Buon Ma Thuot travel guide

Being the city of Dac Lac province, Buon Ma Thuat is a cultural and trading center of Highland area. Especially, it is considered as a “ Coffee heaven” with a variety of famous coffee brands.

Transportation: The city is 1,500 kilometers far from Hanoi capital and 350 km far from Ho Chi Minh city. You can visit Buon Ma Thuot either by road or by air. If you prefer to travel by road, you should go to Mien Dong bus station (Eastern bus station) in Ho Chi Minh City or Giap Bat bus station in Hanoi to buy ticket. Alternatively, you can book return ticket of domestic airlines such as Vietjet Air and Jetstar.

Accommodation: there are about 100 hotels and hostels ranging from the most luxurious hotels to ones of low price. Some hotels suggested for you are: Saigon Ban Me hotel, Dakruco hotel, Resort Coffee Tour, Dam San hotel. You are supposed to pay 500.000 VND to 3.000.000 VND per room per night.

Places to visit: it is a good idea to travel to Buon Don in Krong Na to try elephant riding. In addition, if you want to go sightseeing then, you can go to Drap Sap, Drap Nur, Gia Long waterfall. If you want to learn about the local culture, you should go to Ako Dhong village, Dak Lak museum where you will be introduced about the history of the region. Moreover, if you are keen on architecture, Trung Nguyen coffee village in Ly Thai To- Le Huu Tho is the place to go.

Cuisine: one thing that you should not miss when visiting Buon Ma Thuat is trying local specialties such as red noodle, “khot” cake, broken rice, venison and barbecue.

Besides, travelling to Buon Ma Thuat, you will have chance to take part in Coffee festival and enjoy coffee of various flavors especially civet coffee (chon coffee).

How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

Homestay is being favored by a large number of tourists on Vietnam trip package especially foreign ones. However, this type of tourism has not developed in relevance to its potentials.

In comparision with other districts, Lak district has more strengths in terms of landscape, climate and culture to develop its homestay tourism such as spectacular Lak Lake, traditional houses which reprensent cultural identities of Ede or M’Nong people,etc…

Nowadays, homestay is becoming increasingly popular. This type of tourism developed remarkably in 2005 and so far, it has always been attractive to foreign visitors. A tourist from Germany said that he was deeply impressed with Lak during his first trip in Vietnam. According to him, instead of staying in a hotel, he chose homestay in order to participate with local people in daily activities. He had chance to make grilled meat and enjoy with local people. Another tourist whose name was Wonner said that of all places that she had been to, Lak with beautiful views and comfortable climate was the most impressive. She also took a number of photos during her trip.

How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

Apart from providing tourists with accomodation, homestay offers a lot of entertaining activities such as Lak Lake sightseeing, boat sailing. It also gives them opportunities to try local specialities. Especially, tourists can go to the local market to buy foods and cook meals and more interestingly, they can join farming activities. All families offer homestay service spend money mending and upgrading their house. They always try to create a cosy atmosphere and frendly interaction with tourists.

According to Mr Bui Van Duc, head of local co-operative, the time that tourists stay at local families is now longer. Some groups even stay 3 -4 days to explore other destinations such as Da Lat, Nha Trang. At present, local co-operative has 15 members supplying homestay service. 8 of them are willing to supply homes, 3 of them are willing to supply elephants and 4 of them are willing to supply boats. Each family can provide accomodation for 12 tourists. Local co-opereative will supply blankets, mosquito net and other sleeping gears. As a result, the number of visitors is on the increase. In 2010, the figure was 2230, however, it increased and reached 5080 in 2014.

Over the past few years, there is a considerable improvement in homestay in Lak, giving more income for local people. However, this type of tourism is still spontaneous. There are also limitations in way of tourism operating. Tourism activites are not diverse. Additionally, the number of families providing homestay service is still low. Language barrier makes it more difficult for local people to communicate with tourists. Therefore, it is high time that local authorities and people came up with solutions to improve homestay quality to attract more visitors. It is suggested that tourism products should be diversified. There should be programs to train local people about communication skills and eliminate language barrier. Besides, there should be activities to introduce cultural traditions and customs to tourists.

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