Accommodation in Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc island is a famous destination good for leisure travel. With the large number of hotels and hostels ranging from the most luxurious to affordable ones, Phu Quoc’s accommodation certainly satisfies most of tourists’ need.

In order to have the best suitable hotel, you should find information on Then, you could book in advance to ensure that you will certainly have room available on arrival.

Besides, you are likely to enjoy discounts and special services when booking in advance. Moreover, it is really helpful during holiday season when the need for rooms is really high.

Bellows are some resorts suggested for you:

  • Famiana at Duong To town, Bai Dai. Room rate is about 1.890.000 Vietnam dong per night.
  • Orange Resort at 88/5 Tran Hung Dao street, Bai Dai. Room rate is about 1.252.000 Vietnam dong per night
  • Sunset Hill resort at 131 Tran Hung Dao street, Bai Dai. Room rate is about 1.120.000 Vietnam dong per night.

Most of  the 4-star resorts in Phu Quoc have the price between $90 and $400 per room per night. They have spectacular view, convenient location and  offer high-quality service.

Some affordable hotels include:

  • Thien Phu Nghia Guesthouse at 30/04 Duong Dong, To street. Room rate is about 260.000 Vietnam dong
  • Phu Quoc Bien Guest House at 118/1 Tran Hung Dao, Bai Dai. Room rate is about 270.000-300.000 Vietnam dong.

If you are on budget and do not want to spend much money on accommodation you should go to Ham Ninh, An Toi and Duong Dong street to find hostels with low price. You just have to spend from 100.000 to 200.000 Vietnam dong per room.