Participate in the special festival Ten Cau Hoong in Vietnam vacation package

Ten Cau Hoong – a special festival

On 15-16/03/2014, Que Phong district officially opened 10th “Ten Cau Hoong” festival. “Ten Cau Hoong” means 9-room temple. This is one of the special festival you should participate in if you have chance to be on Vietnam vacation package. 

It is anually held at 9-room temple, Chau Kim commune (Que Phong, Nghe An). It is an opportunity for Thai people here to commemorate ancestors, wish for peace, and good weather. The temple worships the God of Sky (Then Pha), his daughter (Nang Xi Da), and Tao Lo Y (The person who built 9 villages).

In the festival, Mr. Lu Dinh Thi – The Chairman of People’s Committee of Que Phong District, stated that: “The festival bearing all the features of custom of Thai people is a way to enhance patriotism, and maintain cultural heritage of Thai people in Que Phong in particular, and Thai people in Nghe An in general.

After opening ceremony, negotiators as well as travelers took part in Dai te ceremony, then played with gongs, danced, …

This year, 14 teams from communes, districts, governmental agencies, secondary schools, and high schools participate the festival. In addition to traditional activities, there are so many common sport competition.

The temple was built in the early of 14th century at Pu Cho Nhang, Que Phong, Nghe An. In the mind of Thai people in Phu Quy, it is the place for faith in Then Pha (The God of Sky), Nang Si Da (The Sky’s daughter), and Tao Lo Y (The person who built villages).

Ten Cau Hoong – a special festival

Ten Cau Hoong – a special festival

The temple was named as “Ten Xo Quai”, but called as “Ten Cau Hoong” ( 9-room temple) because it has 9 rooms.

Each room is symbolic of a village: Ton village, Pan village, Chun village, Hin village, Puoc village, Quang village, Pha Quen village, Mieng village, and Chon village).

The festival is the opportunity for people from 9 villages to show their gratefulness to the initiative, as well as wish for peace, and good weather. It is also the opportunity for them to sell traditional handicrafts, brocade clothes, rattan products, and show traditional dishes.

In this festival, they are also allowed to introduce their prestigious drugs such as: drugs for backache, bone joint disjointed,… to travelers with a view to earning more money from such drugs.

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