mountain. It has 2 main gates which all lead to fields and houses in the valley. There are 4 main grottoes which stored weapons in war inside this cave. Under this cave is an underground stream flowing from the inside of the mountain.

Ba Khan: This is a small commune of Mai Chau, near Hoa Binh hydropower. It is also called as “Ha Long on the ground” because of its mountains which is nearly 200m high. Travellers can hire kayak boats to explore Ba Khan.

Besides, when visiting Mai Chau, don’t ignore Mai Chau’s specialities such as: grilled chickens, Mai Ha wine, Mai Chau sticky rice, … which are very unique and delicious.