A chat about Thailand cuisine

Thailand is famous for gorgeous temples, pagodas, and noisy cities, and centre malls. However, Thailand has many interesting things for you to explore. For example, cuisine.

Thai food is famous for spice, and mixture of many different additions. Some people who can eat spicy dishes still are shocked at the first time they try Thai food. In Vietnam, spice is only made of peppers. However, dishes are made more spicy by many additions, not only peppers.

It is interesting that waiters will ask if you can eat spicy dishes or not if you are a foreigner. If you say you can, they will serve you an extremely spicy portion. If you say you can’t, they will serve you a quite spicy portion. If it is not spicy, it is not a dish of Thailand.

Strange mixture of raw fish and vegetables

Thailand is famous for “som tam”, or mixture of papaya and dried shrimps. To have “som tam”, they put papay and some carrot in a mortor, with sugar, lemon, salt, … all things are mixed together. They can add peanuts, or tomatos. Thai people get this with sticky rice, roasted chickens.

A chat about Thailand cuisine

A chat about Thailand cuisine

In Thailand, there are tens of kinds of mixture of raw fish and vegeatables. You can not help trying them all.


“tom yam”, especially a “tomyam” cooked with shrimps, is a famous dish of Thailand. “tom yam kung”.”tom yam” soup, which is called Thai hot pot, is also a spicy dish. It is mixed with peppers, garlic, …

If they are too hot for you to try, you can try some nor mal dish such as chicken, roasted pork, … Pad Thai, which is called Thai fried noodle. You can get it when walking on streets. Many vendors sell them. They are quite delicious, and suitable for Vietnamese.

Don’t forget to try desserts we serve. It is fried sticky rice. It is made with sugar water, coconut, and have with mangos.

A day is not enough for Thai cuisine. Plan a trip to Thai to explore its culture, and dishes.

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What about 12 hours in Hue?

Hue is one of the best destination in package holidays to Vietnam

I have dreamed of the time I can see the majesty of Hai Van pass which was considered as the mightiest one of the world, see the great architecture of Hue my mom has visited. Therefore, I was very excited when I finally got there. In 2 days and 1 night, I visited: the Citadel – The capital of the Nguyen Lords, Thien Mu pagoda, Dong Ba market, and tried many dishes such as: Hue’s steak noodles, rice mixed with mussel, mussel with dry pancake.


Trains to Hue:

From Saigon: Soft seats, with air-conditioner: 694.000 vnd (SE8: depart at 6:00), 711.000 vnd (SE2: depart at 19:30).

From Hanoi: Soft seats, with air-conditioner: 478.000 vnd (SE7: depart at 6:00), 491.000 vnd (SE1: depart at 19:30).


Means of transportation in Hue:

1st choice: You can ask hotels’ owners for hiring a motorbike. Besides, there are many stores of motorbikes for rent on Le Loi street, or in the center of the city.

2nd choice: Hail a pedicab to go sightseeing.

3rd choice: motorbike taxi, taxi. Taxis in Hue are very outstanding. They are pink, yellow, or red. However, they cost much more than 2 kinds above.


Cheap motels and hotels in Hue:

They are often located in Chu Van An, or Le Loi area. The price of a single room is 200.000 for hotel, and 150.000 for motel.


Dishes of Hue:

You should try: rice mixed with mussel, “beo” cake, “nam” cake, Hue’s steal noodles. You can drop in on Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Cong Tru, or Phan Boi Chau street,… to try Hue’s specialities.

There are many things in a bowl of rice mixed with mussel: rice, peanuts, carambola, and something else. If you come with many other people, order some dishes to get together first. Because it is a mixture of many things, you may not like it at the first time you try it.

You should try: rice mixed with mussel, “beo” cake, “nam” cake, Hue’s steal noodles

You should try: rice mixed with mussel, “beo” cake, “nam” cake, Hue’s steal noodles

Mussel with dry pancake is a delicious dish although it is quite sour. They are 15.000 – 20.000.


Tourist attraction site in Hue:

Thien Mu pagoda:

It is 5 km from the center of the city to the West. Who visits Hue all visits Thien Mu pagoda.

Thien Mu pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda

Dong Ba market:

It was on my bucket list when I visited Hue. Dong Ba market is famous for its connection with events under Gia Long King’s Emperor, or Dong Khanh King’s Emperor. Like other markets, it is a place for trade. However, because of its history, it become the “soul” of Hue.

Tourists visiting here often buy palm-leaf conical hats, or bracelets,…
The Citadel

It is also called as The capital of the Nguyen Lords.

It is the place of palaces, temples of the Nguyen’s ancestors. It is only for royal members. You will be totally surprised by its architecture when you come in.

The fee for keeping motorbikes at gate is 5.000 vnd per motorbike. Entrance fee is 120.000 vnd a turn. On 02 September – The Independence Day, it is free to enter the Citadel.

It is very large inside, so you can feel tired. They also let you hire a transport of them to go sightseeing.

If you can not hire a tour guide, join a group with tour guide to know more about kings, and their life at that time.

Sit on a boat, and listen to folk songs:

The ticket for a seat on a boat is about 120.000 vnd. You will have 1 hour on a boat, and directly listen to folk songs. It is an amazing experience.

You also can release flower garlands. However, you have to pay for them.

Trang Tien bridge is famous because it is sticked to many events of Hue. Its colour change continuously, which has made Huong river more attractive.

Above are all my impressions of Hue. Hue is not noisy, but peaceful. Everyone is gentle, and delicate.

A day is enough for exploring Hue, and its beauty.

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Have a stroll along Han river

Danang has many beaches. Its coast is very beautiful. What makes Danang beautiful may be not beaches, but Han river.

I love the fog of the early morning. Han river flows slowly, and quietly. On 2 sides of the river, some people walk to look for some peace. Streets are very quiet.

However, night is the time Han river is more beautiful than any time in a day.

I came Danang in a night of firework. Everything was sparkling. The river is full of light, and flower garlands, coloured lanterns. I am not a local, but at that time I felt very proud of the river.

I thought that at other nights, Danang has nothing special. However, I was wrong. I walked all night in Danang. I sit on benches for hours. I visit all places of Danang on a pedicab. However, the destination I chose was always Han river.

“Han” means “cold” in Chinese language. Although sometimes I felt alone when standing in front of the river, I still don’t think it is “cold”.

Have a stroll along Han river

Have a stroll along Han river

The bridge running across this river is one of the most beautiful and special bridges of Vietnam. They call it “Han river’s bridge”, or “Swing bridge”. At 01:30 a.m every day, it automatically swings a round. It backs to the starting point at about 04:00 a.m. It is said that it is to help ships deliver goods easily.

Looking down from the bridge, I once thought that human is very prodigious. Even this bridge can be made to swing, so all things can be changed. However, some things never can be changed. For example, this river can not be changed. It still flows even if there is this city or not.

I spent 2 night standing on the bridge, waiting for it to swing. I saw the river flow, and feel the quietness, and peace of the city.

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Explore Ghenh Ban, a wild beach in Danang

Ghenh Ban is located in Son Tra peninsula, Danang city. It is not widely known by many people, however it worth visiting in any all inclusive Vietnam vacation packages. There are natural coral reefs and the water is green jade color under the reflection of sunlight.

To reach the beach, you have to walk a mountain road of 100 meters. Unfortunately, the road is full of trash especially plastic bags.

Do not forget to bring drinks as the roads are rugged and your body will require a constant supply of water. Ghenh Ban beach is also ideal for camping. There are many sand bar where you can put up your tent. Especially, there is a sand bar which is 100 meters long.

Explore Ghenh Ban, a wild beach in Danang

Explore Ghenh Ban, a wild beach in Danang

If you want to go camping or snorkeling, you can hire camping gears and diving gears at website “Tent, gopro, motorbike and trekking gears for rent in Danang”

There is a family near the sand bar which offers parking space at the price of 10 thousand dong per day. The family has about 200 chickens. Besides, they also provide drinking water and spring water for bathing at reasonable price.  More importantly, they are very friendly and the kids are lovely, too.

Lastly, before saying goodbye to Ghenh Ban beach, do what you can to protect and preserve the beauty of nature.

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Have a nice trip!

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When you’re young, you should travel whenever possible

My father is a soldier. It means that he spends almost all of his life for serving in the army. He has come only some contries such as: Czech, Russia. Meanwhile, my mother is a business-woman. On our house’s walls, beside my father’s certificate, there are many pictures of my mother, which was captured in her Myanmar package tourtour Vietnam CambodiaVietnam Thailand Cambodia tour

Most popular questions I have received are about time, and decisions. People often think that if someone, at a fixed age, has a fixed job, a family to take care, they can not do what they want anymore.

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Taung Kalat

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Taung Kalat

It is totally not true.

My father has retired, and my mother takes him to travel. My father is 70, and my mother is 60. It means that if you want to do something, don’t hesitate to do it. Do everything when you are able to do. Get all hesitation out of your mind. Remember, “able” here only means “alive”.

I honour soldiers in the army. They sacrificed very much. They nearly can not go anywhere. However, we can, we should go as far as possible. Do you know the stories of couples travelling around the world? In fact, they had to wash toilets, or work and receive a low wage to pay for what they need. Don’t be jealous of them. What makes it important is that you are happy.

Therefore, eradicate all negative ideas. Set off only because you can. Watch this world no matter how much money you have is. Take nice pictures no matter you go alone or not.

A trip to Hanoi and the North of Vietnam

This is a post about our package holidays to Vietnam.

According to our plan, we visited historical sites such as Cu Chi, Khe Sanh and Dien Bien Phu by road. However, due to storm and flood, we had to travel by air. We got on Pacific airplane whose pilot seemed to be a foreigner. And it flied quite smoothly

We followed the team to get around Hanoi. We visited Temple of Literature, Ngoc Son temple, Truc Bach lake and Hoan Kiem lake. On the following day, we went boating on Yen stream and visted Huong pagoda and some caves. We also made for Ninh Binh to visit Dinh temple. We had chance to visit Yen Tu mountain and Halong Bay, Tuan Chau island. As we did not have much time, we could not stay in each place for a long time. But at least such places had reminded us of Vietnam’s history.

Hanoi travel packages

Hanoi travel packages

In the evening, the tour guide informed that Hochiminh mausoleum had opened and advised us to dress formally the following morning. We reached there early however, the mausoleum had been very crowded. A lot of foreigners wearing suits were queuing in line, waiting for their turn. This was the first time that I had ever visited Hochiminh mausoleum. It was the place where beloved uncle Ho who led Vietnam to fight for its independence was lying

Hanoi still maintained its antiquity. Hoan Kiem district with Sword lake, Ngoc Son temple and 36 old quarters. All were simple and so beautiful, making local people love their home village more. Hoan Kiem was impressive with its tall, big trees which were supposed to be hundred years old. A lot of foreigners flocked to Ngoc Son temple. We came across many of them, some old foreigners were jogging. On Sunday, we saw several policemen. They were responsible for keeping the place in order. If they see anyone parking in the park, he will say “ Parking is forbidden here”. If they see street vendors, he will say “ Vendors are not allowed to enter here”

36 quarters area looks like a big market where each house is a shop. However, there is no place for pedestrians as sidewalks are illegally occupied. Some pavements are used to sell goods or  are made into parking place. Many motorbikes are exceeding the limit speed and red lights are not obeyed. It is hard to cross the street. Besides, the number ò vehicles is growing and they are emitting toxic emissions into the air causing air pollution and health problems for local people.

In early December, 2007, during my trip in Hanoi, I usually went to high floor of the hotel to get the view of the whole city. However, due to layer of dust of fog and vehicle emissions, the sun is only seen after 10 am and before 3 pm. When the sun rises, the area beneath is covered with a layer of dust and sunlights make them have red colour.

According to a Chinese story named Xuan-Thu that I have read, an advisor after seeing the red sun had advised the king to move capital to another region. Maybe he could foresee the harm of red layer of dust. Nowadays, it is supported by science that such emissions are harmful and there should be solutions to prevent them. Most of emissions come from motorbikes so such vehicles should be equipped with smoke purification equipment. Besides, people should be banned from driving motorbikes on old quarters’ streets. Electric bicycles and walking should be encouraged among people. But the most important thing is giving back pavements for pedestrians.

On Monday morning, I witnessed a great change of streets. There was not traffic jam. Vehicles were moving in their lane. It was the first time that we could walk on pavements. Especially, the number of motorbikes was reduced and all of them were paying attention to red lights. When I reached Hang Dao- Cau Go street, I saw 2 traffic policemen. It turned out that thanks to policemen standing here, everything was in order. If only they could stand on the street everyday.

2 weeks eventually went by and we had to go to Noi Bai airport. We got there very early but when we looked at flight schedule, we just found the information of 2 JAL flights of fixed time. There was nothing related to our flight. In the end, we were told that one of 2 flights was our flight. We were instructed by our airport staff.

Tariff procedure, ticket and luggage checking were quickly handled. I put a lacquer in my luggage instead of bringing it with me on the plane. The flight attendant placed it in a separated place and luckily, there was no damage at all.

Over the past 30 years, Vietnam people still preserve their good qualities. However, it seems to me that young generations nowadays are more energetic and active. There are more vehicles and tall buildings.

Vietnamese people under the domination of French had to lead struggling lives. I still remember pictures in Museum which show skinny Vietnamese men pulling horse carriage for French colonialist or images of many people dying of hunger. However, with admirable resilience, Vietnam is now on way of developing and globalization. Nowadays, it is a famous destination for tourists all over the world.

Next time, I will book Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour and Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour to have comprehensive view of Asia.

Tips for travelling in Dalat

I am sure that after reading these tips for travelling in Dalat shared by travellers, you will book Vietnam holiday packages.

With subtropical climate and being covered with romantic fog all year round, Dalat is an ideal destination for anyone. This claim is supported with travelling tips shared by travellers especially backpackers. They will help us learn more about such energetic and beautiful city. And you will want to visit it one time

Tips for travelling in Dalat

Tips for travelling in Dalat

We can place trust on travelling tips shared by backpackers. For those who plan to visit Dalat or just simply want to know more about this romantic city, those tips are truly a precious source of information. Such tips are useful instructions for those who visit Dalat the first time

Documents about Dalat include information about the most famous places. Backpackers compose the documents based on their experience and particularly, their feelings from their trips which make such documents different from travelling brochures published by travelling companies.

Travelling tips in summer

Dalat is said to have its own climate. This distinguishes Dalat tourism from other region’s tourism. Therefore, tourists flock to Dalat with the hope to get themselves fresh and different experiences. If you are tired of intense hot weather of your home village, making a trip to Dalat is a wonderful idea.

Dalat’s specialities are available throughout the year so tourists can visit Dalat at any time. However, being in Dalat just for several days in summer, you will feel the difference. More importantly, you will gather your own travelling tips.

From travelling tips shared by backpackers and your own experiences, you will find Dalat as a heaven which blows tiredness and stress away and gives you comfort and relaxation. Dalat is undoubtedly a city of romance and excitements.

You can come to Vietnam by multi-country tours such as Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour or Vietnam Thailand Cambodia tour.

Scattered thoughts of Tay Ninh tourism

People usually regard “smokelss industry” of Tay Ninh as “sleeping princess” who is waiting a wakeup call from prince. This comparison means that Tay Ninh has great potential to become  a hot spot in Vietnam tour package, but such potential is not appropriately exploited

During my Vietnam and Cambodia tours and Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour, I had chance to visit Tay Ninh. I realize that, in fact, Tay Ninh has a lot of potential to develop tourism. As regards tourism resources, Tay Ninh lacks nothing but beaches. For example, it has many historical sites which can be taken advantaged to promote cultural tourism. With a diversity of flora and fauna system, Tay Ninh is capable of developing ecotourism. Besides, it has many famous temples for sightseeing and worship.

A question is raised “How have such resources been exploited for tourism development?”. In fact, exploitation started about 10 years ago. To be more precise, destinations such as Ba Den moutain and Cao Dai cathedral is attracting millions of tourists every year. Moc Bai border checkpoint is a special spot that attracts 2 million tourists coming to visit and go shopping

Scattered thoughts of Tay Ninh tourism

Scattered thoughts of Tay Ninh tourism

Why is it said that Tay Ninh’s potential of tourism has not been exploited? Maybe the answer is that millions of tourists come and leave in a day. They hardly decide to stay. If they stay, they just wander in Ba pagoda or Thanh temple. In fact, Tay Ninh does  not offer accommodations of high quality for luxurious tourists. Besides, most of tourists visit Tay Ninh mainly for religious purposes. That’s why Tay Ninh has many hotels but not many tourists from other provinces choose to stay the night in such hotels.

Tayninh has a lot of travelling spots but it hardly has any tourism products. According to Provision 10, Article 4, Tourism Law 2005, tourism products are a combination of necessary services that satisfy tourists’ needs in their trip. Answering questions of Saigon reporters, Tay Ninh officials said that “ The greatest weekness of Tay Ninh is tourism products”

Another weekness of Tay Ninh tourism is about tourism guiding. Local authority does not focus much on this issue. The qualification requirements to become a tour guide are a college degree and participating a training course

A majority of tour guides do not make any impressions on tourists. Therefore, many travelling companies decide to hire tour guides from Ho Chi Minh city. Another problem is that tour guides do not have a good command of knowledge related to tourism. So, when it comes to introduction of a place, they tend to seek help from presenters of such place

Awkwardly, such presenters do not seem to be fully awared of travelling spot, so their presentation is likely to be boring. Sometimes, they fail to answer questions of tourists due to lack of knowledge. It can be explained by the fact that famous destinations in Tay Ninh do not provide presenters with necessary documents let alone publishing such documents for tourists.

However, Tay Ninh tour is still attractive and alluring.


How to choose a partner to avoid annoyance

After a lot of tours such as Myanmar vacation packagetours to Cambodia and Vietnam and tours to Vietnam Cambodia Laos Myanmar, I realize the importance of choosing a travelling parter. A great partner can bring you unforgettable experience. However, a bad one can make your trip become a nightmare.

How to choose a partner to avoid annoyance

How to choose a partner to avoid annoyance

  1. Choose a person who is ready for pointing out your mistake: however, don’t choose the one whose criticism doesn’t not annoy you.
  2. Make sure that that person can be with you all day, not leave you and back home immediately when he or she wants. He (or she) can have same hobbies with you. If not, you will have to bear boring time. However, remember to spend time for yourself. Both of you need some hours to be alone.
  3. Don’t choose the person who nod everything: No one wants to make a quarrel, but a person who sometimes counter your idea can make the trip more interesting. Travelling means broadening your knowleadge and learning how to think in new ways. Therefore, someone who can break your “safe zone” is a better choice.
  4. Choose the one who is not afraid of being lost: sometimes, wandering in a city can bring surprise. It is so annoyed if someone keep complaining about getting lost.
  5. Avoid the ones who love taking selfie: Smart phone is an effective tool. However, you need to use it in right way. You can buy a map, or ask the locals for ways instead of searching on your phone. Besides, nothing is worse than that you go with a person who always takes selfie, and doesn’t pay attention to what is happening with the trip.
  6. Look for a person who is not afraid of trying a new dish: Cuisine is an important part of local culture. It is very boring if you only get bread, canned food, or fastfood. A too demanding person in food can make you annoyed and hungry.
  7. Choose a humorous person: Many accidents can occur during your trip. You will have to sleep at airport in Prague, try a portion of smelly tofu in Taiwan. A humourous person can make your trip less annoyed.

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Dalat is a must-go destination if you are on Vietnam holidays packages. Let’s discover the charming beauty of this land when winter comes.

It is when prolonged rains really stop and winds begin to blow, bringing dry weather that we realise that winter has come to Dalat.

Dalat is considered as one of the most worth visiting cities when winter comes. In winter, the temparature may fall below 20 degree celsius. Especially, it is not too cold so that tourists can go out and play.

Visiting Dalat in winter, tourists can enjoy the romantic beauty of Dalat. Winds, fog and a little bitterly cold weather are said to hold back tourists’ foot.

Dalat is gorgeous with yellow flowers

Sunlights in winter here are not too intense. They shine through wild sunflowers blooming along every road and hill.

You can go slowly in the middle of gorgeous wild sunflowers to enjoy fresh air of highlands. Alternatively, you can go for a walk with your lover in quiet pine forest while hearing pines whispering in winds. Gradually, you will grow to love such magnificent highland.

Dalat this period of time is full of sun flowers.  You can get the view of there flowers from the very beginning when you travel on national route 20. The nearer you travel to Dalat, the more plentiful sun flowers are. Especially, high way Lien Khuong- Duc Trong is regarded as “heaven of sun flowers”. They dye hills in yellow and stretch endless along national route.

You will have interesting feelings and experiences when you reach Phi Nom T-junction which is 20 kilometers far from Dalat. Here, you will be lost in amazament as being in garden full of wild sunflowers, tomato trees and peppers. Wild sunflowers look like yellow streams flowing from top of hills through pine forest, paddy fields and vegetables gardens

Another yellow flower but not as gorgeous as wild sunflower is mimosa flower which makes winter of Dalat more spectacular. Streching along hillside are mimosa flower fully blooming.

Regarded as “city of flowers”, Dalat is beautiful thanks to a wide variety of flowers all year round. And the most special thing in such highland city is that winter is the season that most flowers bloom.

The park of Dalat is the place that most flowers are grown. Located at the end of Xuan Huong lake, the park attracts a great number of tourists come to visit when winter comes.  This is also the place that many couples choose to take wedding photos.

Tourists can take part in Dalat Flower Festival which is held every two years in late December. It is opportunity for the city displays many kinds of flowers and vegetables from Vietnam and other countries. It also helps to introduce the beauty of nature and people of Dalat.

Besides, tourists can have chance to see Mai Anh Dao (Prunuscesacoides) flowers bloom to welcome spring.

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Dalat in gorgeous winter

Wandering in winter

Dalat seems to be most beautiful in winter. In the morning, the whole city is covered with fog. In cold weather of early morning, it is great to jog around Xuan Huong lake and enjoy fresh air. Dalat is always an ideal destination in winter

There are many attractive places to explore in Dalat.

You can wander all day in romantic roads of Dalat and visit famous places such as Love valley, Than Tho lake, Mong Mo hill and Prenn waterfall. Another suggestion for you is conquering Langbiang.

At night, Dalat gets more charming. Life is also very crowded and active with many entertaining activities. It is interesting to visit night market.

Intoxicated with highland coffee

Nothing could be more wonderful than sipping a glass of coffee in cold weather in Dalat. Dalat has a diversity of coffee from normal shops to luxurious ones, from crowded shops to quiet ones. You can choose your own place to enjoy your favorite coffee

If you want to have a glass of coffee while getting the view of Xuan Huong lake, Thanh Thuy coffee shop and Thuy Ta coffee shop near Xuan Huong lake are best choices. Both shops are considered to have the most beautiful view.

If you want to have a glass of coffee while listening to some music, Tung coffee shop is best choice. There classical music is played.

Besides, you can try “Cung to chieu” coffee shop. It is open at night only and is likely to satisfy adventurous visitors.

Especialy, Dalat has “cable car coffee” which enables to have coffee while  sitting on cable car .

Crazy about Dalat dishes

In cold weather of winter, hot dishes are likely to be first priority. Dalat offers you dishes from early morning until late night. Soup cake in Xuan An, Quang noodles, beef noodles in Anh Sang are dishes that you must try.

However, night eating is the most interesting. You can wander along street and enjoy specialities of Dalat in street shops.  “Hell” market  is place where grilled corns, boiled snails and many types of noodles are sold.

Dalat has a lot of tasty dishes and the most famous ones are hot soymilk and spicy bread dumplings. Breads are sold in front of coach station and soymilk is available on almost street leading to Dalat market. The best soymilk is said to be sold in Tang Bat Ho street. There you can enjoy the most delicious milk with cakes.

A cup of warm soymik in cold weather will make your winter day in Dalat more unforgettable.

Dalat is beautiful in every season. But it is winter that fills you with memorial feelings. Winter winds make you more emotional. Winter sunlights make you more optimistic. Gorgeous flowers promote your love for life. Winter nights fill your heart with warmth. Dalat winter is so beautiful. Are you ready to explore fields of yellow flowers, conquer Langbiang mount or simply enjoy highland coffee?

You can travel to this gorgeous land by booking Vietnam tour package. If you are on a multi-country tour such as Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour, you also have chance to visit Da Lat. 

See you in this paradise on earth!