Accommodation in Vietnam

Below are some information about accommodation in Vietnam for your reference when you visit Vietnam:

  1. Amenity

In Vietnam, most of hotels are equipped with sufficient amenities. However, when receiving the room, you should check their status. If the room lacks any necessary equipment or it is out of order, you need to inform the manager immediately.

  1. Price

The price of accommodation in Vietnam is changeable depending on season and day. In peak season, the price is usually higher than usual. Be noted that, the room rate shown on  leaflets or websites is often low, without tax and services fee.

  1. Reservations

Tourists should book a room in advance through website of hotel or travel agency to save your expense. You should take note the booking condition when making a reservation online such as room rate, deposit and cancelation fee. The earlier you make a reservation, the cheaper price you get.

  1. Guest-house or hotel?

Choosing guest-house or hotel depends on your demands and finance. Range of rooms, architecture and amenities in a hotel are often superior to those in guest-house. Therefore, the room rate is more expensive. In Vietnam, there’s much difference between a hotel and a motel. Luxury hotels are often built in big cities and high-income communities. In countryside and mountainous areas, there are just guest-houses.