Dalat package travel – The foggy highland and Trinh music

Dalat is one of the best destinations in Vietnam tour packages. Dalat is now getting more modern with an increasing number of villas and luxirious hotels. Many old mansions are mended and upgraded and new ones are being built, giving  a brand new image to  the whole city. Dalat people now have to adjust themselves to the hustle and bustle of modern life. However, Dalat city is always the heaven of flowers. It is no exaggeration to say that all kinds of flower gather and bloom in Dalat. “traveling notebook” is going to introduce to you new features of Dalat.

Over the past decade, people no longer catch the sight of girls taking umbrellas and slowly walking in the rain or women dressing K’ho, Lach Ma’s traditional custume and bringing forest specialities to markets.  Besides, people no longer smell the seductive scent of grilled corn and grilled sweet potato by which tourists in Vietnam vacation packages are easily lured

Da Lat - unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

Da Lat – unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

The number of pines is decreasing, leaving empty basalt hills. As far as I am concerned, Da Lat pines are higher and straighter than any other pines. Pines are typical of Dalat. If luxirious hotels are separated from pines forest, they will no longer be attractive. Let’s imagine one day when pines do not grow in Dalat, then Dalat, in my opinion will no longer be Dalat.

Dalat is not as foggy as it used to be. You can only see dew drops on leaves in the early morning.  However, when the sun begins to rise, such dew drops will gradually disappear.  Ngoan Muc Pass and Lang Biang Mount used to be covered with fog ten years ago. Dew formed on the Ho Xuan Huong Lake surface. Dew on the grass. Dew on the flowers. Dew even came into the room whenever we opened the window. People felt as if they were drifted by fog.

Dalat now has more coffee shops. Maybe it is the purpose of local people to make visitors stop and enjoy the beauty of Dalat. “Diem Xua” is a coffee shop at the end of Khe Sanh street. It is near a hillside and is far from city center. In this coffee shop, you will be lost in a romantic atmosphere with sparkling candles and have opportunity to enjoy music performances.

Songs written by Trinh Cong Son are not performed by professional music skills. Instead, they convey the feelings and emotions of singers. Therefore, Trinh music becomes more special and unique. Someone has said that Trinh music is similar to bible and one song is a piece of bible. Listen and think about every single word and music note. Trinh music is truly bible in real life.

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Improve returning rate in Vietnam tour packages

Although the number of foreign booking Vietnam tour packages has recently increased, nearly 90% of them are the ones who have visited for the first time. The returning rate in Vietnam is a headache of the government.

It is collected from a report of Management Board of Development of responsible travel for environment and society Program ( EU Project) at 5 main sites: Sapa, Ha Long, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An.

Vietnam tour packages and the reality of low returning rate

According to this program, tourist sites in Vietnam mostly attracts travellers for the first time. Actually, tourists enjoy the exotic scenes there, but do not like tourism service, which is the culprit of low returning rate. 

It is a fact we need to consider carefully. The ones returning Vietnam are mostly overseas Vietnamese visiting relatives or the ones who come Vietnam for work. Some people are from neighboring countries.

39% of domestic travellers visit for the first time, 24% visit for the second time, and only 13% visit for the third time.

The weaknesses of Vietnam travel are analysed carefully, but they are not enough to improve the situation, and help Vietnam keep up with other countries in the number of old travellers.

Sapa - famous attraction in Vietnam tour packages

Sapa – famous attraction in Vietnam tour packages

The result also shows that Hoi An tour packages and Da Nang tour packages attracts more travellers to stay than Sapa, Hue, and Ha Long do. On average, travellers stay in Da Nang, Hoi An for 4 – 5 nights, while stay Hue, Sapa, or Ha Long only for 1,5 – 2,5 nights. However, to foreign travellers the period of time of stay in Ha Long is longer than in Hoi An, Da Nang.

The result of EU Project shows that, nearly 22,8% of foreigners and 31,3 % of Vietnamese perfer staying in 3-star hotels. The second popular type of aaccomodation are homestay ( 22,2%) and 4-star hotels (13.9%). To domestic travellers, they are hostels (18,9%), and 1-2 star hotels (17,4%). Only 12,4% of foreign travellers stay 5-star hotels. This shows that travellers in Vietnam are moslty of medium class.

However, in fact, the quality of service in Vietnam has many weaknesses. Investment without consideration can threaten the long-term development of Vietnam travel.

The lack of care for travellers’ feelings is a reason. In Vietnam, investors often care for profit, not the feelings of travellers, and the ways of maintenance of the landscape. Meanwhile, travellers’ feedbacks are indispensible for developers of travel.

If the developers of travel in Vietnam need to consider tourists’ feedback more to develop travel in Vietnam.

The patterns of travel are simple, and similar between lands. The advertising for travel is limited. The research for market is not developed. The result of travel fairs is not really satisfactory although the expenditure is very large.

Internet is now an important resource of travel. 60% foreign travellers, and 45% domestic travellers use Internet to look for travel’s information. The second popular way is by mouth, which is used by 33,7% of foreign travellers, and 32,3% of domestic travellers. Only more than 25% foreign travellers look for information through travel agencies. Meanwhile, about 27,4 % of domestic travellers use TV for information of travel.

Some people consume that Vietnam is just a country for discovery. However, with the endeavor of government to improve its own service, Vietnam definitely will become a hot tourism destination in the future.


Vietnam travel from a foreigner’s viewpoint

Journalists often emphasize on the good image of Vietnam holiday packages with the eye of a foreigner. However, there are different viewpoints which we need to consider.

Helmburger is an American who have travelling around the world for 2 years and writing blogs of the lands he has passed and the experience he has had. It is so sad that most of his experience in Vietnam is not so good. He has listed many of reasons.

One of the most important reasons is trick. Vendors, tour agencies often lie to Helmburger and his girlfriend to get more money. “I’m tired of being tricked” Helmburger wrote. He told that taxi drivers try to go around for more money; a card vendor lie to him that she made all card by herself. To have the best price, you should try a prestigious agent such as gialinhtravel.

The second reason is that the price is different between foreigners and Vietnamese. Foreigners have to pay a larger sum of money than Vietnamese do for travel services, and souvenirs,… Not all foreigners have much money. If they do, imagine that you are forced to pay more than the locals when you get somewhere.

Tuy Hoa - Vietnam

Tuy Hoa – Vietnam

Vendors, motorbike drivers often try to touch customers when ask them to buy something or use their services. Tatiana, his girlfriend, said that: “It is an outrage to me!”

There are reasons that even the locals hate. Helmburger said that he hates noise in Vietnam. He wrote: “The sound on streets are so loud that I have to use headphones because I get tinnitus when I back to hotel. Engine vehicles run on streets all day, everyone beeps the horn. It is a beep every 5-7 minutes on average. They kept beeping the horn when driving. In Hanoi, you can hear beeps even when you are in a hotel room. Loudspeakers are everywhere. They say some times a day, force travelers as well as the locals to turn a deaf ear to them. Their sound infringes the sound of hooters. Between those sounds, I’m jealous of deaf people.”.

We all see the problems Helmburger listed. However, we soon get accustomed to those sounds. However, we need to take care of them.

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Vietnam’s dishes which are weird to foreigners


Do you know that the dishes you have every day are very weird to foreigners? That’s what I discovered when I talked with my friends during Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour.

We consider sushi of Japan or scorpions of Chinese weird, but we don’t see that many of our normal dishes are weird in foreigners’ eyes.

Now let’s discover all the weird Vietnam’s dishes to prepare for your vacation packages to Vietnam!


  1. Balut egg

It is a popular dish in South East Asia countries such as Vietnam, Campuchia. It provide much protein, so are perferred by most of Vietnamese.

It has been in the list of 10 most weird dishes in the World. You know why foreigners are afraid of this dish, right?

  1. Wine

In Vietnam, we are accustomed to alcohol soaked with snakes, scorpions, sea-horses,… Vietnamese consider this kind of alcohol good for health. The animals used to be soaked in alcohol is normally alive.

They can use snakes, or sea-horses as a whole, or as a part to soak in alcohol.

Foreigners say that: “In Vietnam, they call it wine and they use cobras”. With balut egg, this kind of wine is also in the list of 10 most weird drink.

  1. Dog meat

Dog meat is now a popular dish in Vietnam as well as Asia countries. It is considered not only normal but also special. In Asia point of view, it has medical value.

In some Western countries, and Islamic countries, it is banned to get dog meat. Many foreigners are curious why Vietnamese get dog meat while raising dogs.

  1. Chrysalis

In Vietnam, we consider chrysalis as a dish full of protein. It is sold widely, especially in countryside.

Foreigners see them as bugs. In Asia, they eat chrysalis, and bee’s larvals, too. However, in Western countries, they never get this kind of dishes.

  1. Pig’s legs, tail, and tongue

Pork is not a strange dish to foreigners. Howevver, they never get pigs’legs, tails, and tongues. In Vietnam, they are favourite dishes of many people. Pregnant women often eat trotters because they are good for them.

Foreigners see this very strange, and incomprehensible.

  1. Mouse

Mouse is now no longer a strange dish to Vietnamese, and some countries in the World. You can eat harvest mouse, or shrew mouse.

However, many people are scared of them, and can not eat them.

  1. Snake

When it comes to snake, you can ignore Le Mat snakes. There are approximately 10 house specializing in processing snakes in Le Mat village. Customers can choose kinds of snakes, such as: copperhead, krait, … Snakes have much acid amin necessary for health.

Many people consider snakes poisonous and dangerous.

  1. Shrimp paste

It is made from shrimp and salt with a special flavour. In Vietnam, it is indispensible in some dishes such as “bun dau mam tom”, “bun thang”,…

Shrimp paste which I ate on a Vietnam package tour

Shrimp paste which I ate on a Vietnam package tour

It is very strange to foreigners. And most of them are afraid to eat when they know the origin and recipe of shrimp paste.

  1. Blood pudding ( tiet canh)

It is in the list of 10 most weird dishes in the world, too. It is a bowl of blood combined with “fish sauce”, salt, and cartilage minced.

It is an unique dish. No country has a similar dish. 2 popular kinds are pig’s and duck’s blood pudding. Besides, you can see swan’s, crab’s, snake’s, goat’s blood pudding. They don’t make dog’s, and chicken’s blood pudding because they are harmful.

  1. Green orange

In foreign countries, they call oranges orange because they are orange. Therefore, foreigners ar very surprised when seeing green oranges. They ask:”Is it an orange, or a green?”.

They seem to be weird, however you should try them. They are both delicious. My experience guiding in Vietnam tour packages shows that tourists loves these dishes. 

Experience for the first trip to Sapa

Sapa is one of the most popular destination in all inclusive Vietnam vacation packages.

With cool weather all year around, Sapa is an attractive destination for the ones who love nature and hope to discover the wild and majesty of the North West.

If you are a travel-lover, you shouldn’t ignore this place.

  • Luggage

Clothes: The weather in Sapa changes every day, every season, so you don’t need to bring clothes suitable for the climate. The clothes don’t need to be much, but warm.

It is cool in the summer. You can wear casual clothes, but you still need a coat. However, it is very cold in the winter. You will need warm clothes, gloves, beanies to counteract the coldness. Don’t bring too much. If you stay Sapa for many days, bring washing powder to wash clothes (normally, 2-3 days are enough to discover all about Sapa).

Because of its specific terrain and its feature which is to walk to explore the beauty, travelers have to walk very much. Therefore, to protect your feet, you should prepare a pair of sneakers, or sport shoes. You shouldn’t wear high heels ( you can wear them only when going arount night in the centre).

Personal identification: Most of the hotels in Sapa require their customers to show identity card to do temporary residence registration procedure ( you can show your passport, or license in case your identity card is lost). Besides, many travelers want to hire motorbikes to drive around. Remember to bring your license for a funny trip.

Personal instruments: you should prepare some personal instruments for the trip such as glasses, gauze mask, scarf, and gloves,… They will protect your eyes and your health when driving motorbike for a long way with dust.

Moreover, you have to bring toothbrush, towel, toothpaste, which are available in the hotel but not good in quality. Take note to bring camera and video camera if you’d love to keep wonderful moments.

Snack: Because you will mainly walk, which takes very much enery, you should prepare some milk, chocolate, candies,… They will be very helpful for you. Especially, candies can become gifts for ethnic children.



  • When to come Sapa?

Spring: In Sapa, it is full of peach, plum flowers. If you want to watch peach blossom, remember to carefully look for information. Because the climate is different among years, which make the flowers not bloom in a fixed period of time, you can miss the chance to admire the beauty of flowers. It is best to visit Sapa from February to the early of May.

Rice season: In Sapa, rice season is 6 months long, starting about in the early of May. From July to September, the rice is green and high. From October to December, the rice is ripen and yellow. If you want to watch rice field on holiday, it is a good idea to visit Sapa from July to September. It may be cold, and foggy from October to December. It is also the time that falls drop down very strongly.

Winter: It is very cold in the winter. It is very cold, and snows recently. All creatures, and houses are covered by the white of snow, which can be a half meter thick. It is unable to predict the day of snow, so you have to always follow radios, and TVs, or keep in touch with the locals ( or the hotel you stay at).

  • Means of transportation

Backpack: Your vehicle is certainly motorbike. Drive along the route: Ha Noi – Yen Bai – Lao Cai – Sa Pa. It is a highway of 390 km, very easy to drive.

Backpack a half: You can get to Lao Cai by train, then hire motorbike to get to Sa Pa. The route from Lao Cai station to Sapa is about 40 km. It is a winding road with flowing stream below, mountains and terraces nearby.

The cost of hiring motorbike is about 100.000-200.000d per day. You should choose motorbike because it is fuel-saving and strong enough to uphill slopes. In addition, you can book a berth ticket from Ha Noi to Sa Pa. In fact, it will stop at Lao Cai station for about 30 minutes to pay Ha Noi – Lao Cai passengers, and get Lao Cai – Sa Pa ones.

By train: Most of the passengers choose train to get to Sa Pa because it is safe, cheap, convenient, and time-saving. However, train only can take you to Lao Cai station, then you have to catch a car to get to Sa Pa.

The ticket price: from 130.000d-160.000d for medium train, anf 650.000d-750.000 for travel train for one way.

  • Accomodation

Sapa is one of the most famous tourist attractions of our country which thousands of travelers visit every year to experience and discover the its featured cultural background of ethnic minority here. Therefore, accomodation service is developed very much.

The price is not expensive: the cheapest is motels near the lake, only from 200.000d-300.000d.If you like a more convenient room, you can book rooms in 3-star hotels in Cau May – Muong Hoa at the price of 500.000d-700.000d. Besides, there are some luxurious hotels such as Victoria, Topas Ecolodge, Chau Long at over 1 million dong. However, the room price depends on the time you come. If you choose holidays, it will be higher.

If you love 100% backpack, you should choose homestay to discover all the feature of Sapa’s special cultural background. It is not only unforgettable memory but also a way to save money for you.

The price of food is not expensive, but you should ask for price before trying. At night, you can go out and try “San Lung” wine, eat the barbecue. There are many strange dishes: grilled eggs, grilled belly, grilled chicken, bamboo-tube rice.

  • Food and drink

Sapa’s specialities are temperate vegetables such as: white cauliflower, red beet, chayote. The most special one is “ngong”, the body part on which the flowers are in full bloom. There are many kinds of “ngong”: “ngong” with garlic, “ngong” with beet, “ngong” with chayote. Besides, it is also said that: its is more delious to have boiled “ngong”.

Sapa is famous for “lon cap nach”. Eating “lon cap nach”, and drink cider is a good choice to talk all night.

  • Tourist landmarks:

Ham Rong (In the centre of the town)

Bac Fall ( about 12 km from the town)

May Bridge (about 17 km from the town)

Cat Cat ( 2 km from the town)

Ta Van ( 8 km from the town)

Ta Phin ( 12 km…)

Ancient rock ground ( 10 km from  the centre of the town)

Fan Si Pan – “the roof of Indochina”, about 9 km from the tour.

Bac Ha ( about 70 km from Lao Cai)

You can visit China through Ha Khau Gate ( In the centre of Lao Cai city)

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Tips for traveling to Bangkok

Below are some tips for traveling to Bangkok, Thailand

  • Transportation

You can book a return ticket at the cost of $200 including tax from Air Asia or from Jetstar (departing from Saigon) at the cost of 3 million Vietnam dong

Airport fee is 500 baht

To travel from Suvarnabhumi airport to Bangkok centre, you can choose:

  • Taxi: there is a variety of taxis on the second floor of the airport. You either strike a deal of 350 -450 baht with the taxi driver or use contermet to count the meter.
  • Buses at the airport (Airport Express): Precede to gate No8 on the first floor, you will see the buses. They arrive every 30 minutes and it costs you 150 baht to travel to Silom, Banglamphu, Sukhumvit and Hua Lamphong.
  • Public buses:  You should precede to gate No3 on the second floor and wait for an airport’s bus named Shuttle Bus to be transported to a bus terminal, 3 kilometers far away. Then you can get on another bus to move to the center at the cost of 70 baht. In case you have your luggage with you, you are supposed to pay an extra 30 baht.

In Bangkok, you can choose to travel by taxi, tuk tuk and motorbike taxi. But you should bargain over prices to avoid being ripped off by taxi drivers or agree to get on if the driver uses the meter.

Bangkok capital city

Bangkok capital city

  • Accomodation

You can book your ticket at Khaosan Road near Grand Place. 

Here are several suggestions

  • Interhouse on Ramkhamhaeing Street: The cost is 500 baht per night and but if you plan to stay for a month you just have to pay 45000-5000 baht. It is opposite  Rajamangala- Thailand’s biggest stadium
  • Siam Oriental Inn at 190 Khao San Rd, tel: (02) 629 0312-12, fax: (02) 629 0311 with cost varying from 300 to 500 baht
  1. Places for entertainment. There are a number of places of interest such as Siam water park, Safari World, Dream World. Besides, you can visit temples or go swimming or diving.
  • Grand palace ( you are advised to formally dress when you come here)
  • Golden mountain
  • Siam Center
  • Victory monument
  • Chatuchak ( open at weekend only)
  • Khaosan road
  • Chao praya river boat ride
  • Having meals at Suda restaurant
  • Floating market in Ayuttaya
  • Shopping

If you want to buy casual clothes, you should visit clothes stores along the street. If you want to buy designed clothes, visit shopping malls such as Big C, WTC or Discovery. There is a selection of famous brands ranging from Pena House to Jenifer, H&M, Mango, etc. However, you are likely to pay more than usual when shopping here.

  • Food and Drink

China Town or restaurants on Sulkhumvit streets offer clean food and good taste. In addition, food courts in WTC, Siam Square, Silom and Chitlom provide a diveristy of food choices. If you want to get a great late night meal, Foodland is a place to go.


Next time I will share with you tips for Vietnam vacation packagesMyanmar holiday packages and Hanoi holiday packages.

Requirements and some tips for the backpackers for the first time

  1. Requirements for drivers

When you feel sleepy, immediately notify the navigator or the person ending the team. Don’t drive when you feel sleepy.

Check your motorbike before the trip: it’s to keep you safe and avoid damaging your motorbike

  • Prepare at least one inner tube

Use rear mirror in accordance with your motorbike, both 2 sides (It’s is to avoid being asked by policemen about this)

Bring a full set of personal documents: motorbike’s documents, personal identity, driving license.

  • Follow the guide’s order

Don’t pass  the navigator (the leader). Only pass in need, but you have to back to the order immediately.

Requirements and some tips for the backpackers for the first time

Requirements and some tips for the backpackers for the first time

  1. Requirements for “holders”

Prepare a gum box for the driver when he gets sleepy.

Remind the driver to follow regulations

Remind the driver to turn on indicators when it gets dark

Talk with the driver ( It is to make the driver not sleepy)

Hold the driver to keep safe for yourself ( It has happened that the behind one was thrown when the motorbike went over a pot-hole)

Tell the driver when you feel sleepy for him to watch out for you. Don’t be ashamed, hold the driver tightly (Ask the driver about this in advance because some people feel tickle when someone touches them)

The space betweem seats: Don’t keep a large space between 2 people because when the driver accelerate, you can fail or slip to the front. Therefore, if you sit behind, remember to keep a suitable space to make both of you convenient. Throw the shame to keep safe for yourself and your partner.

Lean your body: When the driver turns, you need to lean your body in accordance with the turning angle. Some holders often lean reverse because they are afraid of tumble. It is totally mistaken. The experience is that you should look straight and lean to balance the motorbike and let the driver drive more easily.

Remind the driver: Because the driver has to concentrate on driving, don’t forget to warn him of hidden traffic signs on the way. Therefore, you are responsible to watch out, too. Don’t forget to tell the driver to speed down when he drive too fast.

Be a communicator: When the drivers are busy driving, the behind ones are reponsible for communication between drivers. Take the other “holders”’ number to call in need: there is a lost motorbike, your motorbike’s tyre get punctured,…

So above are some tips I learn from experience travelling in Vietnam trip packageMyanmar travel packages and Cambodia Vietnam travel. Wish you have a safe trip!

Tips how to repair  motorbikes for backpackers

Got my motorbike break down during my Myanmar package toursVietnam vacation packagesCambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour. So that’s why this post was written. This article will be very helpful in case your motorbike breaks down

Tips how to repair  motorbikes for backpackers

Tips how to repair  motorbikes for backpackers

  • Remove and install front wheel
  1. Tools: axle tool, flat screwdriver, metric wrenches.
  2. Steps:
  • Remove brake calipers, set bolts aside and pull the calipers straight off towards the radiator
  • Look at the bottom of the forks and you will see there are 2 bolts at the bottom of each fork perpendicular to the axis of the axle. Those are pinch bolts to keep the axle locked and you should get it loose.
  • Loosen the remaining 2 allen bolts pinching the axle in the bottom of the fork. Once the axle is out, pull the tire forward and down and note spacers that come out with it.
  • Once you get the axle the whole way in, get your nut and install it in the fork. Lift up a little on the wheel and push on the nut axially to push it towards the threads. Start spinning as to engage the threads
  • Remove and install rear wheel
  1. Tools: : axle tool, flat screwdriver, metric wrenches
  2. Steps:
  • Remove the bolts that hold the bike’s huggers in place. Also, remove any other plastics or body parts that will get in the way of removing the wheel
  • Remove disc or drum brakes. You have to unscrew the caliper from the mount and carefully detach it from the disc.
  • Remove the Axle nut, axle and then the wheel. The sprocket stays on the swing arm.
  • Patch a puncture in a flat tire

If the tire is blown out or has a large hole, it will have to be replaced. If you drove it through a patch of thorns, it may have dozens of holes, but if it is a single small puncture, often it can be fixed on the bike.

  1. Tools: a rasp, a needle tool, sticky strings, glue
  2. Steps:
  • Let the remaining air out of the tube
  • Pump enough air into the tube to inflate it sufficiently to find the leak.
  • Look around the tube for a small hole. Feel and listen for air escaping. An easy way is to hold part of the tube under water to see bubbles escaping from the hole.
  • Mark the location of the hole when you find it. Remove the air from the tube once more
  • Spread a thin layer of the glue around the puncture site. Allow it to dry until the liquid gloss disappears. Let as much air as possible out of the tube
  • Slide the tube back into the tire. Be sure that the valve stem is aligned with the hole in the rim it sticks out of

Note: before sliding the tube back into the tire, make sure that there is nothing in the tire. If you find anything in the tire, remove it  immediately.

  • Replace spark plugs

A spark plug is a critical engine component that provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture that drives an engine.

  1. Tools: a screwdriver, a socket drive wrench, spark plug socket
  2. Steps:
  • Remove wires: first, you need to wait for the engine to cool down. Use your fingertips to hold the wire of the boot and gently twist the boot until the wire comes free.
  • Cleaning spark plugs: use a little cleaning agent and a wet cloth to rub the spark plugs and clean them before removing them. This will also make replacement a cleaner experience.
  • Remove spark plugs: use a ratchet and a spark socket to turn the spark plugs in an anti-clockwise direction. Turn the spark plugs until they are loose.
  • Cylinder heads: it is always a good idea to check the cylinder heads before you install new park plugs. If the heads are dirty, you should clean them. Spray a little penetrating oil over the head to stop any chance of friction developing when you screw on the new spark plugs.
  • Install new spark plugs: fit a new spark plug into position. Screw it into place with your fingers each time. Use your spark plug wrench or socket to give the spark a final strong turn.
  • Reattach wires: gently reattach wire into the specific spark plug with your fingertips. Remember to put the wires back in the right sequence on engines with multiple cylinders

Next time should your motorbike have any problem, be confident that you can handle it yourself. Good luck!

Beach vacation packing list for girls

Are you planning to head for the seashore? Use our Vietnam beach holiday packages list to help you pack everything you need for a relaxed beach getaway.

Nha Trang - the wonderful beach in Vietnam

Nha Trang – the wonderful beach in Vietnam

  • Sunscreen

The most important thing when going swimming is to protect your skin from the sunlight.  Sun cream which has SPF 50 PA+++ is gentle and effective sun care. You should apply 2 separate types of creams for facial sun protection and body sun protection. Futhermore, the long lasting water resistant suncreen is recommended for you.

When you apply sunscreen, foundations with high SPF such as BB Cushion SPF 50 of Laneige will be the best suitable.

More importantly, remember to reapply suncreen every 2-3 hours to make sure your skin is constantly protected from UVR

  • Waterproof comestics

Sea winds carrying water vapor accompanied with high humidity are likely to damage your eyelashes. Therefore, do not forget to pack waterproof mascara and eyeliner. One tip is that never apply mascara for your lower lashes even though it is waterproof to avoid smudging.

  • Thermal spring water

Tropical climate will speed up process of evaporation, causing moisture shortage for your skin. That explains why many people get skin sloughing after swimming holiday. Thermal spring water is a must-have item for girls on vacation.  It is extremely rich in rare minerals and also it has a lot of antiseptic, antioxidant and healing properties.

  • Hair conditioner

Your hair will get dry and damaged after swimming. Therefore, remember to bring hair conditioner to protect your hair

There are many kinds of hair conditioners such as: coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil…. The most suitable for summer days is argan oil hair conditioner. It helps protect your hair from sunlight and provide enough moisture for it. You can apply it before going out or bring it with you for use whenever your hair gets dry or porous. Use a large amount for hair tail.

  • Swim suit

      It is advised that you prepare two sets of swimsuits. A set of casual clothes may be necessary if you travel far away.

  • Footwear

Rubber sandals or fashionable shoes are not recommended.  Sandals or flip flops are great for summer sporty look.

  • Hijab

  Every girl should have a hijab so that your hair will not get dry. Besides, it is helpful in protecting you from sunlight.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses will provide perfect protection for your eyes against wind and sunlight.

  • Sun hat

A sun hat is among sun protection items, of course.

In addition, you should pack a travel hammock, a folding chair, a baby pool floaty and a tent so that your family can go camping.

If you plan to put up a tent on the beach items such as tourist gas stove, grilling stove might be necessary. Besides, you should bring swimming glasses, eye drops, a coat, etc…

Wish you a wonderful Vietnam vacation packages.

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Essentials for Fansipan Climbing

Below is a suggested list of essentials for your climbing package holidays to Vietnam

If this is the first time that you have ever decided to go backpacking and open up yourself to experiences, you should spend some minutes on this writing.

What to bring with you depends on the length of your journey, the number of participants and the organization of the journey. If you book with a local travel agent, they are supposed to prepare everything for you and they will assign a porter to carry the luggage for you

If you hire a tour guide, you will have to prepare more. In case you decide to handle everything yourself, you should make choice between bringing as many as possible and bringing just important items for your convenience.

Essentials for Fansipan Climbing

Essentials for Fansipan Climbing


  • Essential items


  • Climbing shoes: waterproof, rubber sole shoes with high friction is recommended
  • Raincoat: you should buy waterproof raincoat. Brands such as Northface, Eastpak,Columbia are worth your consideration. You should bring waterproof rain pants as well.
  • Backpack: waterproof backpack is ideal for your journey. The size of it depends on the number of items that you intend to put into it.
  • First aid kit: you should buy one of small size. First aid items include:
  • Fever medicines
  • Diarrhea medicines
  • Insect repellents
  • Urgoes
  • Bandages
  • Medical scissors
  • Medical scotch tape
  • Sterile gauzes
  • Elastic bands

Remember to put all these items in a plastic bag and keep them off water

  • A torch: waterproof and small one is recommended. A bigger one will make your backpack bulkier. Backup batteries are also necessary
  • Multifunction knife: a penkinfe or  a set of multifuntion tools are important for climbing and camping at night
  • Clothes: it is cold in Fansipan so you should bring a coat, especially a waterproof and breathable one. Below are some suggestions based on the number of days you plan to spend in climbing
  • 2 days: a jacket, a turtlenect sweater, 2 trousers, 2 bras and 2 underwears
  • 3-4 days: a jacket, a turtlenect sweaters, 3 trousers, 3 bras and 3 underwears

Girls can decide to bring more bras and underwears.

Besides, a beanie and a pair of gloves are needed if you travel in coldest months.

If you plan to conquer Fansipan moutain by yourself, you are advised to use GPS and a map.

  1. 2. Camping gears:

You don’t have to prepare camping gears if you book with a local travel agent. Otherwise, you are supposed to prepare or hire the followings

  • a tent: there are many tents of different sizes. When buying, you take these things into account:
  • It should be a waterproof tent
  • It should have vents so that fresh air can flow through your tent
  • Easy to assemble
  • The floor of it should be waterproof too
  • An air mattress: it is an indispensable part of a journey.  You should choose an insulated, waterproof one. It will enable to have a good sleep and prevent you from backache. A perfect air mattress should be a light, thin and well-insulated one.
  • A sleeping bag: sleeping bags are diverse and specially designed for different weather conditions with temperature ranging from 20 degree celcius to minus 20 degree celcius. You should make sure about the kind of sleeping bag that you want to buy. For Fansipan climbing, a sleeping bag from 10 degree celcius to minus 5 degree celcius would be great.
  • Cooking tools: Local people will show you the way and they also show you how to cook their. If you want to try new experiences, you may cook yourself. Then you have to prepare pots, frying pans, bowls, plates, chopsticks…..
  • Then you can get 3 rocks to make a cooking stove and pick some woods then burn them to get fire. You should prepare some fuel and gasoline as well. Alternatively, you can buy a gas camping cooker.
  • Foods: foods and drinks will be provided by travel agent. They usually offer noodles with eggs for breakfast and roasted pork, fried spring roll, fried chips

If you don’t like, you can bring foods with you or prepare them yourself. It is wiser to bring canned food products. Fresh foods should be cooked the first day otherwise they will go off


  • Other necessary items


  • Hiking sticks: they will allow you to move faster
  • Gaiters: they will prevent raindrops and dewdrops from getting in your shoes.  They also keep you from being bitten by snakes
  • Gloves: apart from keeping your hand warm, some types of gloves help you to cling to tree branches more easily
  • Dry bags: they can be used to store your camera, mobile phone or personal documents.
  • Cameras: you should put your camera together with a moisute proof bag
  • Mobile phones: it is very important in the event of emergency.

Besides the above mentioned items, you may need a binocular, functional foods, a radio, a water purifier, a shovel, sun cream…

One thing that I should note here is that when you conquer Fansipan moutain, you are bound to come across with terrestrial leeches.

Source : http://www.gialinhtravel.com/typologies-packages/Vietnam-and-Cambodia-tours