Tips for Quy Nhon travelling

Quy Nhon is a city of Binh Dinh province whose coastline is long, and beautiful. It also has many famous hictorical relics.

Means of transport: From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, travellers can choose local airlines to get to Phu Cat international airport which is about 20 km from Quy Nhon city. After that, they can catch a taxi to get to the centre of the city and visit tourist attractions. Besides, to save money, it is a proper choice to catch a coach from any station to get to Quy Nhon. However, it will take more time.

Accommodation: The price for renting a room in Quy Nhon is quite proper, only from 150.000 to 500.000 VND/room/night. Hotels, and resorts at the end of Nguyen Hue street are good choices for people who want to get a poetic background and go swimming at the price from 800.000 to 1.000.000 VND/room/night.

Food, drink & shopping: Quy Nhon is a coastal city where many seafood dishes are available. One of them is Huynh’s crabs. Big restaurants supply delicious dishes. Meanwhile, street food stalls on Xuan Dieu street offer dishes with cheaper price.

Places to visit: You should not miss these historical relics such as Cham Banh It tower of Champa people which is about one thousand years old, Twin tower built in the 11 century with many reliefs carved Gods , birds, animals. Moreover, travelers can visit Quy Nhon museum, Thi Nai bridge, Long Khanh pagoda, Son Long pagoda, Chinh Toa Quy Nhon church, the old lighthouse Cu Lao Xanh, Quy Hoa beach,… which are all ideal to go sightseeing.