Destinations in Asia that Vietnamese travelers prefer for the autumn

Nami island (Korea), Cuu Trai Cau (China) and Kyoto (Japan) are the most attractive destinations among Vietnamese travellers.

Autumn is the best time for travel in many Asian countries. With less expense than before, Vietnamese travellers now often visit Korea, Japan, and China in autumn.

Nami island, Korea

Nami island is not far from the capital of Korea, Seoul. Traffic is convenient. Especially, in autumn, the island welcome a large number of travellers visiting ways full of yellow leaves. It is also the place where the film “Winter Sonata” was carried out. The way 2 main actors rode is the place many people choose to take a picture.

Destination that Vietnameses love when autumn comes

Destination that Vietnameses love when autumn comes

The fastest way to get to Nami is to go by underground to Gapyeong station, and go by ship to the island (under 10 minutes). The entry ticket is over 150.000d. The airline ticket from Vietnam to Seoul is becoming cheaper and cheaper now, making more and more people choose Korea.

Cuu Trai Trau, China

Most of the travel agencies recently have carried out tours of Cuu Trai Trau in autumn because more and more people have demand of visiting there. Because it is not easy to get to Cuu Trai Trau, many people use this service.

Cuu Trai Trau is located in Tu Xuyen province (China), is known as a fairyland.

Especially in autumn, leaves turning yellow, with clear water of streams, make it become a beautiful picture. Therefore, many travellers visit Cuu Trai Trau every year although it is very far.

You have to go by air to Thanh Do, then go by air or car.

Kyoto, Japan

Red leaves in autumn of Japan is listed as one of the things to see by many people. Japan is full of red leaves. However, the best place to watch the beauty of them is Kyoto.

In autumn, maple trees’ leaves will turn from green to red, surrounding ancient temples, bridges. Autumn in Kyoto has become the symbol of autumn in Japan.

Airline ticket from Vietnam to Japan is high, but has decreased recently. If you can find out cheap tickets, it is about 8-9 billion dong for a return ticket to Japan. As usual, people buy train ticket to get to Shinkansen, then get to Kyoyo. The ticket to Shinkansen is not cheap, but very convenient, and help you save your time thanks to its speed.  

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Endless love stories on trekking roads

Thanks to Vietnam holiday packages, their love story has started and lasted for 5 years without any love confession

Both Phan Thanh Huong born in 1990 and Vo Thanh Toan born in 1987 are graphic designers in Danang. It is their shared hobby and the same job that connect them together.

Huong said that in 2009, they happened to meet each other in Danang Architecture University. At the very beginning, they did not take to each other. Huong seemed to be a kinky and arrogant girl to Toan. On the other hand, Toan looked unfriendly to Huong.

Huong used to be late for class and had to place to draw. Not knowing what to do, she was helped by Toan.

Endless love stories on trekking roads

Endless love stories on trekking roads

“He offered me his seat and drawing frame. From that very moment, I started to pay attention to him more” said Huong

From then on, they got closer. Everyday, they went to class together and shared learning tips. Eventually, they fell in love with each other.

At first, they usually went with a group of friends. Then, private dates were more often. Sudden hand-in-hands made them realize their real feelings after 2 years

Love without confessions

Having been in a relationship for 5 years, the couple has never saying love to each other. Huong said that it was of no importance to her. What she was concerned is that their true emotions and feelings.

Huong is an exalted lover while Toan is quite. He hardly shows his girlfriend sweet gestures, which sometimes makes Huong unhappy.

“At first, I was unhappy and spent a lot of time thinking about our love. I used to want to break up with him, however, he told me our imperfections. He even cried because of my childish decision”

Not showing sweet gestures, Toan loves Huong in his own way. Everyday, he sends her “good night” messages with his care.

Huong said that she had to go to hospital every year due to stomach. Toan is the man who cares for her. “ I used to be in hospital for treatment in one week. Toan took after me and he lost 2 kilograms. Nevertheless, he always tried to smile in front of me” Huong said.

She also said that “ I used to love being presented with roses or stuffed bears. But I later on realized that such presents could not bring happiness. What I need is his love”

Being closer thanks to trekking roads

One of the factors that make their love more long lasting is trekking roads. So far, they have made 10 Vietnam vacation packages together in almost every province such as Danang, Highlands and some provinces in the North. They said that each place gives them different experience. And they also face up to many problems while backpacking.

One unforgettable experience is when they went backpacking from Danang to Vinh. Their motorbike’ tire got punctured and they did not find any place to repair. They ended up pushing the motorbike.

Since that incident, they have become closer. Whenever they fall out with each other, they look back on the time they have been through together.

As regards cost of trips, they usually go backpacking in groups to save money and members of group can support one another.

In celebration of 5 year love affair, the couple decided to make an album in the clothes of professional backpackers. In the future, they hope to have more Vietnam beach holiday packages together.


Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese cuisine is so attractive due to its special flavor and special names such as “inescapable chicken” or “beauty hug noodle”

Dishes are carefully cooked with a combination of ingridients making a traditionally attractive flavor. Besides, eaters are curious of their special names.

Drunk shrimps

This dish is made from fresh shrimps after eliminating legs and antennaes. Then shrimps will be put into a bowl of alcohol in about 15 minutes. Then they will be cooked by two ways. For the first way, remove the shrimps out of alcohol and fry them in 30 seconds until their carapace turns pink. Alternatively, add fire into the bowl to cook shrimps. Drunk shrimps have flavor of alcohol and fresh ginger. They are soft and sweet.

Beauty hug noodle

It is so famous that every tourist coming to Hai An wants to try it. It is partly made from noodle, beef, herbs and peanuts. Its name originates from the first feelings that tourists have when seeing it.

Long and white noodles are beautiful like beautiful girls. Herbs around make tourists feel as if they are hugging girls.

Chinese dishes that have special names

Chinese dishes that have special names

Doggy no care dumplings

It has Chinese name “Cau Bat Ly” which is a speciality of Thien Tan city. Queen Tu Hy used to regard it as “life expectancy lengthening drug”. Legend has it that there was a man called Cao Quy Huu. He was often called “Doggy” by his mother. He could make delicious flower-shaped dumplings. When eaten, dumplings taste sweet and soft.

Therefore, his cakes were prefered by many people. When selling cakes, he was so busy that he had no time to answer customers’ questions. Consequently, it was said that “ Doggy is concentrated on selling and pay no attention to customers”

Crossing bridge noodle

It bears cultural identities of Van Nam. It is said that during Thanh dynasty, the landscape outside Mong Tu wall was beautyful and there was a peaceful lake. There was a bright man who usually came to the lake to read books and his wife would make noodle for him. The wife had to cross a bridge to bring noodle for him there for it had name “crossing bridge noodle”

When enjoying this dish, tourists will put ingridients themselves. Noodle gives out an attractive flavor that makes anyone want to try it immediately

Eggs boiled with urine

It has been used by Chinese people for many years and is believed to be medically useful. Its recipe is very special. Eggs are boiled with urine of boys under the age of 10 in many hours. Despite hygienic problems, such dish is a cultural identity of Chiet Giang people

Dregs hot spot

It is a speciality of Dai Chau. It is made from non-digested foods in stomach of cows. Before being killed, cows will be fed with grass and herbs. It is listed in menu of famous Chinese restaurants.

Inescapable chicken

It is named after its ways of cooking. Chiken is carefully washed then wrapped with steamed sticky rice. After that they will be fried or grilled. It is best served when it is hot. Fried sticky rice and chicken give out irresistible flavor.

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Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

If you have chance to visit Da Lat during your package holiday in Vietnam, you should go to “pines forest” Lang Biang , wander around the path and listen pines whispering endless love stories on legendary Lang Biang

Da Lat is always romantic, picturesque, gorgeous but very familiar. This foggy highland is attractive thanks to its charming flowers seasons and vitality of pines forests.

There are a lot of pines on Lang Biang mount. It is 2,167 meters high and 13 kilometers far from city center. It is regarded as “ roof of Da Lat”. It has long been a destination for tourists to explore the beauty of highlands in general and Da Lat in particular.

Besides, Lang Biang is also famous for its endless love affair of K’lang and Biang

It can be said that deep inside Lang Biang, pines are singing eternal love song.

Lang Biang can be conquered by 2 ways. The first is by driving Jeep car along twist roads. Alternatively, tourists can walk across romantic pines forest.

Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

Walking along paths, tourists will be lost in a wild world full of blue of sky and pines forest. You will be challenged by steep slopes and twist roads before conquering Lang Biang

The road to Lang Biang is not long, about 5 kilometers but moutain roads can discourage tourists. However, they do not easily give up.

If you are knowledgeable about flora, you will realise that 5 leave pines are indigenous to Lang Biang.

It is easy to see pines bearing characteristics of a hero such as strength and unbendingness. They often remind tourists of a street corner in Europe.

Nowadays, there is a place on legendary Lang Biang which is called “Radar mount”. Driving Jeep car, you can get the view of Da Lat easily.

From Lang Biang mount and in cold highland weather, Da Lat is as picturesque as an oil picture. Da Lat looks like a red silk in the middle of forest, in the middle of Dan Kia Lake and Golden Stream.

In the heart of pines forest, all sadness seems to evaporate, leaving a refreshing blue of hope and immortality.

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Come Moc Chau when plateu is covered by the white of mustard’s flowers

When talking about Vietnam trip packages, beside some famous tour package such as Hanoi holiday packagesMoc Chau is one of the destinations that should be mentioned.

Moc Chau may be famous for flowers, tea’s hills, Dai Yem fall, cave of bat,… However, in my opinion, it is truly beautiful when the season of white mustard comes.

Moc Chau is beautified with peach’s flowers, plum’s flowers, … Each of them bloom in a different time, which brings an unique attraction of Moc Chau. However, it is because of that that peole often discuss about the most beautiful kind of flower.

Come Moc Chau when plateu is covered by the white of mustard’s flowers

Come Moc Chau when plateu is covered by the white of mustard’s flowers

Some people say they are flowers of peach, and plum, which blooms after lunar new year. However, to me, it is white flowers of mustard, which bloom in November.

It doesn’t have the luxury of peach. It attracts people with its simple white. If you come Moc Chau in a day when it is full of white flowers of mustard, you will easily be overwhelmed by its beauty, and feel as if you are living in heaven.

After pines’s forest, there is field full of the white of mustard, which looks like snow.

Come Moc Chau when it is covered by mustard’s flowers to explore the heaven of the Earth. Come to Moc Chau to have wonderful holiday packages to Vietnam.

“Waiting for winter” flowers on Ba Vi mountain

When it comes to the topic holiday packages to Vietnam, it is not just all about Hoi An vacation packages or Hanoi vacation packages. Vietnam has so many other interesting things for tourists to discover, and seeing Mexican sunflowers in Ba Vi is one of them.

Ba Vi is famous for Mexican sunflowers. In the end of Autumn, and in the early of winter, they bloom.

November is called as a month of flowers. When the season of buckwheat in Ha Giang ends, the people who love travelling head to Ba Vi to welcome the season of Mexican sunflowers.

From the moment the first Mexican sunflower bloom, there will be many backpackers as well as travelers visit Ba Vi.

In the cold weather full of fog, the wild beauty of Mexican sunflowers make everything more brilliant.

In the cold weather full of fog, the wild beauty of Mexican sunflowers make everything more brilliant.

In the cold weather full of fog, the wild beauty of Mexican sunflowers make everything more brilliant.

Mexican sunflowers grow into groups. They can build a yellow wall if they grow side by side. The most beautiful Mexican sunflowers are located at “Mexican sunflowers’ hill” No. 700.

Travelers love them because of its wild beauty, and its vitality. However, after its beauty, there is a story about them not many people know. Mexican sunflowers are stick to the love story of H’limh – the most beautiful girl in the area and K’lang – a strong man of mountains.

However, they died painfully because of  the jealousy of the patriarch’s son. At the place where they were buried, a kind of flower, which only bloom in Autumn – the season of their death, appeared. It is called Mexican sunflower. It is considered as a symbol of passionate, and intense love between H’limh and K’lang.

In fact, Mexican sunflowers were planted by French. With its vitality, Mexican sunflower became the local flower of Ba Vi. Nowadays, people can see it everywhere in Ba Vi.

Coming Ba Vi to see “flames”  is a good idea for young people.


Vietnam vacation package in Nov: Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An

Holiday package to Vietnam in November – Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An

Beside Hoi An holiday packages, there are many other popular tour packages to Vietnam. In the end of November, when it come to the topic holiday package to Vietnam, everybody starts paying their attention to the sunflower field in Nghe An. Not charming as others, this kind of flower attracts tourist in a very special way. No wonder why it is full of travelers coming here for a wonderful vacation package to Vietnam.

A few years ago, the sunflower field in Nghe An started becoming an attraction site of travellers both on vacation package and backpacking. Located beside Ho Chi Minh Road, it is 30 ha wide (is a part of 19/5 farm, Nghia Son, Nghia Dan, Nghe An) and  become very splendid in harvest. Yellow sunflowers make an attraction that no one can deny. It blooms 2 times a year, March-April, and November-December. Its circle of life is very short, only blooms in 2-3 weeks, so many people plan to visit the sunflowers field in the early of November.

Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An on Vietnam holiday package

Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An on Vietnam holiday package

Nghe An is one of the places where sunflowers are grown in Vietnam, but the first purpose of the field is not for travel. Sunflowers are grown for feeding milk cows, and later open for sightseeing. They are divided into lines. Arriving at this field, travellers will feel as if they are walking in sunflowers’ garden in Ukraine, Thailand, or Japan, which makes a memorable holiday package in Vietnam.

Sunflower is considered as a symbol of belief and hope. In days of November, although sky is grey, the sky in Nghia Dan is always lightened by the brightness of thousands of “suns”. The yellow will make you feel cozier in winter. It is unbelievable that in a barren land in the middle of our country, such a beautiful kind of flower can grow up, and become very attractive.

As usual, in the end of November, travellers from everywhere head to Nghe An to take beautiful pictures of sunflowers. Walking in lines of sunflowers is really really breathtaking.

Binh Ba travel guide in details

Plan for a holiday package to Vietnam? Then you should consider a tour to Binh Ba. Binh Ba is just a small island, but it is potential to become a hotspot in Vietnam vacation packages.

Introduction of Binh Ba

Binh Ba is a small island on the area of 3 km2, in Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, Viet Nam. It is located in Cam Ranh Bay, 60 km from Nha Trang city to the West, 15 km from Ba Ngoi Port to the North.
Its population is about 3500 people. Because it is a military island, there are only Vietnamese tourists, not foreigners. There are many services such as electric bicycles, motorbike hiring, feed fish.

How to get to Binh Ba

To get to Binh Ba, you can go by air to Cam Ranh airport, and back to Ba Ngoi Port, or go to Nha Trang by train. You can browse on website to find the schedule and price of each kind of train. From Nha Trang, you can hire motorbike to head to Ba Ngoi Port, about 60km along Bai Dai coast, Cam Ranh airport.
From Ba Ngoi Port to Binh Ba, there are 2 ways: go by cano 100.000d per ticket for about 20 minutes, go by ship 35.000 per ticket for nearly 1 hour. Cano is available whenever you want, but ship is as follow:
– Ba Ngoi – Binh Ba: 7:00 a.m, 10:00 a.m, 1:30 p.m, 4:00 p.m
– Binh Ba – Ba Ngoi: 5:00 a.m, 9:00 a.m, 12:30 p.m, 4:30 p.m
Note: Ba Ngoi Port has 2 ports. You should ask the locals which the port to Binh Ba is, they will show you very enthusiastically.

Entertainment in Binh Ba:

In Binh Ba, there are many beautiful beaches. Although they are not mostly primitive, the water is so clear and pure that you can watch corals.

Binh Ba travel guide in details

Binh Ba travel guide in details

Old House grounds: It is forbidden to enter for it is military area. However, it is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Binh Ba. There is a way to detour, but if you hire a ship or use tour service on the island, they can publicly lead you into. You can watch corals, and swim in the sea, but not camp overnight.
Nom grounds: It has great wave and pure water, which is suitable for sea bathing. It allows to camp overnight, but not to watch sunrise.
Chuong grounds: The people are quite, the water is not clear, gabbage is much, but some beaches are in beautiful area. For its desertation, tents are able to put up. You can watch sunrise from here. Anyone who doesn’t stay on this grounds can come here to watch sunrise.
Me grounds and turtle island: In my opinion, it is the most quiet. However, it is very difficult to down to this island. If I re-arrive, I will choose this to camp BBQ. Watching from the top down to the water’s colour is so stimulating.
You should hire a motorbike to drive around Binh Ba. The road in Binh Ba is so beautiful. Some slopes are so stiff to drive interestingly. You can head to historical site such as blockhouse, gun base, tunnel along the mountain to watch the panorama of the island.

Meal and rest on Binh Ba

Binh Ba has many hotels, many homestays are spaciously built, the cost is 200.000 to 300.000 per night.
If you arrive in Binh Ba, you should try lobster, because Binh Ba is called The island of lobster. The price of lobster caught at the site is about 1800.000 per kg. In addition, there are many restaurants serving soft noodles, banh can, banh canh, the price fluctuates from 20.000 to 30.000 per portion
Reference price is that: sepioteuthis : 250.000d-350.000/kg, ground cuttle 180.000- 250.000/kg, conidae: 80.000d/kg, lambis chiragra: 100.000d/ kg, ta pi lu fish: 80.000-100.000/ portion/ each, a meal with 4 dishes is 100.000 per each.


Train ticket from Saigon to Nhatrang: 400.000 ( return ticket for one person)
– Motorbike hiring: 300.000 – 400.000 for a motorbike in 2 days
– Ticket to the island 100.000 for cano, 35.000 for boat
– Motel on the island: 300.000 per night
– Motorbike hiring on the island: 260.000 fof 3 days
– Food and drink on the island: 80.000 – 100.000 for a main meal, and 30.000 for am additional meal
If you have time, you can yourself go to explore the island and enjoy freely. If not, you can hire a tour of the locals: 1200.000 per each for food and drink, sleeping. If you do so, I ensure that you will comfortably eat and drink . If you don’t want to stay at hotel, you can tell the tour guide to discount the expense of hotel.
You should choose a good motorbike. If it is an old one, you will have difficulties climbing slopes.

All inclusive Vietnam vacation packages is truly wonderful!

Experiences for crossing cars when backpacking

Backpacking by motorbikes is backpackers’ hobby. However, it is very difficult if you cross cars in the wrong way. Today, we will share some tips of crossing cars and trucks to keep you safe in all trips.

Experiences for crossing cars when backpacking

Experiences for crossing cars when backpacking

  • Only cross when there are not to many cars, and you consider the situation safe
  • Keep a safe distance of about 10 km from cars, or trucks
  • Only cross on the left side (except when the way is devided into 2 different lanes for motorbikes and cars)
  • Turn on left indicators, and press hooter continuously
  • Move into the area of rear light of cars
  • Keep patient, and wait until cars show the signal that they let you cross
  • Try to accelerate to cross as quick as possible
  • 2 motorbikes can not simultaneously cross cars
  • Remember to watch out for opposite vehicles

Something you should avoid when crossing a car, or a truck:

  • Don’t cross when you are driving on a bridge, or under a tunnel without specific lane
  • Don’t cross when you are going uphill, or downhill ( there is a traffic sign of over -10o slope)
  • Don’t cross at a turning point, regardless of seamless line or not
  • Don’t cross when a car is driving opposite you
  • Don’t cross at 3-way crossroad, or 4-way crossroad
  • Don’t cross when the front vehicle is crossing

Besides, we consume that when you cross another, the speed and distance between 2 vehicles need to be identified clearly. When you want to cross, you have to turn on indicators for the front let you cross. When you cross successfully, remember to back to the lane. The ideal distance is the distance that let you see the behind ones through rear mirror.

What you need to prepare for a travel to Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc island has recently attracted many travellers booking Vietnam trip package. Have you ever thought about what you need to prepare for a perfect trip to Phu Quoc?

I will show you some suggestions for the question “What you need to prepare for a travel to Phu Quoc?”

As other tourist attractions, you need to bring all necessary personal documents such as personal identity, license, passport,… You will need them to book a room in hotel, motorbike, or book an airplane ticket,…They are also indispensable to identify your identity when you get into trouble.

If your family has kids, remember to bring their birth certificate sealed by appropriate authorities.

At the first time you come Phu Quoc, a pen and a little notebook will be very useful for you to take notes of which restaurant is of delicious dishes, which hotel is of good quality, atraction sites,… these information will be necessary for your next time to Phu Quoc, or you can give them to your friends who want to visit Phu Quoc.

Besides, ATM card will be useful. With an ATM card, you don ’t need to bring too much cash with you.

What you need to prepare for a travel to Phu Quoc?

What you need to prepare for a travel to Phu Quoc?

Don’t forget to bring suitable clothes. Choose the most convenient clothes for activities, and a pair of shoes of good grip if you attend to climb mountains.

Bear in mind to bring swimsuit. Mobile phone, spare charger, map are things you shouldn’t forget.

Basic medical equipment such as dressings, medicated oil, … or some specific kinds of drugs if you get any diseases.

Finally, spend time searching for neccessary information, and experiences.

Book Vietnam Thailand Cambodia tour and Cambodia Laos Vietnam tour to have chance to visit Phu Quoc!