Ba Na hills tour

Ba Na hills is a famous tourist attraction in Da Nang city. Visiting Ba Na hill, you will not only be able to enjoy the fresh air and cool climate but also get the view of many scenic places as well as historical sites.

Being one part of Truong Son range, Ba Na is located in Hoa Ninh town, Hoa Vang district and 25 kilometers far from Da Nang city. Tourism center of Ba Na is situated on Chua mount which is 1,489 meters above sea level.

You can travel to Ba Na hills at any time of the year as it has comfortable climate all year round. You can witness the weather of 4 seasons during a day in Ba Na. From April to September, tourists flock to Ba Na hills as a way of escaping from the hot summer days and relaxing themselves. If you do not prefer the crowd and noise, you are advised to visit Ba Na during the period from November to February.

From Da Nang city, you can catch the bus to go to Ba Na at the price of 120.000 to 150.000 dong per ticket. Alternatively, you can travel by taxi and you will have to pay an amount of 350.000 dong. If you want to save money, you can drive your own car or hire a car. For those who want to get the view along way to Ba Na, it is a good idea to drive a motorbike.

Reaching Ba Na, you should not miss trying the cable car route to explore this tourism area. At present, Ba Na cable car route has get 4 world records for the longest one-wire sling, the  longest unpatched wire, the longest distance between each station and finally the heaviest cable roll. The ticket price for cable car is 550.000 dong/person

“Train mountain climbing” is also preferred by many tourists when visiting this mountain resort. The secure train system will surely thrill and excite you. The ticket price is 100.000 dong/ticket.

In addition, there are many others destinations for you to explore such as Le Jardin D’Amour, Linh Ung temple, Mo stream ( Dream stream).

With many spectacular views and a variety of entertaining activities, Ba Na hills trip is bound to give you unforgettable experiences.