Con Son  – a historic and poetic place

Con Son, also known as The Unicorn Mountain, is  200 meter high, a famous tourist destination as well as a historic and poetic place in the North of Vietnam. This place have inspried poetics and musicians for generations . Located in Hai Duong province,  about 80 km from Hanoi, Con Son has special link to Nguyen Trai, a famous hero whom Vietnamese admire a lot. He was a very well-known poet who composed the second declaration of Independence in the century XV.

Situated near a grand, fertile valley ,with lakes, fruit trees of many kinds, the mountain is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful. If you decide to go to Con Son, it’s a pity not visiting Hun temple –an ancient temple at the root of the mountain. It was constructed in the century XIII in a large area with 83 rooms and many statues in it. Using architecture of Tran dynasty, the temple has curved roof and dragons for decoration on roof top.

This place also is a religious area. For many years, good monks gathered here in this place so people considered it the Land of Buddha.

Time passed, the old temple was ruined, the new one was constructed but with smaller scale. Nowadays, in the new temple, they conserve  statue of Nguyen Trai , his grandfather Tran Nguyen Dan and 3 first monks of the temple. 14 steles of  dynasty post-Le from the century XVII which keep track of important events happening in this place  situated around the temple.

Moving up a little more, we can see a stream. On the bank, 2 big bars of stones get together and form a Table of Stone. This table was used for reading book and for thinking national affairs by Nguyen Trai. Con Son is his hometown and he deeply loved this place. After all the conflict in the Court, he left everything behind and get back there to live in peace the rest of his life. He then composed a very famous poem to describe  the charm of  this place.

Behind Hun temple, it’s a stone stairway of 600 steps surrouned by pines. This way leads us to the top of the Con Son mountain. From here, we can have an overview of a gorgeous mountainous area and enjoy the freshest air.

On the way back from Ha Long Bay, tourists can seize an opportunity of visiting Con Son. The stunning view, poetic sight, fresh atmosphere and history of this place will be a worthy excursion.