What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia

Shopaholics like Vietnam Laos and Cambodia tourstour Thailand Cambodia Vietnam and Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour because everything here is really cheap. Malaysia is also a shopping heaven with a lot of discounts and sales campaign sometimes up to 70% at the end of the year or on bank holidays.

Goods are abundant with some unique items which are available in Singapore only. Belows are must-buy items that are recommended by shopaholics

Electronic items

You may be lucky enough to buy electronic items such as camera, mobilephone or laptop which are half as cheap as in Vietnam or in Singapore. It is advised that you go to shops that offer international guarantee.

Children’s clothes

Clothes for kids in Malaysia are quite cheap and of good quality. Besides, they are diversified in designs especially those of Disney brand. You can find them easily in shopping malls or in the market. Most of the sellers are friendly and do not charge too much so you can freely choose what you like.

Leather wallets

It is a good idea to buy leather wallets as souvenirs for friends and relatives. In sales season such as New Year months which fall from November 15th to January 16th this year, you can buy wallets of famous brands such as Marc or Prada at low cost.

Dairy for kids

Milk powder is cheap. You can buy milk products of famous manufacturers from German, France or USA at cheaper price than in Vietnam.

What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia

What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia


Souvenirs are plentiful.  You can buy small items such as model of twin tower, key chain, necklace, bracelet at the cost of $2-5. Kompleks Kraf in Jalan Conlay is a good store.


Ties are easily found in Malaysia from famous brand such as Robert Tabott or Thomass Pink to affordable ones.


Batik silk is one of the most famous brodace products. Price varies between $20 and 40.


Most people in Malaysia are Chinsese so it is easy to come across with streets where Chinese people sell herbals. You can find herbals to treat simple disease such as aching bones.

Teh Tarik tea

It is a reputed speciality of Malaysia which is sold in almost every street at the price of 300 thousand dong.

Tin items

Items made from tin are perfect souvenirs which can be bought anywhere such as shopping mall, souvenir shop or local market.

Royal Selangor is the biggest tin manufacturer in Kuala Lumpur. Tin items are sold at higher price than usual but you can be sure about their quality.

Tips for getting the view of wild sunflowers in Ba Vi

Lately, more and more people coming to Ba Vi on Vietnam vacation package to enjoy the gorgeous yellow of wild sunflowers

This writing will show you necessary tips for a perfect wild sunflower hunt. Get ready to have marvelous pictures in your Vietnam travel packages?

  • Hunting time

Wild sunflowers are usually called “ winter flowers” as they usually  bloom in late fall and early winter. Wild sunflowers season begins in early November and such flowers fully bloom in a period of 10-14 days.

  • Transportation

There are many ways to get to Ba Vi National Park. If you live in Ha Dong, you can go to Yen Nghia coach station and take the bus no 214. From My Dinh, you can take the bus no 71 or no 74.  These buses will take you to Xuan Khanh. Then you can either take a taxi or motorbike taxi to go to Ba Vi.

In order to be more active in transportation, you can drive personal vehicles such as car or motorbike. Then you can choose between 2 options:

wild flower in Ba vi

wild flower in Ba vi

  • 1st option: The starting place is BigC Thang Long located as Tran Duy Hung street, Hanoi capital. You could travel along Thang Long highway. Keep on going until you reach Hoa Lac overpass. Go straight ahead and you will see a traffic sign post to Yen Bai town.
  • 2nd option: This will be more convenient for those who live in Cau Giay District. Drive along National Route 32. When you reach a crossroad at Son Tay coach station, turn left and keep on going until you see another crossroad near Hospital No105. Continue driving about 9 kilometers and you will reach Tan Linh T-junction. Turn left and drive a distance until you see a Ba Vi ticket office.
  1. Accomodation

A lot of tourists choose to stay in a tent and make a campfire at night in order to save money. However, If you find it not uncomfortable, you can choose hotels, resorts or homestay.

  1. Foods

You should pack snacks and drinks. This will help you save money for your trip. However, If you want to try Ba Vi cuisine, professional restaurants such as La Co or Ao Vua are recommended.

  1. Places to get the view of wild sunflowers in Ba Vi National Park

The purpose of the trip is to enjoy the beauty of wild sunflowers, so hill no 500 must not be missed. From the gate of the park, you will have to walk until you reach the height of 400 meters. Then you will come across a T-junction which leads to a historical site. You must ask for permission before entering hill No 700. When you reach Forest Fires Observatory, turn left and you will see wild sunflowers hill.

Apart from wild sunflowers hill, there are other places such as Thuong temple, K9 site , Thien Son-  Nga stream, Khoang Xanh- Tien stream.

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Develop homestay and lesson learned from Lao Cai

Homestay for tourist on tours to Vietnam, such as tour Thailand Cambodia Vietnam and tour Vietnam Cambodia Laosbrings a lot of advantages to increase living standards of poor families especially ethnic minorites. However, there are some weaknesses which call for solutions.

Lack of suitable strategies

As regards homestay potentials, Mrs. Mc Keon, head of Consulting Group of EU project said “Vietnam has a diversified culture which formed from 54 ethnic groups. With such strength, Vietnam stands a good chance of becoming a country of homestay If it comes up with good management and sustainable strategies”

Developed 10 years ago, homestay is existing in almost every province in the North , central area and highlands of Vietnam. However, according to Mr. Duong Minh Binh, director of CBT company which deals with homestay tourism, homestay in Vietnam shows certain improvements but there are some limitations. It is spontaneous and does not have specific management plans. Most of homestay services are supplied by local people. Therefore, they are not efficient and lack support from enterprises. Besides, their awareness of preserving environment is poor.

Mrs. Pham Thanh Tam, head of Domestic Travelling Office said “The main purpose of this type of tourism is sightseeing. Exploring local people’s lifestyle and learning about cultural traditions and customs are limited”. There is a lack of administrative plans. Local people do not know how to make homestay effectively. Besides, homestay advertising is poor and depends heavily on unspecialized organizations.  

Sapa - Lao Cai

Sapa – Lao Cai

Lao Cai homestay, a striking model.

According to Mr Tran Huu Son, head of culture sports and tourism department, homestay appeared in Lao Cai a long time ago. However, as there was not supporting plans to help local people borrow money, it was not efficient. In 2010, local authority cooperated with some universities and colleges of tourism to study and compile a textbook of homestay tourism. This textbook was integrated in curriculum in 2013.

Mr. Ngo Trung Ha, lecturer of Hanoi tourism college said that the course aims at people from ethnic minorities. The course lasts 12 days and teachers will teach students about home decoration, communication skills and cooking skill. Besides, the course shows local people about money management skills. People used to spend money inappropriately and they did not know whether they had made profit or not. This course will train them how to make money sustainably.

At present, there are 300 people participating in the course. So far, Lao Cai has 12 homestay spots and living standards are being raised. Some families have income of 40-50 million per year. Mr. Tran Huu Son said, from the successful model, Lao Cai has shared the textbook to surrounding provinces such as Bac Kan and Ha Giang. In the future, it will be integrated in 8 provinces in Northwest. He also said that in 2013, the number of homestay tourists was 145752, giving a total revenue of 29 billion dong. This indicates the success of homestay tourism in Lao Cai.

We hope that homestay in Vietnam as long as Vietnam travel packages will reach greater development in the future. 

Homestay in the most beautiful Sapa tribal villages

Homestay in the most beautiful Sapa tribal villages

Sapa is located in Lao Cai province and is 1600 meters above sea level. It has mild and subtropical climate with weather being cool all year round. Particularly, visitors travelling to Sapa can feel the climate of four seasons in one day. In the morning, it is like the weather of spring. At noon, it is as sunny as the weather of summer and in the afternoon, it is cloudy like autumn and at night, you can feel the bitter cold of winter.

Sapa is a charming and romantic destination at any time of the year.

Sapa has many travelling spots such as Ham Rong Moutain, Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge, Muong Hoa Valley and so on. However, it is ethnic minorities that leave tourists unforgettable experience. They live in tribal villages and have their own and unique cultural identities.

Take H’Mong, Dao Do, Tay, Giay tribe for example. It is advised that tourists come to visit tribal village to learn about their culture.

When is the best time to visit Sapa?

The most suitable time to visit Sapa is between September and November or between March and May as the weather is dry during the day and is not too cold at night.

For those who want to get the view of snow in Vietnam, the best time is from December to February. It is very cold at this time. Especially, it is also blossom season.

Transportation from Hochiminh city to Sapa

Setting off from Hochiminh city, you can choose to travel to Hanoi by train or by air .

Sapa town is 38 kilometers far from Lao Cai city and 376 kilometers from Hanoi capital. From Hanoi, you can get on a train or a coach to visit Sapa.

By coach:  It takes you 8-9 hours to reach Sapa from My Dinh, Luong Yen or Gia Lam coach station. One of advantage of going by coach is that it is time saving. However, it may be a bumpy ride as there are a lot of steep passes.

By travelling coach: If you travel in groups, it is wise to hire a coach to save money. Besides, you can ask the driver to take you to any places you want to visit.

By train: You can book a berth or an air-conditioned seat. The train leaves at 9 or 10 pm and reaches Sapa in early morning. You can book a ticket at 120 Le Duan street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi capital  and the phone number is 0439423697. When you have reached Lao Cai station, you can take a taxi to head for Sapa town. Alternatively, If you want to save money you can take a bus at the cost of 10 thousand dong but you are supposed to walk a distance to get to the bus station.

Transportation in Sapa

You can hire a motorbike at the cost odd 120 thousand dong per one and you will have to pay for fuel. A motorbike can be for use from 6am to 6pm.

Accomodation in Sapa

There are a number of hotels in the town center or along Cau May street with cost of 150 thousand for cheap hotels and 2-3 million for luxurious ones.

Hometay at local people’s homes  in Ta Phin or Ta Van village may be an option. This type of tourism is being developed in Sapa so you don’t have to be worried about its quality or hygiene standards. More improtantly, it is not too expensive and the cost includes accomodation and 3 meals a day.

Tribal villages to visit in Sapa

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is formed in the middle of 19th century. Local people build their homes near hillside with homes not being to far from one another.

It is 2 kilometers far from Sapa town. Visiting Cat Cat village, visitors have chance to go to Catsat waterfall which is also called Tien Sa. It was discovered by French and served as a resort for them.

Standing on the metal bridge over Muong Hoa stream, you can observe white flows of water pulling downwards. In the event of rain, you can head for a tent near the waterfal and try grilled corn or grilled meat with a glass of apple wine.

Mong people earn their livings by growing rice in terraced fields or other traditional jobs such as weaving  or foundry. Nowadays, Sapa is showing a lot of improvements and has become a famous destination. As a result, there is a labour shift from agriculture to tourism. A number of people especially the young can speak foreign languges such as English or French and become tour guides. Older people mainly stick to their traditionaly jobs.

Local people still preserve a lot of traditions and customs. Among them is “wife stealing”. When a man falls in love with a girl, he will organise a party to invite his friends and draw a plan to steal the girl from her parents and keep her inside his house for 3 days. If the girl agrees to become his wife, an official wedding will be held.

Besides, tourists can explore and learn about Mong’s cuisine such as corn wine, corn cake horse meat, frog meat with young bamboo and so on

Ho village

Ho village is 30 kilometers far from Sapa. Situated near Hoang Lien Son moutain and Muong Hoa stream, it has a romantic landscape. Visiting Ho village, tourists will be impressed with a giant green terraced fields surrounded by hills and homes of ethnic people

       Besides Muong Hoa and La Ve stream, Ho village also has other streams and waterfall such as Ca Nhay, Seo Trung Ho. Seo Trung Ho waterfall is 100 meters high and is like a beautiful ribbon crossing the mountain

    Tourisits will be able to experience traditional lifestyle of local people. In the morning, a tour guide will take tourists to visit Hoang Lien national park. At noon, they can go bathing in Lave stream.

Local people grow cotton plants and weaving to make money. They are very famous for sophisticated brocade.

They always welcome tourists warmly and friendly and offer tourists local specialites such as grilled fish, sticky rice.

Homestay is one of the factors that make Ho village more attractive. There are 29 families who are willing to offer homstay service for tourists. With low cost, nice dishes and hospitality, homestay is becoming increasingly favored by tourists.

Ta Phin village

Ta Phin village is 12 kilometers from Sapa and comprised of Dao and H’mong people.

You can visit Ta Phin monastery. Although it is a historical site, it represents French architecture and shows cultural values.

There are 2-3 generations living together in Dao people’s families. Each house has 2 dinning rooms and a garret to store corns.

Besides growing corn and rice, Dao women also make brocade or get medical leaves to sell to tourists. Medical leaves are said to be beneficial to health and can be used to treat aching bones

Visitors can visit Ta Phin cave which is very large. The cave entrance is 5 meters high and 3 meters large. Coming inside, tourists will enjoy the magnificent and mysterious beauty of the cave. There are still French words carved on the rocks a long time ago but they are still readable.

Ta Phin village is also reputable for brocade products with a variety of forms and eye-catching colors. They are sold to tourists or brocade shops in market. They are also displayed at market fair and exported overseas to America, France or Denmark



After visiting travelling spots, tourist can stay at local people’s homes. It is interesting to gather around fireplace and sip glass of wine with buffalo meat while hearing traditional stories of local people

Ta Van village

Ta Van village is 10 kilometers far from Sapa. On way to Ta Va, you can catch the view of romantic Muong Hoa valley.

Along the road streches green terraced fields. The more you go, the more supprised you will be at the picturesque lanscape.

Ta Van village is mainly inhabited by Giay people. Their culture is subject to that of Tay, Thai and Nung people.

Giay people earn their livings by growing rice and silver carving. Nowadays, more families are shifting to homestay tourism. They invest money to mend and upgrade their house and buy more funiture to serve tourists. They always try to preserve their traditional lifestyle as a way to attract tourists. There are about 40 families who offer homestay tourists. They offer tourists their daily dishes such as poultry meat, fish and vegetables. Such dishes are simple but help tourists to learn more about their simple and artless lifestyle.

The local specialies are grilled chiken, grilled pork and a variety of cakes. Particularly, tourists will have opportunity to try a lot of local wines such as corn wine, apple wine especially plum wine which is available in Ta Van only. Additionally, tourists can join local people to climb the mountains and get young bamboo or catch fish in the streams. All consitute memorial experiences to tourists.

It is typical of Giay people to show preference for music. During the day, they are industrious farmer busy with their farming work. However, at night they are musical performers. They are skillful in Then dance and charming in love songs.

Sin Chai village

Sin Chai village is 4 kilometers from Sapa and is considered peaceful and quiet. Overall, tourism is not developed here which gives the village primitive beauty.

About 1400 Mong peple live here. Apart from growing corn and rice, local people grow medical trees in hills to increase their income.

Thanks to fresh air, pure water and clean vegetables and fruits, the avarage life expectancy of Sin Chai people is quite long. Women tend to live longer than men and the oldest person in the village is 112 years old.

The average life expectacy of men is 50 years old. This is due to the fact that men are responsible for heavy jobs such as making terraced fields while women just have to do chores. Besides, Sin Chai men drink a lot which contributes to their short life expectancy.

Each tribal village in Sapa has its own attractions which impress tourists. Local people live in harmony with nature and are always nice to each other. It is simplicity and kindness that attract tourists to come and experience daily life of local people. Sapa is simply a diamond of Northwest of Vietnam.


How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

Homestay is being favored by a large number of tourists on Vietnam trip package especially foreign ones. However, this type of tourism has not developed in relevance to its potentials.

In comparision with other districts, Lak district has more strengths in terms of landscape, climate and culture to develop its homestay tourism such as spectacular Lak Lake, traditional houses which reprensent cultural identities of Ede or M’Nong people,etc…

Nowadays, homestay is becoming increasingly popular. This type of tourism developed remarkably in 2005 and so far, it has always been attractive to foreign visitors. A tourist from Germany said that he was deeply impressed with Lak during his first trip in Vietnam. According to him, instead of staying in a hotel, he chose homestay in order to participate with local people in daily activities. He had chance to make grilled meat and enjoy with local people. Another tourist whose name was Wonner said that of all places that she had been to, Lak with beautiful views and comfortable climate was the most impressive. She also took a number of photos during her trip.

How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

How to promote homestay tourism in Lak district

Apart from providing tourists with accomodation, homestay offers a lot of entertaining activities such as Lak Lake sightseeing, boat sailing. It also gives them opportunities to try local specialities. Especially, tourists can go to the local market to buy foods and cook meals and more interestingly, they can join farming activities. All families offer homestay service spend money mending and upgrading their house. They always try to create a cosy atmosphere and frendly interaction with tourists.

According to Mr Bui Van Duc, head of local co-operative, the time that tourists stay at local families is now longer. Some groups even stay 3 -4 days to explore other destinations such as Da Lat, Nha Trang. At present, local co-operative has 15 members supplying homestay service. 8 of them are willing to supply homes, 3 of them are willing to supply elephants and 4 of them are willing to supply boats. Each family can provide accomodation for 12 tourists. Local co-opereative will supply blankets, mosquito net and other sleeping gears. As a result, the number of visitors is on the increase. In 2010, the figure was 2230, however, it increased and reached 5080 in 2014.

Over the past few years, there is a considerable improvement in homestay in Lak, giving more income for local people. However, this type of tourism is still spontaneous. There are also limitations in way of tourism operating. Tourism activites are not diverse. Additionally, the number of families providing homestay service is still low. Language barrier makes it more difficult for local people to communicate with tourists. Therefore, it is high time that local authorities and people came up with solutions to improve homestay quality to attract more visitors. It is suggested that tourism products should be diversified. There should be programs to train local people about communication skills and eliminate language barrier. Besides, there should be activities to introduce cultural traditions and customs to tourists.

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“I love traveling”- Phan Le Ai Phuong shares her homestay experiences in Malaysia

“I love traveling”-  Phan Le Ai Phuong shares her homestay experiences in Malaysia

Of all places that Phan Le Ai Phuong has been to, homestay tour in Malaysia last year leaves her the most memorial experiences. Below is our interview with her.

HW: What prompted you to choose homestay tour instead of luxurious hotels?

Ai Phuong: Actually, I was invited to visit Malaysia by its tourism promotion department. As far as I am concerned, a lot of Western tourists prefer homestay as they want to have new experiences in Eastern countries. It is true that hotels are more comfortable and convenient. However, you will not be close to nature as well as people and culture. Especially, during my trip I had chance to wear Malaysia traditional clothes and take part in a wedding in rural area.

HW: What are your impressions about Malaysia?

Ai Phuong:  What impressed me the most is that the awareness of local people to preserve nature is good and foods are plentiful. I gathered that Malaysia people love sweetened foods . That’s why a large amount of sugar is added into curry. The climate there is similar to Vietnam. Well, you know, it is quite hot like us. As a result, I have to supply myself with water constantly in order to move during the trip. Tourists coming to Malaysia tend to go sightseeing rather than go shopping like in Singapore. I bought some souvenirs such as keychains, a necklace and a bracelet which is attached with a model of Petronal Twin Tower- a symbol of Malaysia.

A moment of Malaysia

A moment of Malaysia

HW: After this trip, what do you want to share with your friends?

Ai Phuong: well, I did not have much time to prepare for this trip. Therefore, If I have chance to return Malaysia, I think I will pack more canned foods, a three prong edelectrical outlet and a pair of sport shoes as the trip requires much movements.

For those who travel to Malaysia the first time, my advice is that you should join a tour because it is much safer. Besides, you will be taken to al lot of famous places such as Taman Negara National Garden, George Old Quarter, etc…You may have chance to visit sacred places such as temples or pagodas so you had better dress formally.

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Peaceful beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat

Peaceful beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat

Along with Ho Xuan Huong, Love valley, etc…. Tuyen Lam lake is a famous destination that attracts tourists. The lake is formed from Tia stream. It is considered as the green heaven of Da Lat with fresh and peaceful atmosphere.

The best time to visit Tuyen Lam lake is on reunification day public holiday as it is the most crowding time during the year. Besides, the weather is cool. The lake is about 360 hectares large and lies in the middle of the valley. It is surrounded by green pines forests. Especially, its peaceful beauty is believed to free tourists from worries and depressions of daily life.

Da lat - hot spot in Vietnam travel package

Da lat – hot spot in Vietnam travel package

It is agreed that Tuyen Lam lake is picturesque and romantic. In early mornings, the lake is covered with dim glow of fog, making visitors feel like they are in elysium. When the sun rises, fog gradually evaporates. Then sunlights begin to shine down on the surface of the lake and dye the water with yellow. Coming to Tuyen Lam lake, visitors can catch the view of small boats and enjoy fresh air which is not available in cities.

Next time when you travel to Da Lat, do not forget to drop by Tuyen Lam lake to explore the peaceful and romantic beauty of it.

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Homestay in the land of coconuts (Vietnam tour package)

Homestay in the land of coconuts

Homestay travel has recently developed in Ben Tre. Homestay brings travellers experiences of the normal life of the locals, chances to explore the culture…  during their holiday in Vietnam. Therefore, it is very popular in travellers’ community.

Homestay in Ben Tre

The first impression of travellers when coming Ms. Mai’s house is a beautiful fence made of flowers. The house stays at the bottom of a coconut tree, surrounded by a garden of many kinds of fruits such as: mango, grapefruit, jackfruit,… Especially, there are some rooms made of leaves, staying next to Ham Luong river’s bank, bringring comfort to guests.

To get to the center of the house, guests have to pass through a long hall. The kitchen is designed as an old kitchen of sourthern people. Ms. Mai tell that: “Travellers can cook dishes of our countries with me in this kitchen. For example: fried fish, shrimps fried with coconut, fried gourami,… I also guide them to make “banh xeo”, “banh tet”, “banh canh”,…” When arriving here, guests have chances to become a real “Sourthern farmer” with housework such as plant vegetables, catch fish,… At night, they can talk with members in the family. At Tet, they can join in traditional activities such as: receiving money for a new year, making “banh tet”, “banh chung”, …

Ms. Giulia, a traveller from Germany talk about the time she homestayed in Ms. Hoang Lan’s house (Chau Thanh, Ben Tre) during Vietnam tour package: “We were guided to make spring rolls, some traditional dishes. The next day, we had an interesting trip to visit the local market, cycle to explore the normal life of the locals, visit trade villages, gardens of fruits such as: rambutan, durian, mangosteen, cacoa,…

Mr. Gomes who has lived in the suburb of Ben Tre city said that: “It is very awesome for coming here. I can cycle to watch surrounding landscape with lines of coconut trees, catch fire-flies at night, paddle a boat,…” Mr. Jacobs (USA) talked about his unforgettable experience in Dua Xanh (My Thanh An, Ben Tre city) that: “It is really awesome. I went to a market, see fields of rice, coconut trees full of fruits, paddle a boat across narrow rivers, study to make traditional dishes, learn about the life of the locals, listen to the beautiful songs. The best thing is that I can drive a boat with engine in the afternoon to watch children playing, people working, and simply watch the sunset on the river.”

homestay may be the thing that make Vietnam tour packages become attractive.

homestay may be the thing that make Vietnam tour packages become attractive.

Homestay Nam Hien (Cho Lach town), homestay Mai Thanh Van (Long Thoi), Jardindu Mekong homestay, Dai Loc (Son Dinh), Nam Vu, Tam Loc (Vinh Binh), homestay Mai Thanh Van (Long Thoi, Cho Lach),… are the choice of many foreign travellers. The feature of homestay in Ben Tre is that the owners are very friendly. It may be the thing that make Vietnam tour packages become attractive.

Develop the strength of homestay travel 

In Ben Tre area, there are nearly 20 sites of homestay, especially in Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre city, Cho Lach, Mo Cay Bac. This number is increasing day by day. The service is more professional, too. Many homestays is equipped with all conveniences. For example: homestay Nam Hien, homestay Mai Thanh Van, Jardindu Mekong homestay, Tam Loc, Nam Vu, Dai Loc,… they are house designed with all conveniences, and specific gardens of southern people, fresh air, and far away from the city.

In spite of strong development, homestay in Ben Tre has yet to develop all its potential. Most of the homestays are away from each other, depending on the capital of the owners. Therefore, the quality of service is not equal between homestays. Mr. Tran Duy Phuong, Vice president of  Ben Tre Culture, Sports, and Tourism Department said: “ To help homestays attract more travellers, enhance the quality of service, we need a strong union between government and travel agencies, and families. The policies for loans need to be made more preferential. Besides, the towns which are suitable for this kind of business need to care about environmental problems, combine developing potential of travel with protecting enviroment, and keeping cultural background.”

Ben Tre is very potential of homestay travel, but not yet to be made advantages of. It is time for Ben Tre to have more policies to develop this pattern of travel.


Irresistible dishes you must try in Da Lat (Vietnam) tour packages

Apart from the article “5 best dishes of Da Lat cuisine” that I have introduced to you, in this article, I am going to share with you other irresistible dishes of Da Lat that you must try in your holiday packages to Vietnam

      Water fern cake ( Banh beo)

Water fern cake of Da Lat impresses tourists with its light white color and chewy texture as its ingridients include tapioca starch. Its sauce has an eye catching color  of shrimps and porks and gives out tempting scent. It is recommended that the best water fern cake to enjoy is on Phan Dinh Phung Street.

Sweet corn spring rolls ( Cha ram bap)

Ground corn is mixed with spices then is wrapped with spring roll wrappers. After that, corn rolls will be fried till they turn yellow. This dish is usually served with cucumber and herbs. Especially, its chili sauce with roasted peanuts will make the dish more delicious

The best place to try is near Nguyen Trai primary school or on Nguyen Cong Tru street

Noodle soup ( Banh canh)

It is a best idea to enjoy noodle soup in cold weather in Da Lat. You can not resist the attractive scent of a bowl of soft chewy noodles.

In my opinion, Xuan An restaurant on Nha Chung Street offers the best noodle soup.

Banh canh - must-try dishes in Vietnam tour packages

Banh canh – must-try dishes in Vietnam tour packages

Strawberry ice cream ( kem dau tay)

Strawberry ice cream is made from fresh strawberries together with milk, eggs is a refreshing drinks which is available all the year round. You are advised to visit Phan Dinh Phung Street to enjoy this speciality of Da Lat
So if you are on a Vietnam tour packages, do not forget to try these appetizing dishes!

Tips to avoid overpricing in Vietnam travel packages


Dalat resort has a different beauty that is really attractive. When having a tour to Dalat, you will be impressed by th scene of pines among mountains, falls sounding all days and nights… all become the soul, and the feature of the 100-year-old plateau. Dalat has a western beauty with the European architecture of the 18th century, and the specific characteristics of eastern culture such as Chil, Lach people, and traditional dances of gongs. Streams, and falls appear and disappear alternately in tropical forests. The hills of pines stretch endlessly. Gardens of flowers and grass covers are made more beautiful with dewdrops. “Ma Rung Lu Quan” tourist area is still primitive to discover. All those simple, but poetic beauty of Dalat makes an unforgettable impression on tourists, and attracts many tourists booking Vietnam tour packages to visit Dalat every year. However, a problem has recently arisen, making tourists upset. It is forcing tourists pay a higher price than the real value.

I have seen many people have to pay a very high price for things during their Vietnam travel package. By the way, I will show you some tips to avoid this problem.

First, it is the story of “Buy a sweater of 300.000d at 1,2 million”. Many clothes stores apply very high price. Therefore, the tip for you is to bring clothes for cold weather. If you forget, you can come by the stores on streets. You should be carefull when buying clothes in Dalat because sellers only sell when they get 4 times of the cost price. If you can not bargain well, you can be cheated to buy clothes at a high price.

Second, it is “A normal meal is 880.000d”. I advise you to ask about the price before having a meal in a restaurant on Nguyen Chi Thanh street. You can get to the behind gate of Dalat University to have a delicious meal at a reasonable price. If you are rich, go to the restaurants whose prices are public clearly.

Da Lat - unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

Da Lat – unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

Third, you should choose the ares which are far from the center of the city to watch gardens of flowers. As far as I’m concerned, the people in those areas are very friendly, and honest. Sometimes they also let you go sightseeing for free. In the center of the city, they will treat you as a customer to get money from you.

Above are all the things I know about Dalat, Lam Dong in summer. If you have better tips, don’t hesitate to share. Because summer is coming, there will be many tourists choosing Dalat as a destination for their Vietnam travel package. I don’t want to see anyone paying a higher price than the real value in Dalat anymore.