A chat about Thailand cuisine

Thailand is famous for gorgeous temples, pagodas, and noisy cities, and centre malls. However, Thailand has many interesting things for you to explore. For example, cuisine.

Thai food is famous for spice, and mixture of many different additions. Some people who can eat spicy dishes still are shocked at the first time they try Thai food. In Vietnam, spice is only made of peppers. However, dishes are made more spicy by many additions, not only peppers.

It is interesting that waiters will ask if you can eat spicy dishes or not if you are a foreigner. If you say you can, they will serve you an extremely spicy portion. If you say you can’t, they will serve you a quite spicy portion. If it is not spicy, it is not a dish of Thailand.

Strange mixture of raw fish and vegetables

Thailand is famous for “som tam”, or mixture of papaya and dried shrimps. To have “som tam”, they put papay and some carrot in a mortor, with sugar, lemon, salt, … all things are mixed together. They can add peanuts, or tomatos. Thai people get this with sticky rice, roasted chickens.

A chat about Thailand cuisine

A chat about Thailand cuisine

In Thailand, there are tens of kinds of mixture of raw fish and vegeatables. You can not help trying them all.


“tom yam”, especially a “tomyam” cooked with shrimps, is a famous dish of Thailand. “tom yam kung”.”tom yam” soup, which is called Thai hot pot, is also a spicy dish. It is mixed with peppers, garlic, …

If they are too hot for you to try, you can try some nor mal dish such as chicken, roasted pork, … Pad Thai, which is called Thai fried noodle. You can get it when walking on streets. Many vendors sell them. They are quite delicious, and suitable for Vietnamese.

Don’t forget to try desserts we serve. It is fried sticky rice. It is made with sugar water, coconut, and have with mangos.

A day is not enough for Thai cuisine. Plan a trip to Thai to explore its culture, and dishes.

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