Ba Be Lake – the largest lake in Vietnam

Situated in Cho Ray district, Bac Kan province, Ba Be is the largest lake in Vietnam. The road from Hanoi to Ba Be Lake is about 200 kilometers and passes through Thai Nguyen province, Bac Kan province

The lake is 9 km long, 1 km wide, located between thousand meters high mountains on all sides. Its Vietnamese name means 3 lakes, refering to 3 parts. The big lake divided into: Pe Lam Lake, Pu Lu Lake and Pu Leeng Lake. The lake surface receiving currents flow from  surrounding mountains, is quiet and large. On the lake, there are many mounds and islands.

Pe Lam Lake has mound An Ma

Pe Lu Lake has mound Giai Mai

Pe Leeng Lake has mountain Khan Cum

Ba Be is one of the few natural, large, beautiful and lying on mountain freshwater lakes in the world. It is 145 meters above the sea with depth of 30-40m. The lake is formed from karst mountains about 10,000 years ago, with the long geological history, complexity, component soil, rocks diverse and unique geological structure.

Come to Ba Be, visitors will have the opportunity to experience wooden boats which gives you the feeling like flying over water. Around the lake there are many birds and animals such as monkeys, apes, storks, herons.

Visiting the lake by boat, tourists can visit Luon cave, Puong cave , and contemplate Dau Dang waterfall where the water falls from the top down into three steps, 7-8 meters high each step. It’s really spectacular natural scenery that makes human feel so small standing in front of it.

If you walk around the lake, the road lies between two cliffs over 700 meters high, to the village of Dao then continue to climb, from a high point you can contemplate the spectacular panoramic view of the lake.

Ba Be lake is a central point of an extensive National Park. This set is surrounding by limestone mountains, covered with tropical forest of high biodiversity with 400 plant species and about 300 species of animals. Ba Be is a popular tourist destination, “Blue Jewel” in the middle of the jungle where many people want to make a tour to.