Cat Ba island

Being known as “Pearl Island”, Cat Ba Island is a famous travelling spot in Hai Phong. If you plan to visit this island, the following information may be helpful for you:

  1. General information about Cat Ba island

Cat Ba island is comprised of 367 islands and islets. It is 30 kilometers far from Hai Phong and 25 kilometers far from Ha Long . Cat Ba island is recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Especially, local authority take priority in infrastructure development. With a range of hotels and resorts together with high-quality service, Cat Ba Island is really an ideal place to spend your holiday.

  1. Tourist attraction in Cat Ba
  • Lan Ha gulf: it is a famous gulf in Cat Ba island with primitive beauty. Visiting Lan Ha gulf, you will have chance to try kayaking while enjoy the spectacular view of blue beaches.
  • Than Cong Fortress: constructed in 1942, the fortress is located on a hill with the height of 177 meters above sea level. Here, you can see 2 firework shells and tunnels made by Vietnamese people during war time. Besides, you can you a telescope to get the whole view of the island.
  • Monkey island: it is also called Cat Dua island. The island is inhabited by 20 naughty monkeys. These monkeys love playing with visitors, making a lively atmosphere for the island
  • Cat Ba national park: with a rich flora and fauna system,  Cat Ba national park has great biodiversity. It consists of marine ecosystem, terrestrial forest and mangrove. For those who want to experience ecotourism, Cat Ba national park is best choice. In addition, you can try trekking through trails to conquer the highest place of the park.

Hai Phong city information

Hai Phong is one of 5 centrally-controlled municipalities in Vietnam which has long been an attractive travelling spot for domestic and foreign visitors.

In addition to being known as “coastal city” or “city of  red flamboyant”, Hai Phong is not only industrial post city but also a famous travelling destination with beautiful beaches and high-quality tourism services.

At present, Hai Phong still preserves some traditional structures such as pagodas, temples and buildings of French architecture on old streets. The most prominent one is Opera House which was constructed by French colonials based on Baroc architecture. It is sophisticatedly furnished and decorated at the high art value.

Hai Phong has a biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO in Cat Ba island. In Cat Ba island, the primitive forest is exploited to develop ecotourism. In the east and west of the island, Lan Ha bay and Cat Gia vay with many spectacular sandy beaches attract thousands of tourists come to visit, go swimming and sight-seeing in summer holidays.

Visiting Hai Phong, tourists can drop by Do Son beach with high-standard seaside resort and many beaches. Especially, Do Son is well-known for Flamboyant island, the first man-made island of Vietnam providing a diversity of tourism services.

Moreover, tourists will have chance to enjoy local cuisine. Highly recommended foods are crab soup, shrimp noodle, fish noodle with the price varying from 15.000 vnd to 25.000 vnd. Besides, there are other snacks such as pan cake and baguette.

Being the third largest city in Vietnam, Hai Phong has a rich culture with a variety of customs, traditions and festivals. With the advantages as described above, Hai Phong surely gives tourists interesting and unforgettable experiences.


How to get to Cat Ba Island?

Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Island are famous tourist attractions in the North of Vietnam. Both own amazing landscapes and ideal beaches which are suitable for tourists to go in summer

Cat Bi Airport is an international airport located in Hai Phong city, but until now, international fights have not been operated, except for flights from Macao (China) to Cat Bi. Therefore, to get to Cat Ba Island, international tourists can travel to Noi Bai International Airport and buy flight ticket to Cat Bi (Hai Phong).

If you are in some big cities in Vietnam and you want to endure your trip to Cat Ba Island, you can go to international airports in these cities and choose 3 domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air and Jetstar Pacific to get to Cat Bi Airport.

There are 2 ways to get to Cat Ba island

Traveling by sea: when you are in Haiphong, you can go to Binh harbor to buy hydrofoil ticket to Cat Ba Island with the price 220.000 VND per person. It takes you about 45 mins to get the destination. If you are in Tuan Chau – Quang Ninh, it takes you 40 mins to get to Cat Ba Island by ferry.

Traveling by road: if you choose this way, you have to go by bus from Hai Phong to Dinh Vu Island, then Cat Hai Island and finally Cat Ba Island. The road is about 31 km with a lot of winding paths, one side with mountains and other side with white sand banks, which impress strongly tourists’ hearts.